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[GUIDE] Ghost Spear Mars (beginner)
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Author:  Snoopy [ Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:33 pm ]
Post subject:  [GUIDE] Ghost Spear Mars (beginner)

The following is a guide archive for your browsing pleasure.
Should you wish to post comments, suggestions, or simply a thank you, the following link will take you to the main, unlocked, guide:
- Original Guide -

Some of you may remember, before European (Legend I) came out, there was a different emotion for Ghost Spear Mars (GSM). It seemed slower, but looked far more powerful.

This guide will teach you how to make it look like the old one.

Note This guide is color coded. =]


1. Open HexEdit121 & data.pk2

2. Click on 'Search' from the drop down menus on the top of the program, from there click 'Replace'

3. A pop-up should come up. Select ANSI String as Data Type

4. In the section 'Find' Copy/paste, or type - skill_ch_spear_roundarea_a.ban

5. In the 'Replace' section copy/paste, or type - skill_ch_spear_roundarea_c.ban

6. After you've done that click the 'Replace all' and give it a minute to replace

7. Soon after, you will get a message saying 'Cannot find anymore data' click 'OK' then save the PK2.

8. Log into the game and try it out.

NOTE You will notice timing is a bit weird. This is normal, because the skill itself is different emotion.


and you SRFers :love:

Edit: Sorry for the mistake, was written at 8am.

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