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 Post subject: VanHalen (Januera) recruiting. Old players come back!
PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 12:03 am 
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In a time where SILKROAD ONLINE seems to have lost its original meaning...

- Would you like to have fun?
- You join a guild and nothing happens! There are never guild wars, just same ol' logging in for nothing fun?
- Do you know what made you love SILKROAD ONLINE?
- Are you tired of getting to the maximum level and losing all interest?

Join VAN HALEN and rediscover what it's all about.


.Building a memberbase
.Getting to level 100
.Start having guild wars with whoever accepts them
.Create job wars at the main city's gates

.Be on everyday (3 days offline and you're kicked if you don't warn the guild in advance)
.Having a pair of salty balls or a pair of frisky tatas

.A place where shit happens
.An opportunity to enjoy SILKROAD ONLINE

IGN: Roth (pm me or send me an email in game)
Skype: rikthepirate (such a professional name, i know)


I've been playing Silkroad Online for 10 years. In many different contexts i've led guilds, unions, mobilized and led people to dominate new servers from scratch, restructured unions that were dying, played and shared knowledge with some of the best union & guild leaders around, you name it.

We're a new guild, hoping to put together people that want to play Silkroad Online and truly have fun. Achieve that adrenaline the way everyone's forgotten and can only achieve through the game's randomness or Fortress Wars. That's really all that there is to this guild so far, it represents an ideal and it wants to inspire this server to be like an old Xian, Greece, Troy, Oasis, etc.

There are many reasons why we get to like something. In this case, we all might have different reasons that keep us playing this stinky old game but I believe most players don't know how to have fun, and that'd explain such disfunctional patterns (aka everyone capping out and then quitting or server hoping). We're here to teach you the old days way, to inspire you to create parties, jobwars, talk to different guildmembers from different guilds to get both guilds pvping against each other. To inspire and organize a server traderun like i once organized in Greece back in the day. To get that feeling we had back in the 60 and 70 cap going again. Get in the game, go play the game the way you can actually have fun. Simple.

All we wanna do is get together people who want to find guild wars to fight against, people who log in and start globalling shit and get 3 people ready to gather even more people to kill some noobs in a jobsuit.

All we wanna do is help creating competition in the server, having the best guilds fight each other, get that drama going on with some crazy job war, revive what made Silkroad Online such a great game to begin with.

If you wanna tag along and build something different, let me know.

Cheers. ... -t189.html

"It's true. I am kind of retarded, but i'm also kind of amazing."


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