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Pioneer Gaming-Network | Cap 105 | Re-Opening | PVP / PVM
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Author:  Dark_Pioneer [ Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Pioneer Gaming-Network | Cap 105 | Re-Opening | PVP / PVM

[b]Pioneer(Advanced) Grand Opening at 26.08.2016!

18:00 Pioneer Standard Time

Our old Project Pioneer(Advaned) was closed after 2 years because of Harddisk of the dedicated server, where Pioneer(Advanced) was hosted on, have been damaged.

Our official Trailer

Remember that Trailer was made when max lvl was 100! It has been changed to 105!


Our website:



[COLOR="#FF0000"]Few words about Pioneer Gaming Network Team.[/COLOR]

We are a professional team from all over the world.
DDoS Protected | 24/7 Online
Offering you fair game play with a lot of cool and new features!
All of our team are trusted people with huge experience!

Our servers got the unique system made by our developers with a new and different job based SOX system,
With a new SOX Glow and opt. Lv glows, new Uniques and many other unique features which make the game play interesting and funny.

Our server is popular and having a lot of special stuff. During the whole time the failures have upgraded our experience!

Also we have a Free Silk feature which will kill pay2win system, you can read about it later in this thread.

Pioneer Gaming-Network | Job Based | Cap 105 | Protected | New SOX
If you guys like our projects feel free to join us, we are always waiting for you =)

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Server Structure[/COLOR]
- Our 2 Servers are running together on 3 Dedicated Servers with each has and SSD and 64GB RAM.
- You can choose between Server 1 and 2 while logging in, it's just a 2nd Division.
- Protected by Hyperfilter (Doctorddos) and SuperMike.



[COLOR="#FFA500"]CTF and Battle Arena[/COLOR]

CTF and Battle Arena never were more active than in here!
As rewards you are getting special Magic Pop scrolls (stackable) from Battle Arena
(After using them u will get Magic POP cards) and Gold Coins from CTF (You can buy 101 lvl items with them)[/COLOR]

You can win a lot of nice stuff, for example:

More informations you can find in [url=""]HERE![/url]

[COLOR="#FFA500"]Sox System:[/COLOR]

There is a new Type of Weapons, called Seal of Heavy Storm
Those Weapons are as strong as lv 90 Sun+3 and got 1 Crit / Block Ratio more.
Also there is a new Glow including lightning-, black- and white SoX Glows

Here you can see a little Tutorial how to get them:


The Talismans of Medusa are now also available to get from new Uniques in the Job Temple;
-Fire Cerberus
-NPC Thieves/Hunters

There is a new Type of Weapons, called Seal of Red Season
Those Weapons are as strong as SoHS + 3
You can get them by upgrading your Seal of Heavy Storm weapon!

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Red Season[/COLOR]


You can drop talismans at Flame Mountain!

[COLOR="#FFA500"]Balance beetween EU/CH![/COLOR]

1. Balance of characters:

a) Bicheon - Sword/Blade

-Dragon Sore Blade Lv 9:
* Added "Critical 7 Increase"
* Changed Phy.atk.pwr from 530~647 -> 707~ 846

-Asura Cut Blade Lv 6:
*Changed Phy.atk.pwr. from 855~1045 -> 905 - 1095

-Celestial Ground Bicheon Force Lv 1:
*Changed phy.atk.pwr. 133 Increase -> 166

b) Heuksal - Glavie/Spear

-Cheolsam Force Lv 10 (Passive):
*Increased MaximumHP from 3800 -> 6000

c) Pacheon - Bow

-Anti Devil Bow - Annihilate Lv 6:
*Changed "Critical 40 Increase" -> "Critical 50 Increase"
*Changed "Phy.atk.pwr 772~1045" -> "922~1195"

-Lightning Hawk Summon Lv 9:
*Added "Attack rate 37 Increase"
*Changed "Phy.atk.pwr. 2690" -> "3190"

-Celestial Beast Arrow Lv 5:
*Changed "Darkness 10Level" -> "Fear 10 Level"

-Strong Bow - Will Lv 2:
*Changed "Critical 15 Increase" -> "Critical 20 Increase"

d) Cold Mastery

-Might Guard of Ice Lv 15:
*Changed "Phy. def. pwr. 158 Increase" -> "Phy. def. pwr. 238 Increase"

-Snow Storm - Multi Shot Lv 6
*Changed "Mag. atk. pwr. 602~912" -> "1222~2279"

-Cold Armor Lv 10 (Passive):
*Changed "Phy. def. pwr. 178 Increase" -> "Phy. def. pwr. 238 Increase"

e) Lightning Mastery

-Force - Percing Force Lv 3:
*Changed "Magical damage 18% increase" -> "Magical damage 25% Increase"

f) Fire Mastery

-Flame Body - Trial Lv 3:
*Changed "Physical damage 9% Increase" -> "Physical damage 15% Increase"

-Earth Fire Protection Lv 12->God Fire Protection Lv 1:
*Changed "Mag. def. pwr. 277 Increase" -> "Mag. def. pwr. 380 Increase"

g) Cleric mastery:
-Reverse Immolation
*Changed Physical Damage 75% Absorbtion -> Physical Damage 40% Absorbtion
*Changed Magical Damage 75% Absorbtion -> Magical Damage 40% Absorbtion
*Changed MaximumHP 75% Increase -> MaximumHP 40% Increase
*Changed Continuous hours 120 second -> Continuous hours 30 second
-Reverse Oblation
*Changed Physical Damage 65% Absorbtion -> Physical Damage 30% Absorbtion
*Changed Magical Damage 65% Absorbtion -> Magical Damage 30% Absorbtion
*Changed MaximumHP 65% Increase -> MaximumHP 30% Increase
*Changed Continuous hours 120 second -> Continuous hours 30 second

Cooldown changed from 10min to 5min

h) Cooldown for warlock debuffs has been added-> 5 sec, 4000 mana usage for debuff!
(physical raze, medical raze, combat raze, courage raze)

i) Chinese chars got extra passive skill!


j) Decreased the critical of Daggers by 6

and much more!

[COLOR="#FFD700"]Special Titles[/COLOR]

For nearly every Unique there is a Quest to gain a Title at the NPC "Quest Manager So-Ok" located in Jangan


You can also buy special Titles at our website for 2 months or at our VIP Shop

Vip shop offers as well Special Grab pets, design/remodel scrolls etc. made by our team and much more!


[COLOR="#FFA500"]New Job Based System[/COLOR]

There is a Job Temple where NPC Thieves and Hunters are spawning.
It's only in job mode possible to join it and you can take there Quests to recieve Silks and Gold.
To accept the Quests you need to speak to the NPC which is just at the place where you join the temple.

Every trade/thief/hunter is collecting special JOB Points called Contributions points at website!

There are a lot of new rewards you can buy for that!
More informations you can find in HERE!

We added special JOB Suits with stats 6 STR/6 INT available from Job lvl 7!

Item Stacks
» Stock of Pots = 1000
» Stock of Arrows = 10000
» Stock of Elixirs = 500
» Stock of Stones and Tabs = 1000
» Stock of Silk Coins = 10000


Our server gives you a lot of chances to get end game items & with every update we add new possibilities to make them!

- You can drop Sun items from mobs and upgrade them

- You can collect coins from uniques and buy them

- You can make one of our FGW!

Follow our latest updates HERE

[COLOR="#008080"]Academy System[/COLOR]
We removed the Academy System because it has no sense to plvl 100 of the own chars.

Honor buffs
- Added the awesome honor buffs to our server which you could get by trading, hunting, and robbing trades.
- After having a job you should register to 'Academy' and then start some job activities you earn Honor buffs.
- The Job Rank resets every week so everyone has the chance to reach the top of the rank.

Avatar Shop

- There you can find special avatars which you can't buy through Item mall


» Unique Events
» Hide and Seek
» PvP Events
» Christmas and Easter Events
» Critical Event
» Race Event
» Alchemy Events
» Job war & Trade Events
» Search & Destroy
» Dash Events & way much more

[COLOR="#FFA500"]Beginner Pack:[/COLOR]
10 Reverse Scroll
1000 HP Pots
1000 MP Pots
20 Speed Scroll
20 150% Skill EXP Scroll
1 Grab Pet for 28 Days
1 Wolf Scroll
5,000,000 Gold
500.000 Skill Points
+7 Equip Items
VIP Premium for 28 Days
And some others

Free Silks and Special Items
To avoid overpowered donators, there are Free Silks which you can get from:

» The Job Temple Quests;
» Hunting Uniques;
» Winning Events;
» VIP Silks from voting
» Silks per Hour

With those Silk you can buy some nice items from the Silk Trader, located in Hotan and Jangan.


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