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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Captain Ivy Quest
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 4:38 am 
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Regardless of your race and even if you're high level, you can do the Ivy quest. The reward might seem pretty awesome (to some people). So I decided to make a formal guide that will explain the steps needed to successfully complete the quest. I plan to put those zerk scrolls to good use! :wink:

Hajime Saito posted a rough guide created by Illumi. I used that as a basis to create this one, adding in missing details etc.

Shahad’s Mail:
The Ivy Quest begins in Sarmakand with the Hunter Guild. Speak with Shahad He will give you a letter to deliver to Constantinople, you must ride a horse or walk to Constantinople and deliver the letter to General Ratchel, who stands south of the Stable, at the Military Camp.
21,000 Exp
2,700 Skill Exp
6,000 gold

Ivy 1
Recommended level: 25
Speak with General Ratchel again to accept the next quest, she will tell you how to capture a Closier Informant. But before you go running off to find these, you must go do Adventurer Demetri to get the traps. He stands to the right of storage in Constantinople.

Demetri’s Quest:
You need 20 vine stalks. You get these from killing Evil Order Soldiers at Haran's Tower. You need approximately 45 small knives that are dropped only by the soldiers. To turn these into vines you need to run to The Pond Ruins because it only works disjointing here. You can disjoint these like you did with the charms at the Taoist quest (right-click on the items). If you do not get 20 vines, just go back and kill more soldiers for more small knives. After you collect 20 vine stalks, run back to Constantinople and speak with Demetri, he will give you your reward and 5 traps.
60,000 Exp
8,000 Skill Exp
15,000 gold

Ivy 1
Recommended level: 30

Now with the traps you got from the Demetri’s quest, find the Closier informants that are in front of the Amphitheater. They will have the yellow/orange quest icon above their heads. Right click a trap so it's laid on the ground (red kind of net thing) you need to lure an Informant into the trap, easiest way is to PUNCH it (without weapon) then run over your trap so it follows you. When you have one Closier informant imprisoned, run to Constantinople within 30 minutes. Running, not riding on a horse or transport because: On the way Closier Guardians spawn. You must kill 15. They spawn approximately every 60 seconds. After the 15 are killed, run into the city and deliver the quest to General Ratchel.
24,000 Exp
2,800 Skill Exp
5 Repair Hammers

Ivy 2
Recommended level: 35

- Must be in an Exp / Item share party with at least 2 members (leader and a friend)
- Party leader must have Ivy 2 quest.

Talk with General Ratchel to get Ivy 2. You get 5 horns when you accept. Now, you use these horns @ Harans Tower, Cleopatra’s Gate and Amphitheater. There you must activate a horn at certain places (usually at the entrances, just keep trying hehe). A Closier Leader will spawn if you activate the horn in the right area. Kill the monster, it will drop a sign for each party member in the proximity, however only the leader needs the item. When the leader has all the signs from monsters of the 3 places, then you kill Punishers at the Amphitheater until it drops Punisher's Blood.

When you get the Punisher's Blood, right click it and all 3 stones will become a key. With this key you must go to Evil Fortress into the center of the 'Den'. When you stand here, all other party members must be away from you so their faces are 100% blue on the party bar (only if they are not fighting with you, otherwise you should stay near each other so that you both with teleport). You now right click the key and you will be teleported to a private area. Captain Ivy will spawn after a short time in your proximity. Within 20 minutes you must kill Ivy. After you kill her you get a hair. A blue teleport diamond thing will appear, teleport , go to Constantinople and deliver the quest to General Ratchel and receive your reward.
40,000 Exp
4,000 Skill Exp
20 Memory of Red Hair (zerk scrolls)

Misc. Info:
-With successful quest you get 20 Scrolls, which will completely fill your berserk immediately when it's empty and not in use.
-If your party member has already completed the Ivy 2 quest, he/she can teleport with you to fight Captain Ivy.
-If you die while fighting Ivy, you can still complete the quest if your party member(s) kill Ivy.

Ophelia Versus Capt. Ivy

Enjoy! :wink:

RIP: Devon 01.23.08 Ian 10.23.08

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