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 Post subject: Maximized Phantasy| CAP 110| JOB Reborn | Jobbing server| Fr
PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 4:52 am 
Hi, I'm New Here
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•Welcome aboard!

As passionate and old school silkroaders ourselves, we started getting tired of the amount of bullshit that Joymax harnessed. They destroyed what had once ought to be one of the best games out there. We then went out to search for private servers that will give us back the feeling of old school SRO, but we were set to failure since the very beginning. We jumped from server to server in hopes of finding a perfect match. All we could find were pay to win servers, very poorly managed servers, or ones that were run by corrupt GM's.

After years of trying to find a perfect match and failing, we decided to create our very own old school SRO server. We want to bring the awesome factor back to SRO, the days in which whether you bought silk or not didn't matter. We even spiced up old school SRO a notch by upping the cap to 110.

The thing we focused the most on to guarantee a pleasant gaming experience is the team. From our previous experiences with a lot of servers, we noticed that almost every server that fails has a bad team managing it. In hopes that we can prosper and develop an amazing gaming community, we've set strict rules regarding the managment of the server. Corruption is a major issue and we've tackled it: the server has two developers and one GM only, all of which have a lot of experience over the years in running and managing private servers. We don't want a server that would be labelled as a property of the GM's friends. As well as choosing the right server management, the team is very friendly and will try to help every player in every way possible, let aside running a lot of amazing events and giving away some goodies every now and then.

We have also put a lot of emphasis on our profit scheme. Of course we would love to profit from the server, after all there are bills that must be paid to keep the server up. However, we didn't want to go about it the wrong way: our only source of profit from the server will be by selling silks. Silks are used straightforward to buy your typical items that you can find in every successful SRO server. We will never sell powerhouse items for profit.

To be honest, we can go on and on about changes that we made to deliver the best SRO experience possible to you, but you're probably a bit bored now after reading all of that. So why don't you just go ahead and give us a try, and we promise you you wont regret it!

Sincerely, Maximized Phantasy team.

Official Website :[url=""]GO[/url]

•Beta test

There will be a Beta test on the 23th of June. This is to let everyone play HardCore and check everything alongside us. This beta test will be organized really well, so everyone will be searching for bugs
at the Beta test players will have some silks to test every thing around ,
when the beta ends the testers will be reworded enough depends on the buggs they found or their activity
Which languages do you speak fluently?
How long have you played SRO?
Tell us about yourself.
Give us an in-sight to who you are

•Servers General Infos

Degree | 11
Cap | 110
Fortresses | Hotan
IP Limit | 3
CTF | Enabled
Battle arena | Enabled
Available towns | ALL
Races | Both
Mastery | 390
IP limit | 3
Plus limit | 12
Union limit | 3
Guild limit | 32


[Table="head"]Info | Value
Exp rate | 40x
Sp rate | 45x
Party Exp | 48x
Alchemy rate | 1.5x
Item Drop rate | 6x
Trade rate | 40x
Gold rate | 10x

• Simple Item changes

We've done quite a lot of item changes in total, and we'll cover the utter minimal information needed.
The following list shows the changes:

-Resurrection scrolls: disabled
-Damage scrolls: disabled.
-Defence scrolls: disabled.
-Advanced elixirs: disabled.
-Purification pills: mBot exploit fixed.
-Devil spirit S: disabled.
-Global 60 second delay.
-Revers 60 second delay.
-Black ress effect disabled.

•Start items
Once you create your character, you will start in a specialized area for new players. Where you spawn will be an NPC that will give you a quest to kill 10 monsters. You can find the mobs for the quest at the teleport right next to the NPC. its pretty simple

What will you get?

•Jobbing based server

Silkroad first got famous for the trading system. This was supposed to be an amazing feature but Joymax messed it up as they usually do.
We wanted to bring jobbing back to life, so we tweaked the jobbing rates. A 5* trade will make you earn massive profits.
This will also help tackle the issue of gold-botting,
since the gold drop rates on our server will make it almost impossible for gold-botting to be a viable option. We will be looking closely and evaluating the rates over the future to make it achieve its most optimal form. In addition to that,
we added job coins to gain moon parts as well!, title: 5stars trade costs 51m, title: after you sell the goods u gain

•Job Reborn-last Accessory gear

Well i never seen any one used this idea befor , its pretty easy actually
i used this idea as a test to see how its gonna be with ppl if they gonna like it or not
Explanation how its work : Job reborn created for the last Accessory gear so the question now is how to get the last Accessory,
by getting lvl 30 on JOB you will use one of the scrolls on the comming gallery witch will give you one of parts of the last Accessory you pick
then you job lvl will be lvl 1 again once you use that scroll , so you will have to get lvl 30 4 times to get the full last Accessory wtich they are [COLOR="DarkRed"]UNTRADEABLE so you will have to get them by your self
i think its a fair game play for non donaters

•Trade pets changes
Having 159 slots of goods was a royal pain in the ass if your pet died. You spend too much time repicking the goods again, and just as you find yourself done, thieves spawn again. They also took too much time to sell/buy and we don't like that. For that reason, we reduced pet slots from 159 slots to 10 slots, and increased goods stacks from 60 to 10,000, and now you have the same amount of tradeable goods just with more convenience,
You have to be lvl 100 to use trade pet.

•Union&Guild limits
Silkroad's guild & union limits were created to fit silkroad online where thousands of players were playing. Since our playerbase will be obviously smaller than isro's decreasing guild & union limit is a need to make fortress war more fair and fun. So we've decreased the limits to 32 players per guild and 3 guilds per union , If our playerbase for some reason gets bigger than we expect, we will increase the limits.

•IP limit
Aside from other efforts to eliminate gold-botting and multiclienting in Fortress Wars, we are also setting an IP limit. We are planning to make a 2 or 3 IP limit, but we are still thinking about the optimal number.

•Model Switcher

One of the features that much asked for . So what these "scrolls" do is simple:
You take one of the 'Model Switcher Scrolls' at the Model Switcher's NPC; Then place the item into your hands and use the scroll. You'll immediately be teleported to town and the skin/model/look of your item will have changed into whatever degree you have chosen (by buying the respective scroll...).
note : the states will be the same also the plus

•Item Replacer
some players always changing the builds , so they have to get another weapon
well now you can replace you weapon with another one with same
Sates - plus only working on egy b weapons
you can find those scrolls at Special Scroll's NPC

•Exchange Bug fixed, Exit Bug fixed,Restart disabled.
There are a ton of people that actually don't know how these bugs work,
lets save some text thread did not done yet (latter)

cooldown: 20 seconds

•Free To Play
There are multiple reasons why Maximized Phantasy is free to play.
Let's start of by telling you that immortal stones,Astral stones will finally be dropping in (Check the uniques drop keep reading )
there are distinct avatars which can only be obtained through distinct uniques or from npc by gold .
Then, we've got the 'Automatic Events'. To make this short; You'll be able to win up to 1000k silks per day! So there are enough chances to get silks.
At last there is also a NPC called Free silk items , those items for just gold
Avatars-revers-Grab pet-even Premium PLUS


•Ingame Suggestions / Bug Report

Using the Message system you can send us suggestions anytime. Just send the messages to Charname 'Sugg' (ingame) and we will read it.
Using the Message system you can send us Bugs report anytime. Just send the messages to Charname 'Bugg' (ingame) and we will read it.

•Global-Revers cool down

To avoid global spams there is 60 sec delay when you use the global chat scroll
To avoid donators from using Revers on jobbing witch sucks there is 60 sec delay when u use Revers scroll[/FONT]

•Global Uniques
We have added many spawn points for the uniques. We would like unique hunting to actually be different, to actually be more exhausting for the players, to actually be more entertaining .so you should forget boting at unique area
also all the uniques require full party to KILL [/b]
since they drop too much useful items

-Black Scorpion (int-str)

Level| 110
Respawn Time| 3-5 Hours
Spawn Points| 5
Drops | Standart Drops
"| Immortal lottery (%20)
" | Astral lottery
" | Avatar Lottery
" | Silk Lottery
" | Gold lottery
" | Some coins
TITLE | Scorpion Knight ( from Quests)

-Maximized Mummy (STR)

Level| 110
Respawn Time| 3-5 Hours
Spawn Points| 5
Drops | Standart Drops
"| Immortal lottery (%10)
" | Astral lottery
" | Avatar Lottery
" | Silk Lottery
" | Gold lottery
" | Elixirs Packs 100 from every one
" | Some coins

-Maximized Protector

Level| 110
Respawn Time| 3-5 Hours
Spawn Points| 5
Drops | Standart Drops
"| Immortal lottery (%10)
" | Astral lottery
" | Avatar Lottery
" | Silk Lottery
" | Nova Lottery
" | Elixirs Packs 100 from every one
" | Some coins
[COLOR="Red"]TITLE | Omniscient


Level| 110
Respawn Time| 3-5 Hours
Spawn Points| 5
Drops | Standart Drops
"| Immortal lottery (%10)
" | Astral lottery
" | Title scroll
" | Talisman Lottery (10)%
" | Nova Lottery
" | Elixirs Packs 50 from every one
" | Some coins
TITLE | Sovoreign


Level| 110
Respawn Time| 3-5 Hours
Spawn Points| 5
Drops | Standart Drops
"| Immortal lottery (%10)
" | Astral lottery
" | Title scroll
" | Talisman Lottery (10)%
" | 100 silk
" | Elixirs Packs 50 from every one
" | Some coins
TITLE | Liberator

•Game play
i explained every thing i made above , else the left is normal stuff witch basic from the original silkroad
you can obtain
[COLOR="Red"]last gear from original ways Gold-Silver coins
and they are dropping from JOB temple
and from NPC for Gold (u can get gold via trading)

last weapon : u can obtain it from the FGW (SHIP)

•Some Designs art i wish you like what you see

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