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 Post subject: Rogue Sub for Salvation PServer - Cleric, Lock or Warrior
PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:47 pm 
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I have just made my rogue, currently level 61 and still no sub class. I have two states of ind, that are seriously making me stuck as to what i want.

Basically, rogues are heavy dmg dealers, and fast killers. So the mad crits, combined with the debuffs added stuns etc, will make this a very lethal beast in 1 vs 1 doubt about that! It's a kill fast or be killed fast build. So judging the servers current build status "most common builds etc", how well will this build fair? I figured here, the best defence is offence.

Ofcourse cleric seems to be the common sub class for most builds, due to its bonus to making you survive, and adding extra pt play benefits with the buffs. I am leaning more to wanting a solid pvp build, as i can likely get a cleric to buf me during pt play and group pvp/wars etc. This build is all about enhancing the defence of the rogue, so i will last longer.

The combination of ae, 2h and maybe even switching to 1h/shield, whilst having the option of using daggers seems like a lethal combo if you can master the wep changing and skill routines, i have watched videos on youtube of isro builds, nut not 100% sure how this will fair on salvation.

Which will be best suited to the server? i want to basically rape 1 vs 1 "not using a cleric/lock, ill try that later". I just cant seem to decide on my final sub class, also... what would win a rogue/cleric or a rogue/lock in a 1 vs 1. I'm not sure if this server is primarily all cleric subs as euro...which may reduce the locks effectiveness if there's literally 9/10 pvp opponents with cleric sub.

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