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 Post subject: [GUIDE] General Euro Guide
PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:37 pm 
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So here's a lil guide I'm writing on euro characters. (Helping you choose your build, I'll be updating it as a go. And hope to have it fully updated before the update comes to iSro.

1. Magic Builds
2. Tank Builds
3. Support builds
4. Sneaky builds

Choose the one you like the most.

You are able to choose 2 masteries. So you can choose your main build: a secundary build. Note: All the tank builds are in the same mastery tree! Same goes for the rogue builds!

1. Magic Builds

1.1 Nukers (Wizards)

This build is for people who like to 'nuke' in general just like to cast away loads of spells (Elemental spells). Nukers have a staff, they can cast fire, earth, ice and lightning spells. They wear garment. And can't equip a shield. Highest dmg dealer (Should go pure int. Only add str if you really want some more hp.) In parties it's no problem to have low hp.
This is the damage dealer of the party.


1.2 Warlocks
This build is for people who like to do a lot of damage over time. As this build contains lots of spells that do dot (Damage over time) attacks. It also has debuff spells. Should go pure int. Only add str if you think you need the hp. Again in parties it's no problem to have low hp. This is the time damage dealer of a party. Deals a lot of dmg over time. Wears Garment.


2. Tank builds

2.1 2h sword.

This build deals a lot of dmg, and has a lot of hp. Can tank pretty well. And is stronger than a Chinese glaiver. This build is for people that like to deal good dmg, but still can take a blow or 2. (Figure of speech) This is the tanker/puller of the party. Wears protector/armor

2.2 1h Sword.
Doesn't deal as much dmg as the 2h sword counter-part. But can take more hits. As it can equip a shield. This is the puller/tanker of a party.
Wears protector/armor

2.3 Dual Axes.
Doesn't deal as much dmg as the 2h sword build, but more than the 1h sword build. Also has some good support buffs. This is the tanker/puller of the party. Wears protector/armor

All the Skills

3. Support builds

3.1 Cleric

This build is the healer build. It heals the party with party heals, and group heals. It also has 1 person heals. It also has very useful buffs for increasing str/int. This is the healer of the party. Wears garment.


3.2 Bard
This build is the general buffer of the party. It has speed increasing buffs and it can restores other peoples mp. It also has useful defense buffs for the party. This is the buffer of the party. (More info will come, this is all i know about bards so far.) Wears Garment.


4. Sneaky Builds

4.1 Dual Daggers Rogue

This build can deal loads of dmg.
It stun and turn invisible. This is the dmg dealer of the party.
Wears protector

4.2 Crossbow Rogue
This build deals a lot of dmg too. It got a skill where you sacrifice 50% of your hp (Temporarily) and 40%? of their phy. defense. They can also knock back and Knock Down. They're ranged, and have a pretty big range. Useful for killing loads of mobs really fast. This is the dmg dealer of the party. Wears Protector.

All rogue skills

Rogues have a special skill, this skill allows them to transform into a monster. They have to use "Essence of dead*" to transform. And it's only for a short time.

*Essence of Dead : Essence of Dead is an item made by dead monsters’ soul and able to make it by using European rogue’s skill.
When you use Essence of Dead, you turn into a monster for certain period of time and once you turned into the monster, you can
use corresponding monster’s attack. You can only use when you have the equal or higher level than the monster’s level that you
are trying to transform.

You get 2 new mastery lvls with each lvl you go up. So you can get 2 masteries. So you can combine 2. Most common is Main + Cleric/Bard. However you don't get 2 mastery lvls the first few lvls, your max mastery levels will be 156 on lvl 80, so get your main to 80 and your other to 76

I will continue to update this!

Some info might be incorrect.

Special thanks to: Da_Realest. Who helped me without knowing it 8)

Feeling bored, will update the rest later :P

The party Mob:
This is a party mob, it disappears after 5 minutes if it's not attacked. It also has 10x more hp than normal mobs, and is a bit stronger. Of course it also gives way more xp. There are party giants too. They have (I think) 100x the hp of a normal mob. And of course give WAY more xp. There are also Champion party mobs, who own 2x10 the hp (20x). Also give double the xp of a normal party mob.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to wear a European item, you have to increase your mastery lvl in the skill! So even if you are lvl 60, and have 0 mastery in wizard, you can't equip lvl 30 wizard stuff! and if you are lvl 30 wizard with 28 wizard mastery, you can't equip lvl 30 wizard stuff!

European's can only use 1 potion per 20 seconds. (Using a hp potion restricts your from using another HP potion for 20 seconds. Doesn't restrict you from using mp/vigor potions.) That said. Vigors will be very important to Europeans. And pills can only be used once every 10 seconds.

Sp Farming
Let's start of by saying: You don't have to farm much on a European character.

That being said. You can only get 2 mastery trees. You gain 2 mastery levels to your max mastery levels with each level you gain. So with each level you gain. You can only add 2 new mastery levels. This way you are very restricted from choosing a lot of skills. You can only get 2 mastery trees.. Though one cannot be completed, as you only get 2 mastery levels each level AFTER lvl 10. So complete your main tree. And leave your secondaryread tree a bit behind.

You are likely to only select a few skills from a tree. So you don't need much sp. Example: You're a rogue. You are only doing D-Daggers till you're a high lvl. You are only leveling 1 mastery tree. With only a few skills in it (Dagger skills) you don't need much sp at all. And you can 0 gap all the way.

And what if I do want a gap. Well if you're going to do multiple trees at once. A 3 level Gap should be sufficient. (I was in a party for half an hour with a 3 gap. And i gained 700sp. At level 18)

What if i do want to 9 gap a bit. Then you will get a lot of sp really fast (If you are in a party) and you will be able to get 3000/4000sp in a full party pretty fast. (2 hours.) Especially if you are using a double spxp ticket and a GT. You would be able to get 9000 ~ 12000 sp in 2 hours. This sounds insane. And it is. :) I tested it only with a 3 gap. In a 6man party on kSro where we were beating level 30~31 monsters. and in half an hour i gained 700sp. So if you are beating monsters your level with 8 people. You should be able to get 500sp half an hour with a 9 gap REALLY easy.

I will try to test with a 9 gap if i get the chance. But it's rare to get even a 6man party in kSro.

That's it for now. hope this helps.

Quest guide lvl 1-20
Will post my own guide from lvl 20 on on euro quests. I'm not sure if you can do the Chinese quests. I'll try it.
NPC map
Euro Monster map

For all your questions:
Euro FAQ

European Quests
Image Will do some more tomorrow, this is all freely translated
European Armor/b]

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