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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Trading guide [HakubiNi] (general)
PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:33 pm 
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The New Trading Guide
A guide for Traders and Hunters on Silkroad's new Job System

. Introduction

This guide mas made so that everyone learns what is new and what is changed on the new Silkroad's Job System, as per a Trader's point of view. I'm not writing about thiefing here, but I will be adding a lot of information especially concerning traders and their hunters.

. How to start jobbing!

The first thing you must do before starting a job now is to decide which one you will be. A trader buys the goods and sells them elsewhere for profit, while the hunters protect them from the NPC Thieves and Player Thieves that might want to take the goods away. Needless to say, those of lower level might prefer being a trader to be protected by the high level hunters, still the choice is yours to make.

When you decide which job you'll act, go to the respective association somewhere in town. That is the Merchant Union for traders and the Hunter Guild for hunters. The Hunter Guild is displayed on the map, while the Merchant Union is close to the Specialities Shop (which in turn is displayed on the map). When you get to the NPC you were looking for, talk to him and chose the option "Join the <job name> union". That should be the second option. From this point on, you cannot change your job easily anymore without suffering heavy penalties that include 7 days with no job and a sum of gold.

After you join the union, you have to create an Alias. That will be the false name that will identify you while you're jobbing. Think a lot on creating one, because after you create it, it's expensive to change it again. Talk to the NPC and chose to "Create an Alias". Type your desired Alias on the small text box and click on "Check for duplicates". In case that name is allowed, the Confirm button will highlight and you can press it. If it isn't allowed, the confirm button will stay gray and you'll have to try another Alias.

After you create your Alias, you're ready for jobbing! All that is left is buying your trader flag or hunter ID. Even if you have one from before the Legend I Update, I suggest you replace it because the new job items have a 1Str or 1Int bonus (not that much but you should use every help you can). When you're done buying it for a mere 10k gold, just equip it to start jobbing!

There are a few rules for equipping job items tough. You can only do it on towns. When you try to equip it, it will take 10 seconds to equip. After you do, you'll be "teleported" to the same town you were at when you equipped (so that your identity is protected, because now you'll be with an Alias). You can't equip the job item if you're on a regular player party, and you can't join regular player party after you equip it as well. You'll be able only to join a party marked as "Trade" on the party match.

To unequip the job item, it's the same process. It takes 10 seconds to unequip, can only be done in towns, you'll be teleported and all and you can't do it while on a "Trade" party. You also cannot unequip if you're with a transport (trade camel and horse) and oddly enought, you cannot unequip if you're riding a racing horse, probably to prevent an earlier bug that you could move while unequiping and make other players murderer.

There you are, you just started your job on Silkroad!

. A Caravan Guide

After you're done readying yourself for a job, it's time to get started! Look for other traders and hunters that can/want to join you and organize a caravan. Hunters and traders must be on the same party. Don't try to have more traders than hunters, because NPC Thieves are usually overwhelming, and the less hunters, the harder it is to wear them off the caravan and the more punishment the traders and their transports take.

Traders must chose between a camel and a horse for transporting goods. A camel (or in high levels, an Ox) has high HP and carries more goods than a horse can without changing stars (trade difficulty), but is slow. A Horse has smaller HP and carries less goods, but can run much faster. It's completely up to the traders to chose which transport to use and all should use the same kind of transport to not combine disadvantages.

Traders also should be wary and buy some replacement transport in case it dies on the middle of the trade and you still have a chance on reclaiming the goods. Pet Potions (sold at the stable) are a must to keep the transport alive and keep the caravan running smoothly. A rule a trader soon learns: There are never enought pet potions: Buy the most you can. If you run out of them, you'll have to rely on someone helping you to restock them, and that's not always an option.

The next step is to buy the goods at the Speciality Shop. The Speciality Shop is next to the trader unions on every town and are marked on the map by a small pink bag icon. When you open the speciality shop, you have a few speciality goods to choose from. For now, they're costing the same but that might change on later patches, when it does this guide will probably be updated so. Since it doesn't work yet, you can buy any of the goods and fill up your transport's inventory.

When you buy goods, there will be a small "Trade Difficulty Mark" on the transport's inventory window. That difficulty is marked by colored stars. The more stars, the more goods are loaded and the more NPC thieves will spawn, but also the better is the profit after the trip is over. There are 5 stars, commonly reffered trough at the symbol *.

1* spawns one or two NPC thieves of lower level than the trader.
2* spawns three or four NPC thieves of the same level as the trader.
3* spawns five or six NPC thieves of the same level or higher as the trader.
4* spawns seven or eight NPC thieves of a level higher than the trader.
5* spawns nine or ten NPC thieves of a much higher level than the trader.

The NPC thieves spawn in about every minute. Sometimes on a random occurence the trader might spawn "double", that is, two times the NPCs will show up meaning that a four NPC spawn will become an eight NPC spawn.

After everyone is loaded and packed, it's time to go. Have all the traders move while one of them leads. The leading one should be an experienced trader tough not necessarily the one with the most levels. The hunters should move close and surround the traders guarding them from any thieves that spawn. The traders should try not having to fight, since they are the main target of the thieves. The best would be so that the traders didn't have to dismount the camel at all during the trip, while the hunters alone take care of the NPC thieves.

It's a trader's job only to guide the camel and keep it alive. Should the HP become too low, use Pet Potions on it. You'll probably not need any Pet Pills to remove status ailments because they usually recover fast enought without them.

Should the camel die, all goods and the trader him/herself will be scattered on the ground, forcing the whole caravan to a halt. The trader MUST LEAVE THE PARTY and avoid engaging on combat (either hit or be hit) for 21 seconds, so he/her can ressumon the camel. That 21 second rule comes from the old days, but now it extends to your party members and your hunters probably need to kill everything nearby, you'd best leave the party to ressumon quickly. After the camel is ressumoned, the trader can pick up the scattered goods one by one, and then rejoin the party so the caravan can go on.

Arriving on the destination, all a trader has to do is go to the Speciality Shop and sell the goods there. The longer the distance between the Speciality Shops, the more profit is obtained. The best profit route would be Jangan -> Constantinople, but that's a very long way and also risky. When the trader arrives at the shop, he just have to click the "Sell All" button on the transport's inventory and watch the inventory cash grow. It is also common courtesy to ask the hunters to open their inventories to see their income as well.

. Trade Outposts and Bargain Goods: Where and how?

Other than the towns, there are some trade outposts on the map where the goods can be sold and bought. But they are somewhat unique themselves because they don't function the same way as regular Speciality Shops. First, the specialities dealer won't want to make business with you, so you'll have to convince him by doing a small quest. Go to a town and equip your merchant flag. Then go talk to him, a small "Start Conversing" option will show up, and hear his requests. The quests and trade outposts locations are as follows:

1. Bandit Den Trade Outpost (Tiger Mountain Region)
It is located inside the Bandit Den, a building a bit north of the main central building. Avaiable after level 20.
Quest: Deliver an item to some Gisaeng on Barrom Street of Jangan (near the entrance to the Thief Town), then kill 20 White Tigers.

2. Black Robber Den Trade Outpost (Tarim Basin Region)
It is located inside the valley of the main Black Robber Strongold, go down the Southeast path, a small tent. Avaiable after level 30.
Quest: Deliver an item to the Storekeeper on Donwhang (the bulky man that usually speaks nothing) and kill 20 Hyeongcheons.

3. Niya Remains Trade Outpost (Taklamakan Region)
It is inside a destroyed house in the northern part of the Niya Remains circle. Avaiable after level 60.
Quest: Deliver an item to Sanmok of Hotan and kill 20 Shakrams.
Thanks yoko for the info

4. Evil Order Trade Outpost (Minor Asia Region)
The Silkroad Online site mentions this outpost but I didnt locate the NPC, so I presume it is closed for now.

Here is a map for the first two trade outpost locations.

After the quest is done, you can trade all you want. But if you notice, the dealers' shops are actually empty! They only sell a few limited goods avaiable only a few times every day. When you see a message saying "Bargain Goods are being sold", it's because those items are now avaiable to the NPCs.

When riding with bargain goods, you will always double spawn your thieves, so extra hunters will be necessary. However, when selling these goods, you will have a very noticeable profit, even between short distances. Also, even if you are under level 40 you CAN be attacked by player thieves (or so people say, I can't test that).

Note that these outposts are NOT safe zones, so you can be attacked anytime and you will spawn NPC thieves even while you're selling. If you're attacked while selling you'll be interrupted and you'll have to deal with the problem before you can restart selling.

. Job Experience

When doing things related to your job, you will get Job Experience. That experience works separately and when you have enought, you will level up on your job, giving a few bonuses to make your jobbing a bit easier.

A trader gets job exp by succesfully delivering the goods at the end of the trip. May also get exp from kiling thieves, but that's a really worthless exp, so you should stick with the goods to get yourself experience.

A hunter gets job exp by killing Thieves, NPC or Not, and by capturing wanted thieves. They also get hunter exp when the trader sucessfuly delivers the goods.

The Silkroad Online website mentions that the highest levels have extra job items with bonuses on them. This has yet to be confirmed, and the info itself is very confusing, because it is copy/pasted. This is the only bonus that could be verified.

By getting a lot of job experience, you might end up on the server's top rankings. They are updated weekly.

. The future

Joymax still is working on bringing news to the job updates, notably there is only one level of job items so far. Besides, a lot of information are obscure, because of some poor translation work, but hey they're doing better.

. Thanks

Thanks to the PureEntity Union and especially my friend Sisay for being my hunters and colleagues and helping me learn a lot of the new trading system! <3 you guys!

Thanks also for other users commenting on the topic and helping make it more complete.


Epic Inferno - A Silkroad Movie

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