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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Guardian System
PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 8:32 pm 
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This was made to serve as a simpler explanation of the Guardian System in iSRo. All information is based on the information listed on the official homepage, and from input by multiple players.

Academy Establishment
The requirements to create a Guardian House are simple. You must be a Chinese or European character above level 60, and it costs 100k to establish. You can only create one establishment per character. You establish your guardian house at the storage npc in each town.

Academy Registration
Academy registration works much like the party match system. The guardian lists his/her Guardian House into the Guardian Registration System to easily enlist apprentices. Anyone level 1-39 can join a Guardian House. The maximum number of apprentices is 5, and the guardian can have a maximum of two Guardian Apprentices between level 40-59. You are unable to register to more than one guardian house at a time, and you can leave at any time, but there is a 24-hour penalty. You cannot rejoin an academy or create one within 24-hours of leaving. All members of a guardian house will be shown as red dots on the world map, so don't assume that your guardian won't know where you are at all times.

Cumulated and Accumulated Buffs
Cumulative Buff- The cumulative buff is a fixed rate of experience points gained by the apprentices leveling under the supervision of a guardian. The rate of experience cumulated depends on the apprentices level. After one hour of grinding by the apprentice has passed, it is possible to transfer the experience points to the guardian. After 24 hours of being logged into the game, additional experience points will not be cumulated. Right click the cumulative buff icon to confirm transfer of experience to the guardian.
Accumulative Buff- When an apprentice confirms the transfer of the cumulated buff, the set number of cumulated points after the confirmation of the transfer will become a percentage of increased experience for both the apprentice and the guardian. 20% of the cumulated number of points will be added to the experience that the guardian obtains while grinding. The apprentice will receive 80% of the cumulated number as an addition to experience points while grinding. The cumulative buff can only be activated while the guardian is online, which can easily be checked in the Guardian House interface, accessed by the hotkey L. As the number of accumulative experience decreases by 10, the experience gained will increase by 5%. 24 hours after the transfer of cumulated points is transferred, the accumulative buff will disappear.

Graduation Day
Upon reaching level 40, a character may graduate themselves from the Guardian House. When an apprentice graduates, they receive 50% of the experience needed to reach level 41, and the guardian receives honor points based on the rating left by the apprentice. The rating ranges from Very Satisfied, to the lowest, Very Unsatisfied. The guardian only receives honor points if the apprentice was below level 30 upon entering the Guardian House. All players who join at 31+ will not give any honor points upon their graduation.

Reward and Honor System
When a guardian receives Honor points for an apprentice graduation, they will receive a ranking, 1 being the lowest, and 50 being the highest. The more points a guardian has, the higher the ranking will be. The ranking of the guardian is updated once daily at 00:00 Silkroad time. The rank, honor points, and rewards can be checked at any storage npc. It will take a long time, and a lot of patience to earn enough points for a Sun weapon, let alone a SoMoon, so please consider the long wait between the time you establish a guardian house to the time you can get a reward.
Honor items- Honor items are purchased with not only honor points, but with ingame money as well. The rewards, as far as we can tell, are sos, som, and sosun weapons and shields. You cannot obtain seal equipment other than weapons and shields. Honor items can only be repaired a certain amount of times, and upon the repair number reaching 0, the weapon will be useless. To prevent the loss of a hard earned piece of equipment, you must purchase a magic Stone of Honor to raise the repair number. Magic stones of Honor are purchased for a set amount of Honor Points, and the required points to purchase a stone increases with the degree of the weapon the stone is to be used upon. Honor Items can only be equipped, bought, and played with by guardians who purchase them themselves. The items cannot be sold to non-guardian players.

Looking for volunteers!
I am looking for level 60+ players, all servers are welcome to participate. I want level 60+ players to help me by posting their questions and findings about the guardianship.

Guide by Itonami, please do not take this without asking. =]

This update was implemented July 24th, 2007.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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