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 Post subject: Laonar Online | CAP 80 | CH ONLY | Old School | New Garden |
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2022 4:48 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Our version of a perfect server. So much time was invested into developing and implementing features into Laonar Online to create the perfect old school and enjoyable server. We spent hours and hours testing every single feature we implemented into our game. We strive to become one of the best private Silkroad servers ever created. We've implemented many features to provide the players with best game play and extreme excitement and to make sure that no one get's bored playing while playing Laonar Online. We've based the server on extreme jobbing and questing, and we've also made unique hunting very important.

We're offering you the best 80 cap server out there! We plan to make sure that Laonar Online exceeds your imagination! Our team is very cooperative, very helpful, friendly and most importantly adults. We grew up playing Silkroad. As of right now there is no server that can provide you with the best game play features to bring those old school feelings back. None other than Laonar Online!

Our main goal is to be able to provide you with the best long-term system and features! We are also going to update every once in a while with new features to refresh the game play and to keep the server even more alive and active! Just as we've been working silently and improving our game even further, we'll always be working in the background and looking for ways to improve Laonar Online even more!. We listen to every suggestion, feel free to post any suggestion you have!

We spent most of our time developing in a closed beta phase with very limited and selected people. The next phase is going to be the open beta and we are going to need you guys to test our awesome and cool features that we've implemented into Laonar Online. The next phase is going to be what you guys do best and that's test out every single feature! And informing us with what bugs you face and everything that might bring trouble later during the official game play! Please continue reading to understand our server features better!
During the Open Beta, a special NPC will be available in Donwhang near the spawn point with every item needed to test the game! Send a message with FB5 to yourself or anyone and your items will be automatically +5 and FB max with 61% stats. Max Plus during Beta will be +7.


[GALLERY=title: Video Teaser]
[*]video:, title: Laonar Online Video Teaser


[TABLE="head"] Information | Input
Exp/SP Rate|20x
Party Exp/SP Rate|25x
Drop Rate|Medium
Alchemy Rate|1x
Job Rate|80x
Max Plus|12
Capture the Flag |Enabled
Battle Arena|Enabled
Enabled regions| Hotan - Donwhang - Jangan.
Fortress War| Only Jangan - Every Sunday
Auto Equipment| From degree 1 to degree 7
Magic POP|Enabled
PC Limit|2
Silk per hour|1 - Active at level 80
Stall Limit|100B
Auto Events|Yes
PVP Cape| Old and new
Guild Limit|32
Union Limit|2
Union Chat Limit|32
Purification Pills Bug|[COLOR="Red"]Fixed


  • 10 Reverses
  • 20 Return Scrolls
  • 10 Speed Drugs 100%
  • Rabbit Grab Pet 3 days
  • 300,000 SP
  • 500,000 Gold
  • 1K HP/MP Potions
  • Devil Wing Dress
  • 100%% Exp. Helper
  • 60% Exp. Helper
  • 3 Inventory Pages




New Titles:
  • We created tons of titles for you choose from and to also give you the ability to add that little extra sexiness for your character, also you can save more than one title and change between them all you have to do just read How to use on the scroll notice!
[SPOILER=Titles Shop]

Guild starts with level 5:
We wanted to make it easier for you so instead of wasting your skill points in order to upgrade your guild, you are going to get a guild with 5 levels instantly!

Job/Guild penalty:
We made a penalty of 3 days for leaving your job or guild, it's pretty much fair to have a penalty for doing such a thing and it will also prevent a lot of troubles!

Fellow Pets:
  • We added new and glorious attack pets that everyone wants! Choose your favorite companion and go to battle!
[SPOILER=Fellow pets]

Old School and New School Capes:


Items sell price:
Any item degree 8 can only be sold for 50,000 gold in order to prevent gold botters and to offer a fair game-play.

[SPOILER=Sell Prices]

We added every avatar old school and new school, choosing your avatar is going to be difficult with the amount of avatars we have! We have Avatars in the Item Mall Avatars NPC other than the Item mall it self. You can find the Avatars NPC near Donwhang Teleport.
[GALLERY=title: Avatars]
[*]image:, title: Tab 1
[*]image:, title: Tab 2
[*]image:, title, Tab 3
[*]image:, title, Tab 4
New Scrolls:

[IMG=expandable: 1, float: left][/IMG]
Lottery Silk:
  • you can buy this lottery from item mall for 20 silks,once using it you may win amount of silk.
[IMG=expandable: 1, float: left][/IMG]
Skill Reset Scroll:
  • Resets all of your masteries and skills back to and, you'll be given the skill point back! Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!.
[IMG=expandable: 1, float: left][/IMG]
Stats Reset Scroll:
  • Resets your Int/Str points to 0 and gives you the points back to add them to either Str or Int. Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!
[IMG=expandable: 1, float: left][/IMG]
Name Change Scroll:
  • Gives you the ability to change your character name to a different one just by clicking this scroll! Upon use, you'll be disconnected and upon connecting you'll have to choose a new nickname to log in!
[IMG=expandable: 1, float: left][/IMG]
Job Penalty Remover:
  • Removes your job penalty just by clicking this scroll. Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!
[IMG=expandable: 1, float: left][/IMG]
Guild Penalty Remover:
  • Removes your guild penalty just by clicking this scroll. Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!

Silk Scrolls:
We added Silk Scrolls to make buying and selling Silks a lot easier to deal with, and also to add a little balance to the system.


Luck Scroll:
It is a special scroll that gives you 5% luck increase, and it lasts for 10 minutes, it's a really useful scroll that can be gained by killing distinguished uniques which are the job uniques!

[IMG=expandable: 1, float: left][/IMG]
New Skills:
  • Each skill requires 100m sp, to get [COLOR="Red"]Skill points you need to collect them from dungeons drop and few uniques Skill points scroll that gives you random Skill points.









There will be a total of 3 different seals. Seal of Star | Seal of Moon | Seal of Sun

[table]SoS is +1.5 higher than normal last tier items.
Moon is +2.5 higher than normal last tier items.
Sun is +4 higher than normal last tier items.
Seal of star: dropable from monsters and uniques starting from lv 64 above.
Seal of Moon:You can purchase Moon equipment from the NPC located in donwhang. However, you can only buy Moon accessories,Equipment from the shop.
Seal of Sun: will be enabled later more information will be givin when the time comes [/LEFT]

[GALLERY=title: SOX System]
[*]Image:, title: Normal
[*]Image:, title: SoS
[*]Image:, title: Moon
[*]Image:, title: Sun

How to get moon items,accessorys,weapon first type:
We have fabricated a really fascinating way to get moon items, you are able to get moon weapon from fgw and getting moon clothes and accessorys from shop located in donwhang.[/INDENT][/INDENT]


Thief: Receives 3 Job Points per trade but the lowest gold from the triangular job system.
Hunter: Receives 1 Job Point for every trader in party and 30% of a 5 star trade gold.
Trader: Receives 2 Job Points for every trade sold and a well balanced amount of gold.
You can only job for 100 Job Points a week!
You can check your Job Points by opening the item mall (F10)
You have to re-log in-order to see your new Job Points balance.

Honor Buffs:
Are considered Job Buffs now, they can only be obtained through Jobbing. In order to receive the honors buffs you must register from any storage "Job Establishment". You can only gain the following buffs from Job Experience.
The Honor Buff ranking is the following:
3 King Buffs
4 Gold Buffs
4 Silver Buffs
5 Bronze Buffs


Wanted Buff Wings:
We implemented the Wanted Buff Wings feature to increase jobbing activity. With the Wanted Buff Wings being here, you can gain the buff only through killing people during jobbing. And you can only kill the same player once!
Wanted Buff Wings Lv 1 = 18 kills in a row!
Wanted Buff Wings Lv 2 = 3[/LEFT]5 kills in a row!



Permanent Buffs:
We added a particular system that permits you to use enduring buffs that continue for a lot of time so you won't be needing to reuse the buffs in everytime you teleport or die in, of course, special buffs such as snow shield aren't included.
Job Uniques will have the following drops:

[TABLE="head"] Uniques | Drops
Selket | Global / Immortal / Astral / Reverse / Luck Scroll
Neith | Global / Immortal / Astral / Reverse / Luck Scroll
Isis | Global / Immortal / Astral / Reverse / Luck Scroll
Anubis | Global / Immortal / Astral / Reverse/ Luck Scroll [/TABLE]
Silk Per Hour for the first week is going to be 2 Silk Per Hour, after the first week it's going back to 1 Silk Per Hour which is the regular.


The top 50 players first: 10 players gets 300 silks,second: 20 players get 200 silks,third: last 20 players gets 100 silks

Battle Arena: Is every 2 hours.
Normal Uniques: Spawn every 2 hour from the time that they're killed.
Thief Boss Kalia: Spawns every 8 hours.
Job Uniques: Spawn at 6:00 | 12:00 | 16:00 | 00:00 (SERVER TIME)


You'll be able to teleport to the following locations:
Devil's Garden.
Kalia Field.
[GALLERY=title: Teleport Area]
[*]image:, title: Teleport Area
Job Cave:
Monsters and Uniques inside the Job Cave have a higher rate of dropping items than any other monsters anywhere in the game. Also Magic pop cards can drop from monsters inside here but has a low rate.[/CENTER]
[GALLERY=title: Job Cave]
[*]image:, title: Job Cave

New look for the Elixirs:


New Max Stacks:


Skill Changes:
[TABLE="head"]Skills | Changes
Image Weaken|Nerfed to 60% Probablity
Image Importent|Nerfed to 60% Probability
Image Decay|Nerfed to 60% Probability
Image V S - Spirit|Nerfed Slightly
Image V S - Muscle|Nerfed Slightly
Image Force Cures|Now overlap
Image Picheon Passive|Image
Image Devil Arrow|Has Fear probability now
Image Snow|Only for Int now
Image Lightning Speed|Increased to 105%

Devil Spirit Changes:
Devil S Nerfed from 20% to 8%. Normal Devil nerfed from 10% to 5%.



Normal Uniques ranging from Tiger Girl to Demon Shaitan will drop the following drops!
Tiger Girl |Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral
Cerberus |Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral
Captain Ivy |Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral
Uruchi |Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral
Isyutaru|Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral
Lord Yarkan|Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral
Demon Shaitan|Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral
Selket / Neith / Isis / Anubis|Reverse / Global / Immortal / Astral

[SPOILER=Temple Uniques]


Fatigue Event:
An event which is all about timing and challenging, once the event is announced, you will have to buy a dimension from Donwhang grocery, then you will be able to join the world which the event starts in, there will be a unique that spawns monsters, all you have to do is to kill the monsters and collect the tickets that drop, the winners are the players that collect the highest number of tickets by the ending of the event, there will be 3 STR winners and 3 INT ones so that will guarantee the balance between the 2 types of characters and they will receive silks and escape the maze event!

Just Survive:
this is an new event you have to be the last one survive to win it
this how it works,once the event notice appear you will be able to register
in the event once it started you will teleport to an area against 3 Evil mangyang they're powerfull and one shot any one you have to survive against this mobs till the end.

Basic event:
all the basic events like trivia,hide and seek,lucky number party,alchemy,lucky staller,re-arrange will be available also.

[COLOR="Red"]Our Auto Events will start after 1 week from the Grand Opening, we want everyone to reach level 80 and get good gears before we enable our Auto Events!


Like and Share Event: We're going to host a Like and Share Event on our Facebook page from time to time. The prize is going to be 300 silks and there will be 3 winners! To participate in our Like and Share event, you'll have to Like and Share the post on our Facebook to enroll in the event!
You can enter Share Event from [url=""]HERE![/url]

Signature & Discord Event: Use our signature and win 50 silks after the Grand Opening! Be sure to comment below with your char name and the Signature available as well!
Also by joining our [url=""]Discord[/url], you will receive 100 silk for free in exchange!



Team Members
[table=head]Username - epvp|Join Date - epvp|Nickname|Position - PServer
---|---|Tersa| Developer


[Table="head"]SRO File| Hash
[url=""]silkroad.exe[/url] |e17853e3fb61d649414a66f8047124d8133ade70c863077d116abd6457ba4461
[url=""]sro_client.exe[/url] | b2239ee0a87424365a7a99ad0aeebb8d51fd03e96f7fb02f911eaef4d8af03e2

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