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 Post subject: New Reverse Scroll Functions & Reinforcement System Message
PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:42 am 
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New Reverse/Return Scroll Functions and New Reinforcement System Message

Hello, this is Silkroad Online.

We are glad to inform our users about the latest improvements in-game.
Several functions have been added to the Reverse Return Scroll item and to enable our players to teleport more conveniently.


Please refer to the following details regarding the newly added functions.

◈ Party Members Teleport Function

- What is Party Member Teleport?
This is a function which enables a player to teleport to the location of a party member whom the player wants to teleport to. It consumes 1 Reverse Return Scroll.

- How to Teleport
1. During party play, “Move to party members” button is activated when using the Reverse Return Scroll.


2. When clicking the option, “Move to Party Members”, the list and location info of party members are displayed on the screen.


 It displays information of at least 1 to a maximum of 7 members.
 The party leader is marked with ★ symbol.

3. Select the party member whom you want to teleport to, then click the “Move” button.


 If the location of the party member is an Instance Dungeon, the player will be teleported only if the condition for dungeon entrance is satisfied.
 In case of Fortress, Battle Arena, or a unteleportable location, “Move” button is not activated.

◈ User Location Designation Function

- What is User Location Designation Function?
You can register the place you are currently at so you can teleport to the same location later on. When designating a location, Reverse Return Scroll is not consumed. 1 Reverse Return Scroll is only consumed when teleporting to the designated location.

- User Location Designation-
1. Click “Move to User’s Set Location” function added in the Reverse Return Scroll.


2. After clicking “Move to User’s Set Location”, screen will display a button which allows you to designate or set location and another button which allows you to teleport to a designated location.


3. Upon clicking the Set Location button, you can register the current location and/or teleport to a location.


 You can register up to 3 locations.
 There are areas that cannot be designated such Fortress, Battle Arena, and Instance Dungeons. If in case the location cannot be designated, the set location button is not activated.

※Re-designation of Location
1. If you wish to register a new location (ex. Your current location) and replace the existing registered location, a setting location reconfirm window is displayed on the screen.


2. If Ok button is pressed, the current location will be registered and information will be updated.


- Teleport to User Location-
You can teleport to a designated location, 1 Reverse Return Scroll is consumed when moving to a designated location.

1. Click “Movement” button at the designated locations window.
2. Upon clicking the “Teleport” button, an information window regarding the movement to the location is displayed on the screen. Upon clicking on the designated location, you will be teleported to the location and consume 1 Reverse Return Scroll.

Aside from the newly added functions in the reverse return scrolls, Alchemy Reinforcement Success Message has been added as well.

What is Reinforcement Success Message?
When an equipment or weapon is successfully reinforced to +8 or above, a Reinforcement Success Message is displayed on the screen.
Reinforcement Success Message is applicable to all equipment (armors, and accessories) and weapons.

 Even when reinforcement of job items is successful over +8 with Reinforcement Rune, the applicable message is displayed on the screen.
 No message will be displayed on the screen when reinforcement fails.
If +9 reinforcement fails and item becomes +8, message will not be displayed.

The message is displayed through the system message window located on the lower right corner and also at the center of the screen. The Reinforcement Success message can be read by all players in the server.


We hope that our players will enjoy these newly added functions and features.

Thank you.



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