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 Post subject: [GUIDE] SRO General Tips and Hints
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:43 am 
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Hello everyone my names is Yoda and i've wrote this guide to help you get started or just look for info on things you didn't know :)
These are just some general tips, hints and guides to help you play and understand Silkroad online.


#1 - Getting started.
#2 - Quests.
#3 - Party, Guild and Union help.
#4 - Transport and Pets.
#5 - Jobs.
#6 - Item Mall (Pet's Expenadables etc...)
#7 - Uniques and Monster info.
#8 - Alchemy.
#9 - SP Farming.
#10 - Builds and leveling.

#11 - Botting and CCF'ing :banghead:

Well let's get started eh?

#1 - Getting Started.

If your a newbie to this game then you'll probably be confused by all the writing, people talking and why you have a leaf next to your name ;) The best thing to do is do the first quest. It will say "Speak to the General in fron of the south gate, but actually he is at the west gate ^^ so head over to the west gate. Speak to him and read all of what he has to say and follow his instructions.

Take your time learning the controls movement and camera rotation etc.. Once you have almost finished that quest he will ask you to go hunt 30 Mangyangs. Mangyangs are the lowest lvl monster on the game and you will find them just outside nearly every gate. Once you have finished this quest you should have a better understanding of the game.

Here is a useful link of all the NPC's in the towns: Here

And here ise a useful map of all the monsters in the game and their levels:Here

You'll find that once you level up a little "+" sign comes up by your name, if you click this it will open a menu and you can put 3 points either into STR = Strength or INT = Intelligence
STR gives you more phsyical damage which is better for: Blade, glaive and bow's. INT will give you more magical damage which is better for: Sword's and speears. STR points raise your maximum HP and INT points raise your MP.

Here is a picture of the character interface:


Your HP will decrease every time you are hit by a monster and MP will decrease every time you use a skill. You'll notice a yellow bar above your EXP bar, these are Skill Points or SP. SP is a greatly needed thing in Silkroad. With SP you can learn new skills and upgrade the skills you have already. Example: At lvl 5 you can raise your mastery in let's say fire. You have raised your Fire Force skill to 5 now a shaded box with a sword on fire should appear with a blue box underneath. When you click this box it will open a box saying the skill you want to learn and the amount of SP needed.

Masteries are the biggest part in silkroad, without them there would be no game. You'll notice when you press "S" there is a new menu. Below the picture explains.


If you want to raise more than 2 skills you'll need to SP farm (See #10). You'll notice that you have to rest a lot when you don't have herbs or potions, so i'd say sell all stuff that the monsters drop and try to buy as many herbs as you can of each MP and HP.

If you press "T" a menu will appear, this is the auto-pot feature. It will say HP recovery then a % then quickslot #. Let's say you have 240 HP, a herb recovers 120 so you slide the bar to 50% so when your health drops to half it will heal you fully. The quickslot number is the bar at the bottom, I put mine at number 0 and 9. So put your HP herb at number 9 select quickslot number 9 on the f1 belt and it should work ;) I think this is all you need to know to get started on the silkroad journey, enjoy =]

#2 - Quests.

Quests are a big part of Silkroad. They might not be the fun, but they definitely help while grinding. The most basic quests are: Item Collection, Monster Killing and Transporting goods.
The first quest you will do is part of the tutorial for which tell you to "hunt 30 mangyangs" So, if you kill 30 mangyangs, you will complete the quest.

Item collection are quests for which you kill monsters and collect small purple quest bags which drop randomly. These are your quest items.

Transporting quests are the easiest quests. They require you to run from 1 town or place to another and deliver or speak to someone, and then to run back for your reward.

There are some tips and tricks for quests; nice little bugs that make the quests give free xp with little or no effort. Example: Big Win quest lvl 26: Collect 200 Gun Powder bombs. Go and collect the 200 bombs. Then, instead of finishing the quest, put the 200 bombs in your storage and go speak to Yeosun. She will congratulate you and give you the reward for the quest! Free xp! Now go back to your storage and take out the 200 bombs. Now use a return scroll and the quest will be completed again. :)

To check the status of your quests press "Q" and click the little arrow next to the name of the quests. Shown below in the picture.[color]


[color=blue]Here is a useful list of all the quests lvl 1-70:

#3 - Party, Guild and Union help.

Once you hit lvl 5 you will be able to form a party, a party is a big part of Silkroad. A party with Exp Distrubution will give you 10% more Xp when full! A party with 8 players is good for trading and thieving as you can see each other on the map and chat with each other.

Here is a picture of the party menu:


A Guild is also a massive part of Silkroad, You can create a guild at lvl 20 for a fee of 500k Gold. Once you've created your guild you can recruit your friends or people in the game to be your friends in the guild. Once you start training while in the guild you'll notice for every 1 SP you get you'll earn 1 GP for your guild.

You'll notice if you press "U" there's a bar with a % Once this bar is full you can go to the guild master in the town and level up your guild for a fee, It's 3 million gold from lvl 1-2 9 million gold from 2-3 (Need help don't know how much :p). Once your guild is lvl 2 you can invite another guild to be in a union.

A Union is a group of Guilds a maximum of 8 guilds that can chat to each other using the Union chat and also hold events together. Union guilds names will appear green to you.

* Adding guild interface and union when i join a guild tonight*

Overall i think Partys, Guilds and Unions are the biggest part in Silkroad because talking to friends makes the time go faster while grinding :P.

#4 - Transport and Pets.

At lvl 10 you will be able to ride a Red Horse, Transports like horses are good from moving from A - B, If your training and want to get there fast from your town it's easier to ride on a horse. You get REd Horses at lvl 10 then Shadow Horses at lvl 30 and so on, each higher horse has more HP.

Trader transports are different to normal horses, They have an inventory
where you can put special goods from the trade shop (Read #5 Jobs). There are camels and horses and Fire oxes. Horses are faster have the least HP but have a smaller Inventory, better for 1* trades. Camels are slower but have more HP and a bigger inventory, good for multi star trades. Fire oxes are slower have massive HP and massive inventory.
Pet's are also a big part in Silkroad.

Their are 2 types of pet: Wolfs and Inventory pets. Wolf's you get from lvl 5 for 1 million gold from the stable, They start at lvl 1 and you can lvl them up just by fighting, they will fight automatically whatever you fight or if you order them to they will attack other things, they grow bigger as their lvls increase and at lvl 40 they grow into a big wolf :p that looks really cool.

There are 2 types of wolf: White and grey, There is NO difference in their attack or HP, just appearence and that you have to buy white wolves using silk via Item Mall (See #6). Wolfs need healing when their hp goes low and when their hunger goes low you need to feed it using HGP pots. To revive a wolf it costs 50k.

Here is the interface of a wolf:


Inventory pets are good pets to have, they have their own inventory and will pick up any items that monsters drop. This is better because it gives you more timee to kill things instead of picking up your items that monsters drop. There are : Monkey, Rabitt, Squirrel and Bunny. They are all the same and last 1 month when you buy them via item mall. Every month they will pass away and you have to buy a resucitation clock from the item mall to get another month of life :) Wolfs can be killed but inventory pets cannot.

#5 - Jobs.

A Massive part in silkroad. Once you hit lvl 20 you will notice that you can wear a job suit. There are 3 different jobs: Trader, Hunter and Thief. I'll explain all 3.

Trader: As a trader it is your job to get special goods from 1 town to another without letting your transport die or you die. You can buy transports from the stable along with potions to heal your transport.
Once you have a transport you can summon it and exchange with the trade merchant. He will sell you special goods.

*Notice* The amount of goods you buy can affect if a player thief can attack you! a 1 star trade cannot be attacked by a player thief, but a 2 star and above can. Once you have your goods transport and pots you have to walk from your town to the next town. Let's say Jangan to Donwhang. Some good tips can be found on this forums as i am not a trader but the basic idea is to survive :P. Try and stay off of the main roads and when your using the ferry try and run the last 400 metres or so because your transport will automatically teleport with you. Every so often NPC thieves will appear, depending on your number of stars the amount of thieves will spawn. They will try and attack your transport and you. Try and kill them fast to get them out of your way. Once your in Donwhang you can sell your special goods to the trade shop for normally around 300-400% the profit.

Hunter: A hunters job is to excort a trader from 1 town to another killing the thieves that try and kill the trader. As a hunter you can be attacked by thieves so WATCH OUT for high player thieves. Normally you get paid by the trader for protecting him or you just escort because he's a friend or a guildmember or you just want the Job experience. hunter job is very simple kill thieves :)

Thieves: This is the job i like, the most exciting job thieving. As a player thief you need a few things, first you need a transport and some pots, and you NEED bandit den return scrolls. You can get these by going to Jangan and going behind the stable and speaking
to the girl. Your job is to kill traders or their transports in order to obtain their goods. You CANNOT attack a 1 star trader but their is a method known as 1 star popping.

This involves obtaining goods and using the thiefs that spawn to kill your transport but making it so they attack the traders transport. Normally you have to be a higher lvl so that the trader cannot kill your thieves. Once you've collected the loot you activate your return scroll and go and hide from hunters while you wait for it to activate :D Hunters can kill you as thieves and you can kill them, a vicious cycle :D

#6 Item Mall.

The item mall is a shop you can enter by pressing "F10". Here you can buy special items such as pets and gold tickets using silk. Silk is the virtual currency you can buy using PayPal or Click and buy or other methods. I'll go through the basic items.

You have Expendables which are Tickets, Gender switch tools and global chatting and many more. They are basically self explanatory just highlight them and read what it has to say. You can buy pets here and different alchemy items. You can Buy bags of potions or Quivers of arrows. You can buy a white wolf and pets also Global Chatting which is that yellow writing which everyone
can see in the server. The Item Mall is useful for the advanced player.

Here is a picture of the item mall interface opened using the F10 button:


#7 Uniques and Monster Info.

Uniques are special strong monsters that spawn in different locations around one area, they are all different levels and all spawn different monsters to kill you :twisted:.

Tiger Girl: Tiger Girl is the first unique at lvl 20. She Spawns around Tiger mountain and the bandit Stronghold. She looks like a white tiger and a woman on the back (That's her!) She spawns giant Black and White tigers. She has a big amount of Hp and invokes Zombie status (Reverses pot effects, basically pots decrease hp/mp).


Uruchi: Uruchi is the second unique at lvl 40. He spawns in Tarim Basin. He looks like a soldier riding a 2 headed dragon. He spawns Black robbers, black robber bowmen and black robber archers.


Isyutaru: Isyutaru is the third unique at lvl 60. She spawns around Karakoram. She looks like a big ice queen (If you can imagine that lol) She spawn devil yetis, yetis , sonars, penon warriors, big white spiders. She Also has Massive HP.


Lord Yarkan: Is the final Unique on ISro as of yet, he is lvl 80 and very powerful. He looks like a giant....i don't know just looks big! He spawns niya generals/royal guards,niya mages/shamens, niya hunters and niya guards. He Has an incredible amount of HP.

I do not have a map to his spawn locations yet.

#8 Alchemy.

Ahhh alchemy, the dream and nightmare of players, totally based on luck. There are many conspiracy theories on how to get the best effect but none are proven.

Basic Alchemy: The basic alchemy is the use of Rondos. there are 2 types of rondos: Void and Destroyer. Void rondos destroy the alchemy material yopu pick up from monster to convert into elements and destroyer rondos destroy items for lot's of elements and maybe tablets and stones. To Do this press "Y" to open the alchemy window. Put the rondo in the left box and then your items/alchemy material in the boxes on the right and click on the left box.

Here is a picture of the alchemy interface:


Once you have a decent amount of elements you might want to use them to make a stone. A stone is a a tablet used with the corresponding elemements. Stones add raise or change things on your weapon, jewelry armour etc. But it's not that easy :P If you use a stone there is a chance it might fail.

Example: Str stone lvl 2 and a glaive lvl 8. You click "Y" to open the alchemy window then go to the tab "Att enhance" put your glaive into the box on the left then the stone in 1 of the boxes on the left.
Now click the left button and do your lucky dance, jig, kiss or run out of the room like i do :P. Come back and see if it has failed or been succesfull then do a little dance or cry in a corner. :D :twisted: :P

Elixirs: There are 4 types of intensifing elixir: Accesory, Protector, Shield and Weapon. To use a elixir you select your item you want to "intensify" and open the alchemy window, place your item in the att enhance tab in the box and on the right place your corresponding elixir. Now you can use Lucky powder, you get this from grocery trader. Some say it does nothing but i believe it does. Place this with your elixir press the box and do your lucky thing again :p and hope for the best. If it's a sucess then it will change to +1 if it fails it will stay at nothing.

Once your shield or wepaon reaches +3 it will have a cool silver glow.
a purple glow at +5, +7 is a red orange glow ,and+9 is a blue glow

So overall alchemy is the best and worst part in the game, it's what makes everyone so unique and every qeapon unique, without it this game would be a big deal less popular.

Here is a link to an alchemy database which shows the amount of elemnts gained from each alchemy item: Here[/color]

#9 SP Farming.

Sp farming is the way of obtaining a lot of SP before you get to higher lvls and run out. Basically you need like 300k SP for a 80 cap so people farm like 150k SP at lvl 16,32,42,52 (Each lvl of a new weapon).

How to SP farm: To gain the most SP you must first understand the "Gap".
The gap is the difference between your highest mastery and current lvl. Example: You are lvl 16 and you have lvl 12 fire and 11 heuskal. The lvl 12 fire is highest of your masteries so you take this number and take it off your current lvl which is 16. So 16 - 12 = 4 Gap. :D Easy eh?

The higher the "Gap" The more SP xp you earn per kill. The lower the gap the more Exp you gain. The highest gap possible is 9. So let's say you want the highest gap of 9 and your lvl 16. You'd need your masteries at lvl 7 (16-9=7) So your heuskal and fire would be at lvl 7. Now you would be earning the most amount of SP possible.

Here is a good guide to SP farming at the bandit stronghold, most players favourite place to SP farm. Alchemy Database

Here is the famous SP calculator which will help you determine how much SP you'll need for the lvl you desire: Here

Here is a character builder where you can put your skills and it will tell you how much sp/exp you need:Here

#10 Builds and Leveling.

There are many types of build but there are 3 main categorys: Pure Str, Pure Int and Hybrid. I'll explain all 3.

Pure Strength: These builds are mainly the more stronger builds being as though they have all points in str which gives goo physical damage and means a lot of HP. Pure str normally use glaive, blade or bow.

Glaive is the strongest of the 3 with a high physical damage and high criticals. The minus of the galive is that it has no block like the shield or range like the bow. Normally people would wear garments with glaive because their phy defence is already high enough to withstand attacks and the Mp bonus of the garment is a nice + while you don't have much MP.

Blade is mainly the slowest build of them all. Not so high damage but very good at tanking. Tanking is where many things can attack it and they can withstand all the damage without dying. These are the builds who will fight on the frontline and draw all the fire towards them.

Bow is one of the least popular builds as it is not too strong and takes a long while to get a shot off, also because of the no shield doesn't have the ability of tanking. The bow is mainly used for PvE not PVP.

Pure Int:Very powerfull build. These builds are called nukers, because of the lvl 30 and above nukes which they use to inflict massive damage from range. They are weak physically but excell in 1 hitting things. They normally wear armour for the added physical bonus.

Spear: The highest damage of the INT builds with the spears high mag attack it unleashes powerful nukes at people from far away. It lacks the ability of the sword and shield because the health is so low it can be killed easier. Normally spear users stay at the back of wars and use nukes to inflict damage on the pure STR who have hardly any mag defence.

Sword and Shield: The Sword and shield the 2nd most popular INT build. The high mag attack of the sword and the brilliant defence and block of the shield is a powerful adversary in PVP. It excells against other nukers because of the block ratio and the ability to tank more than a spear user. It does not inflict as much as a spear but it still is 1 of the best builds in the game.

Bow: The pure INT bow is normally used to lvl from 1-30 because it is the fastest. As soon has you get nukes at lvl 30 you no longer need a bow, you should switch to a spear or sword and shield. A pure INT bow has hardly any defence and a low mag damage. A bad build really.

Hybrids: The new craze in builds. An hybrid can be classed as Str or Int or Equal. This corresponds to how many INT and Str points they put at each lvl. Example is a 2:1 build INT. This means every level they put 2 points on INT and 1 on STR

Hybrid INT: This is a powerful build as it has the good damage of a nuker and the physical defence of a str. These normally use INT weapons (EG spear or sword and shield.)

STR Hybrid: This build i'm not too knowledgable in. It is less powerful than a pure str but has the magical defence needed sometime to beat pure INT's in battle.

1:1 Hybrid: This build has equal points so every 2 lvls they put 2 on str and 1 on int then next lvl 2 on int 1 on str etc... These builds are not Extremeley powerful in any way and are to very common.

Leveling: Leveling favours pure INT's the ability to do great damage from far away and 1 hit white monsters is a good xp gainer. Pure STR have to run to their target put their ability to attack more than 1 monster at a time helps them gain more xp. Hybrids are the slowest levelers as they dion't excell in anyway.

Here is a link to a list of guides for builds and the advantages:Here


#11 Botters and CCF'ers

Where to begin? The scum of Silkroad online, botters and CCF'ers. I won't speak much about them because it pains me but here's a quick guide to identifying a bot and knowing what a CCF'er is.

Botter: A botter is an account which uses third party programs to auto attack monsters. Basically it is a program which plays the program for you. It might sound cool that you don't have to kill all the monsters. But where's the fun in a lvl 80 character that you haven't even touched?

Identifying a botter: Basically they repeat the same thing over and over again. If you PM them they ignore you or just reply in a different language or say the same thing. If you freeze them they don't attack you and they always do things really fast. Of course this isn't a 100% sure fire way but these are basic signs.

What to do about a botter? You can take a video of him or try reporting to joymax but it will get you no-where they only ban botters when they feel like it.

CCF'ers: I don't know a lot about CCF'ers but i do know what they are and what they do. They don't harm any-one or automatically kill anything but they do gain an unfair advantage in the game.

What is a CCF'er: A CCF'er is a credit card frauder. They buy silk using Paypal to obtain the valuable alchemy items in the item mall then when they have used these items they contact PayPal to chargeback the money, which cancels the payment but still gives the silk in game.

What they do: So once they have these items they trade their good weapons etc...put the alchemy items on them then trade them back. Then this account gets banned but they have all the alchemy stuff for free. Now Joymax have implemented ways of preventing this, e.g you have to be a certain lvl to buy an astral to use on the item. So high players can't use noob accounts to pimp up their gear.

If any-one has more info please tell me on botters and CCF'ers.


Well it's been fun writing this guide, i'm going to update it and put some images in there. Make it complete. Hopefully gets a stick ;) Thanks for reading Yoda.

We remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country, for their friends and for their families. They shall live on forever in our memories.

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