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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Preventing Account Hacks [3]
PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:52 am 
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hi please contribute all uknow in order to prevent hacking or ur accounts:

I hear people say he guessed my password and stuff ??? why wud u give ur email and stuff to anyone anyhow!!
3 WORDS FOR U "Dont Trust Anyone". Sure you are pals and everything i spare the occasional hp mp pots or low level armor but email and account name sheesh.

I find this softwares usefull:/But i am not responsible if your system isnt able to handle them and collpases or crashes.
Spybot search and destroy.
Ad ware Se.
Avast anitivirus
Winpatrol or easy cleaner (for monitoring startup).

Please contribute to all such softwares everyone uses. I intended to do testing on these softwares.

Please update your computer regularly. If you have free antivirus beware not all will update on itself always update. Make it a habit to update everything on the time of login/ before shutdown.

- Dont watch those garbage sites those are the best or should i say worst source of such viruses spywars and key loggers.
Remeber Key loggers can not only record ur every single pressed key but can also take screenshots of what you do and send them over remotely.
If you find i key logger (U are being tapped) me very cautious.

- Dont use very easy passwords , i heard some guy saying how cud have they guessed "98787" (for e.g) is the password. People how many times i have to tell ya all they dont guess :banghead: they have complex softwares which simply tries random combinations to unlock ur password .
Always use alpha-numberic. Whats that WORD+NUMBERS.

- Or simply tap every keys you press using key loggers.
Never use same password everywhere.
- Dont be a fool if its on ur computer in a note pad doesnt matter it is still accessible.
- There are lot of encrytion software available use them if u have to keep those passwords. What encryption software does is lets say in layman terms hides ur data by mixing it with random other data which can be retrieved by those softwares only. I cant enlighten you on the technical terms because i myself am not aware of how exactly it works.

- Check your firewal system is on and on recommended settings, you can turn on auto update options on but sometimes if your in game it might lag you a bit.

- Another simple but effective tip you cud try is to hit crtl+alt+Del keys on keyboard (assuming you are all windows users) go to the task manager note down all the processes running exactly as they are listed note processes not the tasks, and google them out you can surely find out if some unlisted or suspicious process is running.

Please this is a pleading to all you guys let us all know what measures you try to keep ur system safe. Also if i have said any wrong or incorrect comments please correct them.


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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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