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 Post subject: Re: SWTOR's Intended Playerbase
PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:05 am 
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liranieu wrote:
SWTOR’s intended player base is not hardcore gamers who are looking for innovation in MMOs. These are looking for a new thrill, and are not satisfied with MMOs as they exist today. Furthermore, they have rejected the game and moved on and and are now looking for GW2 and other games to break new ground for them. Good luck guys and gals.

SWTOR does appeal to hardcore gamers who are satisfied with incremental innovation in MMOs. I count myself among this number, and I love the game. BW has added its special touch to MMOs by getting rid of text box quest givers and introduced us to a vibrant, interesting set of story lines that involve us in conversations with the non-player character world. They have made innovations in crafting by getting rid of roaming the lands looking for resources, and other small steps. Kudos BW!

SWTOR’s intended player base is Star Wars fans. Most of these have never even heard of a MMO, much less played one. But they, my son among them, love the thing that is Star Wars. They have models, collections, toys, and copies of the movies which they watch over and over again wishing there was more to the story. BW has brought them that story, and almost 2 million of them responded by buying the game. They liked the game, but they weren’t prepared to pay $15 a month for it and they began slipping away.

The decision to go F2P will reach these fans and the game will surpass WOW in population. They will come in droves and learn the basics of MMOs as they explore the Star Wars universe. Wookies, Jedi, especially Jedi, the Republic, space ships, and new stories—they are all there. The game can’t help but be a success now.

BW, LucasArts, and EA knew who they were after, but they erred in thinking these fans would come to a subscription based MMO. They’ve seen the error of their ways and they are correcting it. A great future lies ahead for them and for the players.

You want to post this in the Other Games section buddy :)



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