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New PServer AlexusSro!!!Cap 100|Old Trade System|Silk/hour
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Author:  AlexusSro [ Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  New PServer AlexusSro!!!Cap 100|Old Trade System|Silk/hour

Hello SilkroadFans,

we are currently a new Community and opened a new Server called AlexusSro for you.
Our server AlexusSro is very close to the Isro and we know it made very fun to make pvp/trades in 10D thats why we opened one for u.
We wanna get the old beautiful Fights back


Experience Rate : 15x

Party Expernience Rate : 20x

Gold Drop rate : 3x

Item Drop rate : 3x

Alchemy Rate
: 1x Its so low cuz we wanna have fun in pvp

IP Limit : 3

Weapon/Equipment Plus Limit : +15 (With ADV +17)

Starter Items

Fortress War : Jangan , Bandit, Hotan Available


With the old Trade System and sure the rate for the goods is 20x :).

Sure is our server not a Pay 2 Win server. U get 2 Silks for every Hour that u are online :)

Races : China / Europe

SOX Weapons/Equipment/Accesory are buyable in shop only in Jangan.

SOX Weapons China

SOX Weapons Euro

SOX Shield China

SOX Shield Euro

SOX Equip China

SOX Equip Euro

SOX Accessory China

SOX Accessory Euro

Silk Items are buyable with gold like Magic Pop Cards, Premium, Immortal, Astrals too.



Magic Pop Cards

Premium Ticket

Some of these items are only available if u got Gold Coins. But u can get them with gold too.

Gold Coins

There shouldn┬┤t be a problem to get all these stuff. You just have to play active and do a lot Job Activity┬┤s, cuz the job rate is x20.

No Senseless Edits on the Server we tried to keep all default like we know the old good Classic Silkroad!

And sure we are Working on Auto Events like Hide and Seek and Unique Events etc. Stay tuned

Visit us : AlexusSRO

Register : AlexusSRO

We would appreciate to see you guys soon on the Server. Become a AlexusSro Gamer :)

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