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 Post subject: TiTANONLINE | 110 CAP | D11 | EU&CH | OLD SCHOOL| VOTE4SILK
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:30 am 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Opening Date - Time : 01.06.2019 08:00 PM. / 20:00 ( Server Time )

[GALLERY=title: Titans Sro ][*]video:[/GALLERY]

[B]• L I N K S •



    Rates | Value
    [B]Level Cap | 110
    [B]Mastery Cap | 330/220
    [B]Race | Chinese / Europe.
    [B]Race Balanced | Enabled
    [B]Guild/Union Emblem | Working.
    [B]CTF| Enabled
    [B]Battle Arena| Enabled
    [B]Fortress War | Jangan Only !.
    [B]Fortress War Time | Friday - 20:00 PM .
    [B]Forgotten World | Enabled
    [B]Academey Old System | Enabled
    [B]Advanced Elixirs | Enabled
    [B]Magic Pop | Enabled
    [B]Fellow Pets | Enabled
    [B]Egy A Gear | Enabled
    [B]Egy B Gear | Enabled
    [B]Solo Exp/Sp rate | 300x
    [B]Party Exp/Sp rate | 350x
    [B]Drop rate | 150x
    [B]Gold Rate | 150x
    [B]SOX Drop rate | 150x
    [B]Alchemy Rate | 1x.
    [B]Max Plus | 12 NO ADV
    [B]Glow Effect | ISRO
    [B]Silk / Hour | Enabled
    [B]Vote4Silk | Enabled
    [B]DDoS / Exploit Protection | Yes


[list=]Limits| Count
[B]PC Limit | 6
[B]FW PC Limit | 1
[B]Job PC Limit | 2
[B]CTF PC Limit | 1
[B]BA PC Limit | 1
[B]Guild Limit | 50
[B]Union Limit | 8[/list]


[B]? Auto Equipment | From degree 1 to 10.


HOW I CAN GET NOVA ITEMS?B]From mobs lv 106 ~ 110

From mobs lv 101-105



[B]Drop Arena From Uniques Normal


Actually you know that this system from isro. (Job temple & HWT)


Isis & Anubis | 15:00/21:00 | Gold Coin
Selket & Neith | 13:00/18:00 | Silver Coin
Haroeris | 17:00/22:00 | Gold Coin

•The other different experience of our Titan server is Forgotten World. It is a map that you can access it through Dimension Holes which can be obtained by cutting Envy monsters in Dimension Pillars.

You can enter the Forgotten World from the door opened by you in Dimension Holes. In Forgotten World, you can obtain collection items named talismans by cutting Mysterious uniques or opening hidden treasure chests. As soon as you collect all the talismans for a certain book, you can exchange them with 11DG Weapons.




[B]•You can get the egy shield "A" by killing Ghost Sereness "Boss"


[FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="2"]Auto Events[/SIZE][/FONT]
[TABLE]Trivia | 10 silk
H&S | 10 silk
Alchemy | 20 silk
Kill GM | 20 Silk
Uniques |1/ 10 Silk
Pvp | 25 Silk
Lucky party number | 10 silk

[B]Language Support

[B]#Turkish Support
[B]#Arabish Support
[B]#English Support
[B]#Romanian Support

[B]Last Update

[SPOILER][B]New Color Plus, Glow Nova , Effect Weapon

Thanks SilkroadForums

Join Us Best Server Old School

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