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 Post subject: Ferbia l We Are Back l 120 CAP l 12DG l CH/EU l 1st Of May
PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:13 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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And hereby I present you:

We are opening our newly polished server: Ferbia online
We have scanned the private silkroad community for a while, and we concluded that actually there is no proper 12D server out there, not without too easy or purely boring content. We prefer the isro-style leveling, so we adjust the rates that you don't actually grow to cap within 30 minutes, though we think of those who don't want to go level 120 on 10x rates. This is not a server for snob people, but we have added many stuff that you may want to see, because many years passed since you saw it. This is not a server where you see edits on every possible corners (this era is long done) - even though we have stuck with a few goergous ideas of content changing - Ferbia online will feel familiar and challenging at the same time. Feel free to join, hundreds of players are already waiting for it.


Links below lead you to the place which is perfect for You if you want to play!


Grand Opening: 1st Of May 18:00 GMT +1

Who we are, actually? Well, really old SRO players and decent server owners. Therefore, I can promse you one thing: this is not EgyptSRO (no offense or racism here!), where you get free plvl/silk/items/etc by default. We like challenge. And we found out that our players like challenge too. So we planned a challenging server which fits the needs of our fan club. (Oh yeah, we have fan club actually. ) So back to us: we are a team of 4, and a few event GMs, who keep in contact with players. The GMs don't actually have any rights apart from spawning monsters and jumping here and there on the map. It happened that we have chosen the wrong person for the GM job. We don't risk this anymore: anyone we choose is either in the team within close reach or has no ability to abuse rights or destroy the server's economy. From our previous servers - based on players' feedbacks - we have chosen a few people who we keep contact with, who regulary report the happenings and find out what the players needs are actually. Of course we have the basic ideas of what makes the players happy, and we don't want to **** up a really good server - many servers go astride when they let the unintelligent players' whining in their ears, and create what the players want to have, often making the life in the server much easier.

That's a huge step to have a pay2play server, and we DO NOT want a server where you can pay for your best character. Purely job and dungeon-based server, where you can feel actually it's Silkroad, not Botroad. And the players who have played our servers know this. We have spread the rumors of Ferbia online (not even ePvP!) and here we are now:


See you on Ferbia after you have checked what does the whole thing look like! :3







⁂ Cap: 120
⁂ Degree: 12D
⁂ Skill cap: 120 (original skills)
⁂ Races: CH / EU
⁂ Main city: Hotan (for the sake of isro times)
⁂ EXP rate: 1st mangyang => lvl7 (~50x, not high, not low)
⁂ Drop rate: high (but prices reduced -> anti-goldbotting)
⁂ SOS rate:* zero (no more full storage of useless nova items)
⁂ SOM rate:* high
⁂ SUN rate:* low
⁂ Gold drop: low enough to prevent goldbotting
⁂ Silk: 1 silk/hour & donation

* These rates apply for 12D drops. As for 11D and below: the rates are high.


»»» Alchemy? Fun! «««

Max plus value: +14 (and you're able to use advanced elixir).
Why? Our players voted for it!


Ps.: the rates are low

+1 ☞ Easy
+2 ☞ Easy
+3 ☞ Easy
+4 ☞ Easy
+5 ☞ Tough
+6 ☞ Tough
+7 ☞ Tough
+8 ☞ Hard
+9 ☞ Hard
+10 ☞ Way lot harder
+11 ☞ Way lot harder
+12 ☞ Way lot harder
+13 ☞ Way lot harder
+14 ☞ Way lot harder
+15 ☞ Impossible (0%)

You can achieve more success with an army of methods, though.



Lucky avatar


Lucky buff


Magic Lucky Powder


Luck stone


Actually, with lucky buff + avatar you can create +7 very easily.
For the rest of the plusses, you need the rest of the extras.


» Not impressed yet? The real stuff is coming. «

※ Play 2 Win! ※
First of all: botting is allowed! Second of all: IP limit is 4 (or 3, not decided yet).
We don't support selfmade 8/8 parties, no matter how cool are they. You have to play co-op, and you are in the finish line! Teamwork is the key for success, not just buying stuff. Of course, silk can help you in many situations, but no matter what, you have to work for your items a LOT. Free best set in 1 week? No, this is a long-term server with real challenges. If you don't like botting, or if you don't have money to support our work (no problem), you can still be one of the best players on the server. Don't believe it? Here's a short list of what you need for success and glory:

⁂ Jupiter temple dungeons
⁂ Forgotten Worlds
⁂ Job areas (NEW!)
⁂ CTF / Battle Arena

Simple, isn't it?

※ Most stable arena coin system ※
Best items can be bought with arena coins - easily obtainable in dungeons, where you don't have to compete for your profit. Why? Because Jupiter temple is an INSTANCE dungeon, where you and your party can enter, and find uniques and elite mobs inside (just like FGW). This way, no one can steal your arena coins.
We did some changes on the new Ferbia we have decided to lock the arena coins to character that means you can't trade/sell them only deposit into the storage.
You only need:
⁂ Time
⁂ Party
⁂ Level 120 character(s)

Of course you can earn coins from CTF and Battle Arena, and actually uniques drop some arena coins too. But if you prefer more efficient (and more risky) ways of arena coin farming, let me introduce you to our job system.

※ Profiting job areas! ※


This, dear player, includes many interesting stuff that makes the server life colorful. The new map, Devil's Garden is home to a few unique job-only feature. The map is only visitable by players in job suit (and no, you cannot go back there with reverse without job suit.), therefore the competition is alive 24/7.
The job area is source of money and arena coins (...therefore money). There are two main features:

⁂ Shorten the trade routes between Hotan - Donwhang - Jangan, allowing the traders to gain money faster.
⁂ Very strong uniques spawn which can only be tackled with party - they drop huge amounts of arena coins.

There are 4 level 140 uniques (yes, level 140). The uniques spawn regularry, and each of them requires at least 4-5 players at a time to be able to kill it. Obviously because this is a job-only area you have to face the opponent faction too, meaning: you have just met that kind of content which can be found in many popular MMORPG's, where you are to deal with PvP and PvE situations at the same time. This makes Ferbia's job system pretty much unique on the private Silkroad market. (NOTE: We have added low amount of these features, given players count. For the same reason, only Hotan fortress is open to ensure proper competition. As the players number will grow, we will adjust the job area and the fortresses as well.)

As for shortening the trade routes: this means you can teleport into the job area, walk to the other town's dedicated teleport and tadaaa, you're in the other town, without actually having to walk the whole distance. The result is much more money much faster (and probably increased number of potential thieves). The teleports are near the trader NPC's in Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan.

※ New RedStorm and BlueStorm weapons ※
So actually... what are the items you are willing to collect as many arena coins as possible? We have inserted a different set of stronger weapons that are actually not THAT way much f*cking stronger than regular 12D sun, but just a bit stronger to worth going for them and just to keep the balance. We have pvped and tested the most of the character types, and based on experiences, we came up with the RedStorm weapons - along with their pairs, the BlueStorm weapons. The difference is only in the look, there is no difference in price or damage at all. We let some color in the game in other channels too. :P Let me show you in a few pictures:

※ 5 types of 12D sun weapons ※
Oh yea, Type 2, Type 3, ..., Type 6. Why? The end-content becomes will very in many ways. You will not see the same weapons everywhere. Though it feels anti-isro, this proved to be a really good practice in our servers, basically to avoid the familiar "another mainstream server" feeling. You can check out the pictures in the gallery about the weapons we have in our server. (Note: The non-existent "Type 1" is the regular 12D that drops from monsters.^^)

[to be updated tomorrow]

※ 1-12D armors / weapons / accesories in npc ※
Up to 12D we have all the basic items in NPC, so if you are a wizard, you will not necessarily die every few levels. Could come in handy, but of course if you prefer the iSRO way, just ignore this feature and go drop all your items, which will be obviously better than the one you see in NPCs. Pictures? All right, here they are.

※ PvP Arena (Party buffing allowed!) ※
As Hotan is the main city of the game, it causes time and computing energy to go to another town just to pvp. Pvp Arena is accessible from a separated teleport in Hotan. The place is big.


We had sooooooooooo much trouble about unfair pvp, making other peoples pvp impossible because some are raging zerk deviling everyone, or simply grouping up with people and buffing eachother, which result in the Great War IV at the city gates - and of course tremendous crying. Thus: we allow it! But nowhere else it is legal. Only in the pvp arena. The arena is actually big enough for many players, so if you don't want to participate in the group version of PvP, just go to the edge. Or go to Donwhang south.

※ Yellow title quest ※
You can't miss this feature if you are playing on a server of ours - ever gone unique killing 35 times just because the zerk title is incredibly rare to see? And you don't have to pay for it (unlike other servers where yellow zerk titles are only sold for silk). You can get the quests from the quest NPC in the middle of Hotan.


※ Extra features ※
(Stuff that are actually under construction.)
⁂ Support Bot system
⁂ Unique rank system
⁂ Job rank system (almost done) [pic]
⁂ A list of tiny things that make the server better


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