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 Post subject: Altera Online - Only CH - 40X rate- 10D cap - Fellow pets -
PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:12 am 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Altera is coming
We have been thinking a lot about what server we should create. There are a lot of servers out there that are all different and there is really nothing left to introduce.

The system has to be simple, right? So every player can understand it easily and they dont have to ask each other how to get certain items. That is exactly why we have decided to get rid of the coin system. It's too complicated.

As mentioned above, creating something new is almost impossible. Therefore, we think 10 degree is perfect for this server. 
Goldbots have always caused a lot of problems for server owners. We exactly know that a server doesn't exist without goldbots.

But we can work on minimizing the damage they cause. That's why we have removed the SOM and SUN items from monster drops, only 10D SOS will be available which we all know can't do much on 100. We want to incite you to play the game for SOM items instead. SUN items will arrive later.
Altera Online Image


Release date:
[10/04/2017 16:00 GMT+1]



Our Signature:
Support us!



Basic infos:
    | Race: | Only China
    | Cap: | 100
    | Exp rate: | 40x
    | Party rate: | 44x
    | Gold drop rate: | 5x
    | Item drop rate: | 12x
    | Mastery: | 300+35
    | Job rate: | 10x
    | Alchemy rate: | 1x
    | Fortress war: | Yes
    | Job temple: | No
    | Forgotten world: | Yes
    | Magic pop: | Disabled
    | Battle Arena: | Disabled
    | Capture the flag: | Yes
    | Honor rank: | Yes


    Now, a few words about the properties of the server:Firstly, the parameters:- vSRO server files 188- Usual bugs are fixed- Stable- Exploits are prevented (for example no exchange bug in pvp)- Anti-DDoS system (Hyperfilter)- No lag (decent server machine)- Auto database backup every hour

    And the functions:What you have to know, that we reset basically everything to normal.1: Grinding - obviously2: Job system - everyone will trade, right?3: Alchemy - the rate is low4: Zerk title quests - Captain, General!5: Forgotten world6: Fortress war7: Guild war8: Unique hunt

    Unique things on the server:Forgotten worldForgotten world with low rate. Only 2 star dimension holes will be available at Samarkand grocery shop to incite you to go together, high price for pillars. You can get your 10D SOM weapon reward at Samarkand storage for the collected talismans.
    Title systemThat is right, you can wear titles according to your nationality in front of your char name! Check the new, camp fire looking NPC in the middle of Samarkand. If you buy this, you won't even have to worry about the zerk quests. Not to talk about the good looking. Read the NPC description for more information.
    Unique RankWe had to come up with a literally unique idea. We also wanted uniques to get involved. That is how our Unique Rank system was born. Your modern expectations had to be combined with Silkroad's evolution. This thing had to be something new and exciting as well. What am I talking about? You all remember when you were waiting for a unique monster. Eyes on the screen, everyone was waiting for that little notice. I am talking about the times when reverse scrolls did not have auto points. Then it appeared. Eyes up right, on the minimap. Damn, it is not around, let's go find it!But there was a problem with this system. It became boring after the 10. server and 500. killed unique. So we had to add a little something to it. Some reward that makes you want to go and wait for them and kill them again and again. What else could you wish for more than silk? That is right!Kill a unique monster, our website automatically records it. And you get points for your kills. See the list below.The unique rank resets every week. The player with the most points gets 300 silk. Second player with most points 200, third 100.Points for uniques:
    Ways to have SOX items- 90-100 monsters drop 10D SOS items.- Capture the Flag event drops arena coins with which you can buy SOM accessories.- Forgotten world talismans can get you SOM weapons.- Sereness in FGW can drop SOM clothes and accessories.
    Modifications on the server- Just some own ideas... Nothing complicated. Because we want to keep it as simple as possible.- There will be no stupid coin system, we don't want people to farm coins as we all know that's boring and old ZSZC never had something like this.- There will be no top gear in a couple of weeks it will take you at least couple of months to level up to the max lvl maybe more as you need to farm sp.
    Job modificationsWe noticed that there are almost never enough thieves. Meanwhile players use 2 characters to trade and make huge profit. We want to help the thieves by adding 1 INT/STR thief suits. If nobody stops the traders, they will gain too much money. That leads to an unbalanced server. If players think they can't stop them, we will help a little.We have also modified the NPC thieves' speed. They will be faster. Also, the probability of spawning cold thieves will be higher. We want to incite traders to go with friends together or slow them down by forcing them to hunt the NPC thieves down. It has been too easy for them with those fast silk pets, not having to worry about NPC thieves,not to talk about the player thieves. Start playing the game with all its elements, this speed run trade has nothing to do with Silkroad. We have also reduced the cooldown of the bandit town scroll. With these modifications, we would like to make the thief job more popular.
    Trade petsSince it's important for us that you have fun on the server, suffering with lvl 60 oxes will cease to exist in case you don't have silk. Lvl 75 and 90 trade pets have been added for gold.
    Silk from uniquesApart from our silk/h system, we have added other ways for you to get silk items. Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan, White Knight, Princess Miyene and Tai Sui will drop globals, reverses, resurrection scrolls, instant return scrolls and so on. 
    Mastery Level 300+35!The mastery will be 330, which means you can have 3x100 masteries and 1x30 can be spent according to your sake. Spend it wisely! :)
    Fellow petsFellow pets are in the game. You can ride them, train them, fight with them.Since the server is only CH, that rogue speed bug doesn't exist here.
    Basic delaysWe decided to put some delays to avoid for example the pay2play style at Fortress war or global spamming.30 seconds on global chatting, 5 minutes on ressurection scroll.Global chatting can only be used from lvl 50.
    Delays in forceWe decided to modify some things in force because it was too overpowered.There is 1 minute cooldown on res to avoid the annoying behavior at fortress war, which is about who can resurrect more people faster. We hated it in isro with eu too, right?Debuff probability has been decreased to 60% from 80%.30 second cooldown on cure series to make PVP and fortress war more interesting.
    Vigor grainsVigor grain % has been decreased to 15% from 25% since it would make STR characters too overpowered on an only CH server.
    Skill modifications-Ghost walk - Phantom and Shadow can now be used simoultaneously, just like back then.-The last 2 strong bow skills can now be used simultaneously. (Both have to be max.)
    Reverse auto points removedYou all know the auto points in reverse scroll, right? Well, we hate them. In our opinion, they take the joy from unique hunting.We also have our Unique Rank system (read above) that only donators could win with these points.If you don't find them, calm down, they were removed, it's not a bug.
    Advanced elixirs removedThese elixirs are removed. You might ask why.Because this server is not overedited. We want to keep everything as simple as possible.Thanks to the premium and avatar blues, not even +7 will be that hard.
    Guild & Union limitsWe decided to leave the guild limit at 50, but the union limit will be 3.For the players' sake only!
    Guild & Job leavingYou can leave your guild and job anytime, it won't take 3 and 7 days. You can join another instantly.
    Teleport to Roc from HotanWe all know you have been through this route several times and it's just a waste of time. You can teleport directly to Roc from Hotan.
    Skill & Stat resetsLog in to our website, click on my characters, select your character, make sure you've logged off. Select what you want to do, make sure you have the required amount of silk, and it's done. Warning! You will only get around 50% of the skill points back that is necessary to be full farmed! Please, unequip all items from your character first!
    Exchange and Stall delay DelayOn one hand, exchange delay is to prevent the annoying requests or pvp bug.On the other hand, stall delay is to avoid bugs connected to the stall system.
    Free silks:-Yes, we will add free silk content, based on online uptime.We believe that this is not the server where you should be bathing in silks.Worse thing for the economy. So you will get free silk, under one temporary and one long-lasting condition:! Be level 100!Okay, you raged out. Why do we want this? For the second: the reason is obvious, I hope I don't have to explain it.As for the first, we have a solid reason: we don't want to unbalance the players' wallet - we have run into this error before, when the starters were stuffed with gold, while the not-even-so-late joiners were poor as hell. Also, we want you to advertise our server and call your friends to play with.
    Oldschool stacking!Gathering has always been one of the SRO stuffs you always had to cope with in the past times. We add some stacking for your comfort (elixirs = 50 stack, tablets = 50 stack, HP-MP potion 200 stack, stones = 50 stack). The time of storage characters is back, and you will be rather selling some of your stored goods, thus giving a buttkick to the server's economy. Don't be mad because of the basic potion stack! You can buy cute potion packages from item mall! :)
    Consignment enabled
    Oldschool glowsI think we all like the things we are used to. So the glows will stay as they were published by Joymax. In the 2 pictures below, you can see a +6 and +8 weapon.
    Launcher & Login screen
    Oldschool Alchemy and Skill bar
    Monster spawns rebalancedSome areas full of mobs, others empty - we worked on this one to ensure you less annoyance when you are grinding!..And that's not all! You'll be able to meet the monsters from Jangan Cave in Constantinople (85-97) and Samarkand (98-100)! 2 Gameservers [40.000 monsters]
    Monster spawn
    Database backup every hourWe have automatic database backup every hour in case something occurs, so we can restore everything fast. Not every server can do this.
    IP limitThe server has an IP limit of 2.
    We have also fixed a glitch that allowed players to add gold, items by owning a fortress.

[*]One may rightfully ask: WHY is this server built? What audience do we aim?

Back in those days when silkroad servers were relatively stable, I was an active player myself, and it is my favorite game even until this day. And then came the day, when armies of private servers opened, and there were no options but to move from one to the other. They either got closed, or I got banned for some irrational reason, or I was hacked, or GM was a corrupt bastard, or they just simply farked up the server in time so bad that we couldn't play. I had enough of it. So I started my own server. That was 4 years ago, and I had quite a few servers, which have let me to gain experience enough to setup, maintain, debug and edit silkroad servers at an impressive speed. It certainly feels that the era of overedited servers are somewhat going down, soon they are over.


Some rules about the server

As other servers, we also have rules. However, we expect our community to be grown-up, not to act childish and behave like adults. Do not whine over 'small' things. Life is never fair, nor will it ever be! If you have reports, submit them to us on facebook or in the game. Make sure to include screenshots so we can work better on each case.
IMPORTANT! If you once bought silk by donating, don't forget, that you agreed with the following rule. If you get caught with scamming or you don't feel like playing anymore or you don't like a new update for example, it doesn't authorize you to reverse the donation, because you had spent it already. 

1.) Account + Item Sharing & Trading | Allowed
Be very careful, never give your character first to anyone, but if you scam anyone with it, expect a big punishment. 

2.) Selling/Trading Items for $(etc.) | Allowed
We do not know yet if we should allow it. We did on Zszc-Zone, and disregarding some scams, it was good. There are people who say it is bad for the server economy and brings only goldbots to the server, but there are people on the other side, too. Write us your opinion here, in the comment section. Thank you!

3.) Job Cheating
Job Cheating | Forbidden Job Cheating is also known as "Contribution Cheating" and is usually done by thieves. It also includes spawning a pet in town as thief as well as other exploits. Using these bugs/exploits might get you permanently banned. 

4.) Advertising other Servers | Forbidden | Permanent ban

5.) Racism, religious insults | Forbidden
We are not in the kindergarten though, we won't block someone for insulting. Try to solve it without reporting each other.

6.) Exploiting
The use of any kind of exploit to abuse the system will get you permanently banned. 

7.) Don't cry for events!
Nothing is more annoying than the idiots who is nothing else but "EVENT PLEZ GM" in global for hours. It is more powerfully annoying for the GMs. Why? Because events aren't part of the game envorinment. It's just some occasional candy from the staff to the players. If you want to play here because there will be event every hour, don't even think about joining! Crying people will get a DC if they are annoying most of the people or the GM.

8.) Don't insult the staff!
We are people who do A F**K*NG LOT OF WORK to maintain the server and entertain you. Is this the honor that you wanna f**k our mothers or worse? Temporary ban will be provided, be cautious. 

9.) Exchange bug | Forbidden
You will be warned first by the admin, then blocked for 5, then 7 days every time you use it. 

10.) In case you get hacked/scammed.
It's not our responsibility to give you anything when you get scammed. We usually help you with in-game scams if we can. But we don't always record logs. If you report a scam days later, don't wonder if we can't help. Don't enter fake websites that say you can get sos and silk for free. 
Don't believe kids with fake characters who say they are a GM and ask for your account. How can you even be fooled by this? Don't give your ID and PW to anyone. We have at least 2 people every week that cry for their chars scammed by his friend. You can't force us to change the password on your char. 

11.) If you or your bot sells something to the NPC.
Adding anything in the game is against our policy. We won't be able to help with that. Sorry. 

12.) Trading in the game
If you want to trade something with someone in the game, make sure you always pick a reliable middleman. If the buyer/seller is lvl 1, be very suspicious. Always go to an open place where you can see the characters around, always pay attention who you give something to. There are lots of 
scams with fake name characters. If real money is involved in the trade, we might not be able to help you.

13.) Fake name characters
There have always been kids who think it's easier to steal than work for something. They create characters named similar to your friends' characters. If he exchanges you from nowhere, don't accept it. Make sure it's your friend, sometimes small L and big i can't be noticed, that's why check his char look too. But you had better not trust anyone, not even your friend.

14.)  Stall "scam"
If you put something for a low price and someone else buys it, it's your fault, we can't force anyone to give it back. Be careful next time. 

15.) Write us only if you speak proper english, german, hungarian, french.
We offer support in these languages. If you don't speak any of them, don't even write us, because we don't have time to guess what you want. Happens at least once every day. These letters won't be answered. The user will be blocked in case of spam. Normally you get an answer within 12 hours.

Questions / Answer
1. How do I know if the GM is corrupt or not?
- Our team consists of 2 guys. We both want the server to be succesful, neither of us wants to ruin it.
We are from the same country, but it doesn't mean we treat anyone in a different way. Every player is equal in our eyes. Even if you donate 100$ or not. Don't let yourself be fooled by the numbers, we are a professional team. (Everyone can say that, right?) We aren't kids either to promote all of our friends to GMs. No, it's not GM road. We are perfectly enough for it. Our goal isn't ripping off our players then close the server like others do it. Anyway, don't believe me, believe your eyes.

2. What does the GM spend the donations on?
- The server's bills need to be paid for, we sometimes have to expand it, too.

3. How do I know if the server will not close in a month?
- You cannot know. We all cannot know. It is all up to you people, if you populate the server, it will be long living! We are not the type of server owners who get some money from the server and close instantly. We have been working on this for weeks. We will do everything to keep it open.

One word: quality!

4. Pay2win, right?
- Sure! Oh f**k, I mean, no, no. There's nothing in the server you can't get without donating.

5. 63412 zerk titles buyable for silk?
- No, only our own nationality titles.

5. Balanced?
- Everything is in the original state as developed by Joymax. Of course, we had to modify some things, because we were asked to. Vigor grain % has been reduced to 15% from 25% since it's an only CH server.

6. Active GMs?
- Yes, in the background. We are constantly processing the feedback about the server and developing the parts of the game where we feel it necessary.

7. So there will be no event GMs?
- Yup! No people whose daily job is to entertain people. People can entertain themselves and eachother perfectly well like in every other normal game. So don't ask for events! There will be occasional events by the admin, but not by people who have nothing else to do. We take this very seriously, so don't bother crying. Nevertheless, there might be weekly events.

8. Can I have your contact, GM?

- No, sorry. You can write us on facebook, on our official page. That's what we use for support. You will get an answer within 12 hours unless you spam or insult us.

9. Won't it be late for me to start after months?
- No, because that's the most beautiful in these kinds of servers, being weeks or months late means never a disadvantage. Since the alchemy rates aren't high, you won't meet +10 and +20 weapons at your arrival that seem impossible to achieve.

The team has quite a few years of experience in creating silkorad servers. We are protected and we are supported. Special thanks to our contributors and the protection services!

    NOTE:If you have no idea what to do when there are no events, I will list all the activities that make your MMORPG playing worthwhile.Try to remember what you did back then!- Level up (you will have time to level up)- Trade (gold is something you will always need)- Alchemy (obvious part of the game, fun)- Stall, trade (all the WTS/WTB, everyone likes business)- Quests (to have titles and blue zerk)- PVP (Good old fights at Donwhang, remember?)- Job temple- Fortress war- Capture the flag

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