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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Euro Party Guide
PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:32 pm 
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ty Foudre, and Philip, xemnas wrote a cool rogue guide: it has a party section specifically for ROGUES read that if your a rogue: viewtopic.php?t=55184

    1]at least 2 tanks
    2]2 nukers, more is excess, if you cant find a nuker xbow rogue works well
    3]at least 1 cleric
    4]at least 1-2 bards
    5]party members should be the same lvl of the pt leader or within 4 lvls of the party leader
    6]DONT move around, pick a place with a high spawn rate and stay there
    7]1 warlock
    A]grind on mobs 9-11 lvls above the average party lvl
    B] have nuker/s, and healers mp/hp stand in 1 place; while tanks stand ahead of the main dmg/healing group
    i]nuker/s should be infront of mp/hp healers
    ii] tank/s should be further out, close enough to be healed, but not close enough for healers to agro mobs
tanks job: tanks MUST use taunt 2 lure mobs NVR charge or walk towards a mob.
    i]make the mob come to you
    ii]nvr leave the tanking area
    iii]if a mob heads for healers/nukers, it should be decided ahead of time which tank will taunt those mobs
    iv]keeping mobs distracted is top priority
    v]always have backup NPC gear, just in case your gear gets dmged
    vi]only use kb to protect healers/nukers!! YOU DONT WANT THE PARTY 2 MOVE!!!
Tank Fighting Style, BY Foudre
    1]KD is something to be used in str parties, if you have a ton of rogues and warriors and maybe 1 support unit, or no support unit kd is a good thing, it buys you time to repot, and increases damage. if you are in a tight spot and under supported kd is ok because you'll die other wise
    I]KB something very unterestimated, and very un taken advantaged of. I find if you kb something all the retarded other warriors and rogues will chase it to no end because they are just button mashing. KB is good TO BUY TIME, knock it away from your party and taunt it, and let all the wizzes dish out the pain and rebash it, no one gets hurt your DUR doesnt' go down as much and since I have my Vital increase anyways just letting it come back to me isn't sparing it much damage. Now if you do KB and its in the middle of your group go in after it or it'll hop agro, and KB again till its out of your group.

    II]KB part 2. Very good to save some one, if you see something going towards one of your ints then KB it, you'll most likely save them get the agro on you

    III]KB part 3. yes this skill is worth 3 parts, Controlling the fight, KB's biggest advantage is controlling the fight. It helps you controll where you want to fight at, you get a party giant, KB it around untill you can keep it in a place where you and your party are safe from anything else and can focus on just the party giant, if you can't find an empty spot at least a lass dangerous spot, but you can usually get an empty spot. It goes down fast no one gets hurt, every one is happy,


    I]Stun. Not much experience with this out side of sub warlock with my 1 hander (i did have an axe warrior but didn't get very far with him), but it with KB and sleep (should you be sub warlock) give you 3 ways to stop an attack on some one, and time to hit it, advantage to stun over KB, is that depending on the party you can keep the creature where its at instead of bashing and chasing it every where because the party can't stay under control.

    1]Pain Quota. One of the best buffs. 35% less damage taken even if its distributed out the other people only get like 10 damage big woop. It will help keep you're people alive majorly. USE IT. even the damage the ints get arn't enough to matter to them. Only problem i have with this skill is how short it last, and sometimes forget to rebuff, most of the times i catch myself and rebuff, wish it lasted longer though.


    can't say much here, as i havn't have a warrior high enough to use one, my 1 hander is almost there, just sp farming, at 30. But as a past wizzard i have to say this skill combined with pain quota saved me alot when jobbing, I could tank out multiple packs of 5 star spawns and nuke them all dead, and out tank 2 warriors and chinese str, I've tried the same fights with out the fences and just quota and i died a bit. JUST USE IT


    I assume they rock, and should probally be used

    4]Vital Increase. Now when to use this differs, if you are in a party that lacks damage dealers then don't use it, or if you are solo dont' use it. But if you have good damage dealers you should use this skill, and keep them alive since you don't do that much as it is, not much is lost by dealing less and being able to tank more.

SOURCE: viewtopic.php?t=70643&start=30.

thx Foudre

    i]dmg the mobs, you deal the most dmg. atk the mobs the tanks are tanking ONLY. your NOT allowed to atk any other mobs
    iii]stand within healing range of tanks, you DONT belong on the frontlines
    iv]DONT MOVE!!
    v]always have backup NPC gear, just in case your gear gets dmged
    vi] if tank/s kb mobs out of atking range dont atk the mobs let the tank/s
    i]keep the party alive/full of mana DONT FIGHT!!
    ii]if some1 goes out of range let them die/run out of mana
    iii]if some1 is rude let them die/run out of mana
    iv]dont leave the party area to res or heal some1
    v]stay put dont move
    vi] if tank/s kb mobs until thier out of healing range dont move let them die
    if you do this your party will lvl VERY fast, and rarely die

By Philip:
    1]Dagger Rogues work as a combination of a tank and a damage dealer without dagger desperate on. A rogue can take the place of a tank that is not present, so maybe you can add that too =)

Rough Sketch of where to stand

ok since Foudre did the warrior part, and im going to ask xemnas if i can borrow his rogue part. i'll have to add the buffer/nuker skills by myself


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