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 Post subject: NCSRO.COM | 140 Cap | ISRO-R | New Features | Custom Events
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:24 pm 
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Official Links (NCSRO)

Website =
Community =
Discord =

SilkNation | Introduction

ISRO-R, Cap 140, New Features, Stable Server, Original Play, Macro System, Classic Game, Free2Play, Custom Events,
Medium Rates, Bot Allowed, Multi Client, PVP, PVE, PVM, Vote4Us, Active/H, Unique4Hunt, Job Activity, Great Support.

SilkNation | Purpose

Yes, there are other servers out here. We know that well, but there isn't any server like this, right? That's the difference.

~ Why you should play here? Do you know ISRO-R? We have great news for you! You can play NCSRO with ISRO-R Files.
~ "Wait, what? I can play ISRO-R and don't have to wait to login?" - YES!
~ Game have Macro System. What this mean? You can Auto-Potion, Auto-Skills and Auto-Hunt. You can use RsBot also.

SilkNation | VirusTotal

SRO_Client.exe ... /detection

Replacer.exe ... /detection

Silkroad.exe ... /detection

SilkNation | Gameplay

SilkNation | Server Status (Online)

Game Launch Date (Official Start) = 30.12.2022 — 22:00 (GMT+3)

SilkNation | Launcher


SilkNation | Multi Language


SilkNation | Login Screen


SilkNation | Secondary Password


SilkNation | Information

^ Level Cap 140
^ Skill Cap 140
^ Monster Cap 140
^ Pet Cap 140
^ Gear Cap 15 Degree
^ Race CH & EU
^ CH-Mastery 280
^ EU-Mastery 280
^ Experience 100x
^ Party Exp 150x
^ Drop Rate 75x
^ Gold Drop 25x
^ Job Rates 50x
^ Magic Pop Disabled
^ Sox Ratio 5x
^ Alchemy 2x
^ Capture The Flag Enabled
^ Battle Arena Enabled
^ Honor Academy Disabled
^ Advanced Elixirs Disabled
^ Forgotten World YES (8x)
^ Stone Success Rate 80%
^ Max Plus+15 (Weapon) & +12 (Other Items)
^ PC Limit 10 Multi Clients
^ IP Limit 10 Multi Clients
^ Region Block None
^ Fortress War Jangan, Bandit, Hotan, Constantinople
^ Working Bot Macro System, RsBot, phBot
^ Event System Yes (+Special Days)
^ Auto Equipment None
^ Origin Romania (Europe)
^ Game International
^ Server Files ISRO-R

SilkNation | Alchemy

* (+1) 100% — Chance
* (+2) 90% — Chance
* (+3) 80% — Chance
* (+4) 70% — Chance
* (+5) 60% — Chance
* (+6) 50% — Chance
* (+7) 40% — Chance
* (+8) 30% — Chance
* (+9) 20% — Chance
* (+10) 10% — Chance
* (+11) 05% — Chance
* (+12) 03% — Chance

SilkNation | Start Items + 250K (SP)


SilkNation | New Start System

This system prevent goldbots and help low-level players who have difficulty to gather gold.

— Gold will not drop from monsters 70 and below.
— Pots, Arrows, Bolts Free till level 71.
— 3 types of Tokens will drop. These Tokens can be used to exchange items with the Valuables Dealer NPC.
— There are 3 types of Tokens (Monk Token 1~3D, Soldier Token 4~5D & General Token 6~8D).
— Tokens can be traded for other Tokens.
— 3 Monk’s Token can be traded with Soldier’s Token. 3 Soldier’s Token can be traded with General’s Token.
— A new type of elixir called ‘Unfinished elixir’ is dropped for 1~8 Degree Items. Normal Elixirs are dropped for 9~10d Items.
— Alchemy Tablets are not dropped but materials and elements that are needed for their production can be acquired.
— Goods Supplier NPC has been applied.
— Equipment is provided to players who are under level 70 by Goods Supplier NPC.
— Expendables are provided by Medicine Supplier. (HP/MP Potion, Universal Pill, Purification Pill, Arrows, Bolts)

SilkNation | Macro System


SilkNation | Battery Buffs


SilkNation | Item Mall (Web)


SilkNation | Pet Filter


SilkNation | Reverse Return


SilkNation | Sox System

* 11 Degree (Seal Of Nova) = Alexandria Mobs (Drop) & Genie Magic Lamp (Quest) & All Uniques (Random Drop)
* 11 Degree (Egy Weapon) = Forgotten World (Collection) & Jupiter Uniques (Drop) & Baghdad Uniques (Drop Forgotten Cards) & Magic Lamp (Quest)
* 11 Degree (Egy Shield) = Forgotten World (Uniques), Jupiter Uniques (Drop), Genie Magic Lamp (Quest), Medusa Drop (30%), Roc, Death Bone (80%)
* 11 Degree (Egy Set) = Holy Water Temple (Job Coins) & Job Temple Alexandria (Uniques) & Mirror Dimension (Jupiter Uniques) & Genie Lamp Quest
* 11 Degree (Egy Acc) = Arena Item Manager (25 Scarlet Coin Copper, 25 Scarlet Coin Bronze, 25 Scarlet Coin Silver, 25 Scarlet Coin Gold)

— 11 Degree (Stones) = Alexandria Mobs 100-110 (Normal Drop)
— 11 Degree (Elixirs) = Alexandria Mobs 100-110 (Normal Drop)
— 11 Degree (Awaken) = Alexandria Mobs 100-110 (Normal Drop)

~ 12 Degree (Seal Of Magic) = Upgrade 11 Degree Normal (+7) & Genie Magic Lamp (Quest) & Jupiter Temple Uniques (Drop) & Baghdad Uniques (Drop)
~ 12 Degree (Seal Of Rare) = Upgrade 11 Degree Nova (+7) & Genie Magic Lamp (Quest) & Jupiter Mirror Dimension Mobs (Drop) & Baghdad Mobs (Drop)
~ 12 Degree (Seal Of Legend) = Upgrade 11 Degree Any Egy (+7) & Genie Magic Lamp (Quest) & Jupiter Temple Uniques (Drop) & Baghdad Uniques (Drop)

— 12 Degree (Stones) = Jupiter Mirror Dimension Mobs 111-115 (Normal Drop)
— 12 Degree (Enhancers) = Jupiter Mirror Dimension Mobs 111-120 (Normal Drop)
— 12 Degree (Awaken) = Jupiter Mirror Dimension Mobs 111-120 (Normal Drop)

— 12 Degree (Proof Stones) = Event So Ok (Ice Cream)

13 Degree (Seal Of Magic) = Upgrade 12 Degree Magic (+7) & Genie Magic Lamp (Quest)
13 Degree (Seal Of Rare) = Upgrade 12 Degree Rare (+7) & Genie Magic Lamp (Quest)
13 Degree (Seal Of Legend) = Upgrade 12 Degree Legend & (+7) Genie Magic Lamp (Quest)

— 13 Degree (Stones) = Jupiter Mirror Dimension Mobs 115-120 (Normal Drop)
— 13 Degree (Enhancers) = Jupiter Mirror Dimension Mobs 111-120 (Normal Drop)
— 13 Degree (Awaken) = Job Temple Uniques, Item Mall (Premium)

— 13 Degree (Proof Stones) = Event So Ok (Lucky Box)

14 Degree (Seal Of Magic) = Upgrade 13 Degree Magic (+7)
14 Degree (Seal Of Rare) = Upgrade 13 Degree Rare (+7)
14 Degree (Seal Of Legend) = Upgrade 13 Degree Legend (+7)

— 14 Degree (Stones) = Baghdad Mobs 121-125 (Normal Drop)
— 14 Degree (Enhancers) = Baghdad Mobs 121-130 (Normal Drop)
— 14 Degree (Awaken) = Jupiter Temple Uniques, Item Mall (Premium)

— 14 Degree (Proof Stones) = Target Trading, Item Mall (Premium)

15 Degree (Seal Of Magic) = Upgrade 14 Degree Magic (+7)
15 Degree (Seal Of Rare) = Upgrade 14 Degree Rare (+7)
15 Degree (Seal Of Legend) = Upgrade 14 Degree Legend (+7)

— 15 Degree (Stones) = Baghdad Mobs 126-130 (Normal Drop)
— 15 Degree (Enhancers) = All Uniques (Special Drop)

— 15 Degree (Proof Stones) = Shadow Uniques (Special Drop), Item Mall (Premium)
— Wheels (Fate, Fortune, Feather) = Baghdad Uniques (Special Drop)

@ Cooper Coin — Capture the Flag
@ Bronze Coin — Target Trading (Casual Trading)
@ Silver Coin — Dungeon of Ferocious Uniques (Unique Drops)
@ Gold Coin — Survival Arena (Survival Arena Manager)

~ Sox Glows = Original Silkroad Glows (No Over-Edited)

SilkNation | Capture The Flag

Rewards (CTF)

3 x Magic stone of Str (Lv10)
3 x Magic stone of Int (Lv10)
3 x Skillpoint Scroll
3 x Weapon Elixir (Lv10)
2 x Shield Elixir (Lv10)
2 x Armor Elixir (Lv10)
2 x Accessory Elixir (Lv10)
2 x Lucky Magic Powder (10th)
2 x Trigger Scroll
2 x Strength Scroll
1 x Mental Scroll
1 x Magic stone of Astral (Lv10)
1 x Magic stone of Immortal (Lv10)
1 x Magic POP card
1 x Premium Magic POP card
2 x 10% damage/absorb increase scroll
2 x Scarlet Coin (Cooper)
1 x Chamber of Vicious Shadows Entrance Ticket

* Note = 1 Reward = 10 Tickets. Reward will be random.

SilkNation | Survival Arena Party

SilkNation | Union Party Ticket

SilkNation | Consignment Trading

SilkNation | FAQs About Jobbing (Created by Dorand)

Q: How do I select my job?
A: In login screen, when you choose a character you will see a button for it.

Q: How do I create an alias?
A: You have to find Smuggler NPC if you are a thief or Trader in opposite case.

Q: How do I get my job suit?
A: As already explained earlier, you will drop Tokens from mobs to buy sun gears till D8, same tokens can also be used to buy job suits from Valuables Dealer NPC next to those Medicine/Goods Supplier NPCs.

Q: How do I get Job Level?
A: Killing monsters also grant you Job Experience, keep killing monsters. Higher level mob means higher job experience just like level grinding.

Q: My job level follows one or two steps behind my main level, is this normal?
A: It is totally normal, we aim massive job wars in NCSRO that's why we kept Job Exp rates lower than Exp rates to have a prolong maxing out job level.

Q: Would you suggest doing quests in NPCs?
A: There are some non-repeatable quests that you can take from job lv70 and more following after each 5 levels, just do them. You can skip repeatable quests as their rewards are not worthy enough.

Q: How do I avoid being killed by opposite job members while grinding?
A: Indeed, it is the exact point of whole this system. Kill or get killed while grinding both for main and job levels, however if you take a quest by clicking Begin job activities and pick one of those in Safe Mode, only players that are 5 level higher or lower than your level will be able to attack you.

Q: Can we still do trades on our own?
A: Yes, you just have to pick up Specialty Goods Box from the monsters you kill to fill your pet inventory unlike the old trade system in which you had to buy Specialty Goods Boxes from trader NPC.

Q: How do I begin trade journey?
A: If you are a thief, simply go to Smuggler NPC in any town, open your Job Skills window then use any skill in the first line to mount a pet, then contact with NPC and click Begin target trading to load Specialty Goods Boxes you collected onto pet then you are good to go.
In case you are a hunter, you will have to find Trader NPC and proceed with same instructions.

Q: How do I complete trade journey?
A: As soon as you reach your destination, for instance you arrived in hotan from donwhang, find the same NPC and press Settle target trading.

Q: What do I earn from trading?
A: Firstly, you do not earn gold. Instead of gold, you get Black/Blue stones and Black/Blue pearls. Black/Blue stones are necessary in order to craft Shining Stones which are required to craft job items. On the other hand, you also combine Shining Stones with pearls to craft job blues and reinforcements.

Q: What is job set?
A: There are degrees of job items as lowest, low, medium, high and highest. Their required levels are 20, 50, 80, 100 and 120 respectively. Naturally, higher the level of item is higher the defense, absorption or attack power. Apart from this side, you are also able to add blues and reinforce these items. In total, you get 33 STR, 33 INT, 1600 HP and 1600 MP additionally.

Q: Do job items have tiers?
A: Yes, there are 3 different tiers for each job item of varying degree. I will not include all of their names here. Since NCSRO is 140 cap server, it will be enough to mention about "High Quality Job Items." These are Airstream, Aura and Splendor respectively.

Q: I understand these tiers however what is Physical written in brackets?
A: Apart from tiers, there is also item types for each job item. As the name suggests, job items with Physical written in brackets merely have a physical defence, absorption or attack power and quite opposite for Magic type. Therefore, you need to craft Common type to have both.

SilkNation | Events


SilkNation | Discord Event

+ 10 Invites = 500 Silk (Silver)

Discord Channel =

— Server Files = MeGaMaX
— Certification = DevTekVE & DaxterSoul
— Web Files = m1xawy
— Other Contributors = ISRO-R Development (Discord) -

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