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 Post subject: PlaneWalkers recruiting! BOUNTY HUNTER NEEDED! MAKE $$$$$$$$
PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:26 pm 
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Alright, first thing's first. Level 2 Guild PlaneWalkers is recruiting a few users, any level. Our average user level is 22. We're seeking mature, good sporting and non-greedy members.

If you're someone that gets in a PK match and celebrates a victory by using any of these words (Noob, lamer, suck, baby etc.) we don't want you. We're sick of hearing people gloat because their only victory seems to be in a video game.

If you whine because someone else in a party gets an elixer and you don't. Don't even apply.

If you turn into a dick because you lose a PK match because the other person is (over powered or a nuke-whore) then we have two things. The first of which being stfu and hop off the server, the second of which is we don't want you.

Our group thus far is tight knit and extremely supportive of each other, and we would like to keep it that way. We help eachother out. We see somebody needs a new shield but don't have the money, we chip in and get a good one for them. What goes around comes around and it works quite well.

Any interested and serious applicants should send a message, NOT A PM, to LordNavala saying that the user Ambrose has referred you.

That section over with, we're currently fueding with the guild DogsOfWar. We were leveling a couple of level 18-22 characters on the beach, just off droa dock, and one of our newer members accidently KSed a... get this... megalopa. Not a party, champion, giant etc. Just a regular megalopa. At this point, the person that the kill was stolen from - a user named JenKat attacked and killed him gaining Murderer status, at which point three or four other members of that guild proceeded to attack us.

I managed to take out a few of them before falling myself thanks to the guild's main cleric who fell shortly thereafter. When the smoke cleared, we all began recieving messages from the various members via PM and even one world chat stating (PlaneWalkers r bunch ks noobs) which was amusing more than anything. Long story short, everything said was extremely immature and even the dead PMed us stating that they 'pWnd' us.

This guild consists completely of 3rd degree users, primarily two handed warriors.

So now the money maker. I'm offering a bounty for a specific action that can be repeated as many times as you like. Anyone bearing the mark DogsOfWar is a contract, and will result in a 50k (yes 50,000 Gold) reward for each death.

The rules are as follows. The kill must be made WITHOUT a PVP cape. You MUST PM them (That was from Ambrose on behalf of PlaneWalkers Guild) after each kill. (This is also acceptable before the kill) And you must provide a screenshot for each kill.

These screenshots can be posted here, and you can alert me either via this forum, or via message NOT PM. My character name is Ambrose.

As an added bonus, if you provide the aforementioned proof of kill, and the victim is either Galdazar or JenKat, you will recieve a 5k and 10k bonus respectively.

With that out of the way... I wish you good hunting and I hope we get a few new recruits out of this.

...and thus I have arrived at the conclusion that the science involved in 'The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' is indeed beyond even the frail criticisms of Dr. Stephen Hawking.

 Post subject: Re: PlaneWalkers recruiting! BOUNTY HUNTER NEEDED! MAKE $$$$$$$$
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:08 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Joined: Dec 2007
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Location: BC, Canada
I dont have time to read this ATM
I would like to join? Lv.20 mage
PM me later

IGN - FlavourSix
Race - Chinese
Class - Archer
Type - Strength
Elemental - Fire
Server - Mercury
Level - 14
Guild - Not in one

 Post subject: Re: PlaneWalkers recruiting! BOUNTY HUNTER NEEDED! MAKE $$$$$$$$
PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 4:01 am 
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hi can i join im a lvl 22 blader going trader in 7 days

name is cats_eyes ig

well pm soon:)

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