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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Hunting Uniques [UPDATED]
PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:13 pm 
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This guide was requested by cin.

In this guide, you'll learn tips on how to hunt unique monsters. There are 5 unique monsters in iSRO : Tiger girl (lvl 20), Uruchi (lvl40), Isyutaru (lvl 60), Lord Yarkan (lvl 80), and Cerberus.

1) Useful tips for every uniques
2) Tiger Girl
3) Uruchi
4) Isyutaru
5) Lord Yarkan
6) Cerberus


1)Useful tips for every uniques

It is important to be in a share party. In share party, you can have 8 people in which means you can cover a bigger part of the map where the unique will spawn. The kill goes to the party with the biggest damage, and to the player, in that party with the biggest damage.
All the party member must be placed near a spawn point of the unique, if you want to have a chance to see it.
When a unique spawns you'll have to move from a spawn point to another. Unique are purple dots on your radar. be careful.

Maybe you're same lvl as the unique you're hunting, but it will spawn strong monsters!! Many champions, some giants, and many "Elites" too. Elites only spawn with uniques.

Get Pills!
Tiger Girl can make you zombie. Uruchi's spawns will poison you. Isyutaru will ice you and Yarkan can knockdown, knockback, and stun you. Ok for Yarkan pills wont change anything but just be careful. ^^

When do they spawn???
They spawn randomly on a certain area. They all have their own area (Tiger Mounatin, Tarim Basin, Karakoram, Takla Makan). They spawn every 3/4 hours. Sometimes less, sometimes its a lot longer T_T. So get mounatin dew and some foods lol.

2) Tiger Girl

Spawn points
(sorry cant see them really well :S)

Tiger Girl seems to spawn more often in the stronghold, so you have more chances to see her inside.

If you find her alone, you should try to lure her offroad so you're sure no higher lvls can ks you.

Tiger Girl is the hardest unique to kill, because she is the weakest! Yeah, everyone wants to kill her, from lvl 20 to 80, so you have a lot less chance to see her, and kill her! sad =/

Note: Tiger Girl gives you zombie!!Get pills!

3) Uruchi

Spawn Points

This is taken from Nightbloom's sticky here on srf.

From what i gathered, Uruchi spawns pretty often in the black robbers den, and at the dead end thing, at north of tarim basin.
He also spawns sometimes at south, and east of the Den. I know he used to spawn in the Dead Ravine, but i am not sure if he still does, i need a confirmation...
He spawns a lot less at ongs.

Note: Uruchi doesnt give you any status, but his spawns (Black Robber Archer [LVL 36]) will give you poison! So be careful even if that status is not really bad, but can be dangerous if lvl 4x, and laggy :s

4) Isyutaru

Spawn Points

Isy spawns really randomly...She is hard to find because there is only 2 ways of entering ice (north east and south west) so if you are at ishades or spiders, you're pretty screwed...Also her spawn points are separated by a big distance, so you can miss her! She oftens get lured at : Spiders (north), Ishades (south east), or Yetis (south west) so you should check inside the forest!

Note:Isy AND her spawns will give you frostbite and freeze. Really annoying so you better get a good stack of pills /!\

update for LY and cerb later!


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