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 Post subject: RAA | Play-Sro | Cap 110 | CH/EU | 1 Silk/hour | PC limit |
PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:24 am 
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[*] Start Items:-
Everyone can be good but to be special is hard, we will be sending the best start up item’s you will ever meet at any silk road server’s hope you all have a good start and much fun.


[*] Auto Equipment:-
We're adding auto equipment system to make sure you won't have much troubles early on in the server and you can start grinding for your gear without tough suffering,also to help you leveling up faster.
Your items will change automatically when you reach the level for the next degree,it'll be normal +3 / 3 INT / 3 STR
It works from degree 1 up to degree 9


[*] Achieving The Max Level:-

The first 50 Players which reach lvl 110 will get 300 Silk!


[*] Academy Establishment:-

The requirements to create a Guardian House are simple. You must be a Chinese or European character above level 60, and it costs 100k to establish. You can only create one establishment per character. You establish your guardian house at the storage npc in each town.

[*] Academy Registration:-

Academy registration works much like the party match system. The guardian lists his/her Guardian House into the Guardian Registration System to easily enlist apprentices. Anyone level 1-39 can join a Guardian House. The maximum number of apprentices is 5, and the guardian can have a maximum of two Guardian Apprentices between level 40-59. You are unable to register to more than one guardian house at a time, and you can leave at any time, but there is a 24-hour penalty. You cannot rejoin an academy or create one within 24-hours of leaving. All members of a guardian house will be shown as red dots on the world map, so don't assume that your guardian won't know where you are at all times.

[*] Graduation Day:-

Upon reaching level 40, a character may graduate themselves from the Guardian House. When an apprentice graduates, they receive 50% of the experience needed to reach level 41, and the guardian receives honor points based on the rating left by the apprentice. The rating ranges from Very Satisfied, to the lowest, Very Unsatisfied. The guardian only receives honor points if the apprentice was below level 30 upon entering the Guardian House. All players who join at 31+ will not give any honor points upon their graduation.

[*] Looking for volunteers!:-

I am looking for level 60+ players, all servers are welcome to participate. I want level 60+ players to help me by posting their questions and findings about the guardianship.

[*] Forgotten World:-

These are required to obtain 1x Weapon/Shield Egy-A:

boken key
large tong
phantom harp
Evil's heart
Vindictive spirit's bead
hook hand
Commander's patch
Sereness's tears


[*] Unique Job Temple

Selket - Guardian of the dead. At half-human, half scorpion. This is the weakest of all the Egyptians Unique. Its level is 105, you can find an in Job Temple


Neith - The Egyptian goddess of war and hunting. Again, this is a weak Egyptian unique monster. Its level is 106, is situated in the Job Temple

everydays from 12:30 ~ 14:30
everydays from 17:30 ~ 19:30

Play Sro Standard Time.


Anubis - It is ancient Egyptian master the underworld and patron mummified. This is a man with a jackal's head. Its level is 107, located in the Job Temple


Isis - The Egyptian goddess, sister and wife of the god Osiris. Its level is 108, located in the Job Temple

everydays from 14:30 ~ 16:30
everydays from 20:30 ~ 22:30

Play Sro Standard Time.


Haroeris - One of the most powerful Egyptian gods of the underworld. Of all the Egyptian Unique has the most lives (255 million HP), his attack is huge and you can not hide from him. Its level is 109


Seth - It is the supreme Egyptian god of the underworld. Although it looks like easy, it is a very strong and dangerous opponent. It has an extreme amount of lives, its level is 110, you will only tehn when they are killed all the other Egyptian Unique in Job Temple.

everydays from 16:30 ~ 18:30
everydays from 21:30 ~ 23:30

Play Sro Standard Time.

[*] Reward Uniques!:-

  • Tiger Girl
    Reward: 2 Silk
  • Cerberus
    Reward: 2 Silk
  • Captain Ivy
    Reward: 2 Silk
  • Uruchi
    Reward: 3 Silk
  • Isyutaru
    Reward: 4 Silk
  • Lord Yarkan
    Reward: 5 Silk
  • Demon Shaitan
    Reward: 6 Silk
  • Roc
    Reward: 20 Silk
  • BeakYung The White Viper
    Reward: 20 Silk
  • Neith
    Reward: 10 Silk
  • Selket
    Reward: 10 Silk
  • Isis
    Reward: 10 Silk
  • Anubis
    Reward: 10 Silk
  • Haroeris
    Reward: 20 Silk
  • Seth
    Reward: 20 Silk



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