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 Post subject: Aroux Online★Cap 90★EU&CH★PVE★Original System 04.21.2020
PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 7:11 am 
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[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][COLOR="orange"]Greetings Silkroad Community![/COLOR]
We know most of you have been looking for a reliable server to play with your friends and enjoy original content. We're honored to present you Aroux Online, created for all the players in search of an Exciting adventure, Experience. We proudly present our 90 Cap PVE Server.

Aroux Online is a Silkroad Private server, brings the old days back smoothly with low rates.

What do we provide?
We provide original system old-school.

Why you should play Aroux?
Simply , Because We have built a server you know every single detail in it, all you're looking for is a stable, bugless, professional team and original gameplay.

What makes us different?
Nowadays all private servers useing new GUIs, Over rates, Weird items, Scrolls, Effects etc. We believe in those private servers should provide the old days that we lived before in Silkroad online! So we developed our server based on original system with enjoyable touch.

Bots are available Mbot,Sbot,Phbot?
Oui, Sbot are available and working perfectly fine without any errors or missed xyz.

Grand opening:
After we have made sure that all of the server functions are working properly during the past months to give you a smooth start without beta phases, Aroux Online Launch date is 21th, April 2020.

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

Cap 90 is the closest to the hearts and many players love it.
It's old and not new which means that the players who like old school can adapt to it.

Mastery limit is 270 for CH and 180 for EU, It will be epic competition between both races.

We decided to set the guild limit as 50 with 3 Unions for a great competitions and challenges.
Guild level Starts lv.5 immediately when you create it, Union Chat for all Members.

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]


[SIZE="2"]Cap\Degree | Cap 90\ D9
Exp\Sp | Medium (6~7 Days to reach the maximum level)
Gold Drop | Medium
Equipment Drop | Medium
Elixirs Drop | Medium
Stones Drop |Medium
Alchemy | Good(More information below)
Job rates | Medium(More information below)
Silk\Hour | Enabled (1 Silk\ 1H)
Magic POP | Enabled (Medium rate)
Capture The Flag | Enabled
Roc Gate | Disabled
Fortress war | Hotan As a begin
Titan invasion | Disabled
Captcha | Disabled
Max Plus | 12 (ADV Used)
Devil Plus | Disbaled
Players Capacity |1000 (Scalable if needed)
PC Limit | 3
Auto Equipment| Enabled until 8 Degree
Guild Limit | 50
Union Limit | 2
Guild & Union Emblems | Disabled
Forgotten World | Disbaled
Academy | Enabled
Botting allowed | (Sbot) working fine[/SIZE][/TABLE]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

[TABLE][SIZE="2"]PC Limit | You can only have 3 characters per HWID.
Job Limit | You can only have 2 character per HWID wearing job suit.
FW Limit | You can only have 2 character per HWID inside the Fortress War.[/SIZE][/TABLE]

[CENTER][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][COLOR="Orange"]We have in Aroux only three currencies.[/COLOR]

[TABLE][SIZE="2"]Gold | Can be obtained with huge amounts by doing trades and plvl after 10 lvl u get gold all gold in lvl 90=200Milion.
Silk | Can be obtained by 1 Silk\1 Hour.[/SIZE][/TABLE]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG][/CENTER]

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][COLOR="Orange"]We have [B]3 types of SOX items.[/COLOR][/B]
1. Seal of Star [COLOR="orange"](SOS)[/COLOR] = Drop rate %5
2. Seal of Moon [COLOR="orange"](SOM)[/COLOR] = Drop rate %4
3. Seal of Sun [COLOR="orange"](SUN)[/COLOR]= Drop rate %3[/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT]

Magic Pop
Can get item sun from Magic POP.


[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG][/CENTER]

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][COLOR="Orange"][SIZE="3"]Academy Graduation[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Apprentices can graduate the academy once the character reaches Level 40(Guardian Assistant Level 60), through academy UI (hotkey L).
Graduate button is activated when a character reaches the limit level (Apprectice Level 40, Guardian Assistant Level 60)Character is graduated by clicking graduate button from academy UI (hotkey L)There will be graduate information about graduated character with character name on guardian° system window when apprectice is graduated. Guardian evaluation window will pop when graduation is proceeded.[/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT]

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Honor Grade is renewed 1st~50th rank on recent evaluation points and time and rank information of 1st~50th can be checked from the storage NPC. Ranks will be renewed every day at 00:00 am, server standard time and in case of the same points, rank will be decided by earlier collected points. Additional experience points are awarded by renewed honor grade.
You must receive minimum of 10 points to be ranked on honor rank and even you were ranked on honor rank before, you will be eliminated from the rank if you have less than 10 points because of minus evaluation.


[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]In the fortress, it is allowed for occupying guilds to produce items relevant to the fortress wars, train different transportation measures, and enjoy comfort rest.
The fortress war takes place on every Sunday 21:00~23:30 (Aroux Standard Time).
A guild winning the fortress war is entitled to occupy the fortress for one week.
A guild occupying a fortress is allowed to fix tax rate during the week, and levy taxes.[/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT]


[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

Aroux Team ;)


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