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 Post subject: [GUIDE] How to use Extract/Inject For pk.2 75% done
PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:34 am 
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The following is a guide archive for your browsing pleasure.
Should you wish to post comments, suggestions, or simply a thank you, the following link will take you to the main, unlocked, guide:
- Original Guide -

Cruor wrote:
1. Stop using XVI32.
2. Go to and download Hexedit.
3. Stop using the "find/replace" method and learn the "extract/inject" method.

Unfortunately, I can't just say that because surprisingly no one's written a tutorial on using the extract/inject method for replacing equipment. The extract/inject method has pretty much completely replaced the find/replace method.

The basic steps are:
1. Extract itemdata.txt from Media.pk2 using PK2Extractor.
2. Find the equipment you want to change in itemdata.txt and change the degree number in the BSR reference string. As you scroll to the right you should see two or three long strings. The BSR reference string will either be the first one, or there will be an "xxx" in it's place because there is no BSR to reference.
3. Once you have made all of your changes, save the file as itemdata.mod.txt.
4. Open up Media.pk2 in HexEdit.
5. Do an ANSI search for "ITEM_ETC_GOLD".
6. In the hex column, you will see an "FF FE" somewhere before the "ITEM_ETC_GOLD". This is the file's header that marks it as a Unicode file. Put your cursor in front of the "FF".
7. Go Edit -> Paste From and select the itemdata.mod.txt file you saved earlier. Click okay.
8. You should see everything past your cursor turn to red. Now press CTRL+Z and then CTRL+Y. This will bring you to the end of what you pasted.
9. This is where it gets tricky. The way Joymax updates the files leaves parts of old files sitting around in the PK2 file. I have two copies of itemdata.txt in my Media.pk2 file and only one is valid. Anyway, the valid one in yours should be immediately followed by skilldata.txt. Look for "SKILL_PUNCH_01".
10. If you see it, then you can save your Media.pk2 file and test ingame. If you don't see it, hit CTRL+Z again to undo the Paste From. Then do an ANSI search for "ITEM_ETC_GOLD" again. You should hit the one you are right next to first because your cursor was before it. Hit Find again to find the next instance of the file. Once you find that do the Paste From again and check to see if it's immediately followed by "SKILL_PUNCH_01".

That was fairly basic, but I'm assuming others can hop in here and help with whatever I missed. As a side note, this is just the basic idea of the extract/inject method. You can take this idea and apply it to other files. In it's purest form, the extract/inject method is simply extracting the file you want, editing it and saving it as a .mod.* (making sure to preserve your original file size), opening up the PK2 file that contained it, searching for a unique string or sequence of bytes you found in the file, placing your cursor in front of the start of the file in the PK2 file, pasting from the file, then finally checking to see if you pasted in the right spot with CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y. Also, once you are done it is smart to write down the hexadecimal offset of where you found the file so that the next time you want to change it you only need to hit CTRL+G and enter in the offset.

All Credit's go to Cruor for this guide
I just posted it =]

And 1% of credit for Hellzowner for bumping it up

The Picture guide from step 1 to the last.[/color]

Programs required.]
Pk2 Extractor
Hex Edit

(If you already have downloaded files Skip step's 1-2 )
Step 1. Open Scroll down and download pk2 Extractor Save it to the desktop.

Step 2. Go to
Scroll down a bit and click on Hex Edit 2002


After this go click download and again save to desktop or a directory.

Step 3. Let's extract the Hex Edit for now we will be using it later on in the Guide.

Let's get started
Step 1. First of all Open your Pk3 Extractor and go to your silkroad Directory

Step.2 Now lets up Media.pk2

Step3. After this lets extract the Follow the path 1 by 1.

After you find this double click Itemdata.Txt. If you did it right you should get this in your silkroad directory.
Step 4.Lets open up The txtdata.You should get this.
Lets scroll Down and look for ITEM_CH_BOW_01_A
Change the ITEM_CH_BOW_01_A to ITEM_CH_BOW_07_A For 7th degree
Now that you do that let save it. Go to top left to Save as.
Save it as itemdata.mod.txt.
Hit save and If you did all well you should get this in your Silkroad Directory.
Now let's move on.
Let's open up Media.pk2 with HexEdit.
You should get this screen.
Step1.On top left go to Open and open Media.pk2 from [color=green]your Silkroad folder.
C;/ProgramFiles/Silkroad/Media.pk2 Then hit open.
You Should get this screen.
Now let's go to top left in Search and hit Find.

To be continued.... For now Give Feedback or Tip's While i work on rest.

<<banned from SRF for bot admission. -SG>>

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