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 Post subject: How different is this game with the new rebirth server?
PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:58 am 
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Let me start off by apologizing in advance for making a topic I'm sure you have all already seen 100x times now but I need to know if I can actually stand playing this game before I bother to download it. Hopefully the responses to the questions below will help me determine that.

-Do I "need" to grind at bandits with an sox bow for 2 months in order to be on par with everyone else near my level?

-Is this server run by bots or real people?

-Does Joymax seem to give a crap about this game?

Silk always had what I was looking for in a game except for that god awful skill farming grind at such a low level and the endless amount of bots. If any of that has changed I will be oh so happy.

Also any updated guides/advice for anything after the rebirth patch would be most helpfull! thanks in advance

 Post subject: Re: How different is this game with the new rebirth server?
PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:51 am 
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You talking about Sro-R or a private server?

For Sro-R:

*- You won't have to worry about Sp that much, Each forgotten world unique can drop up to 5 faded beads (which are basically sp scrolls).
- Also there is a daily mission, that gives a few hundreds or thousands (depends on your level) of skill points daily, it works from level 41 to level 100.

If you got no idea what forgotten world is:

*- From level 1-70 you get free sos equipment and monsters drop tokens instead of gold which can be used to buy Sun, you also get free potions/ arrows and free repairs~
when you are more than 70, it is like normal.

*- You might notice a yellow bar once you log in under your character, it is a limitation of how much you can get grind daily.

The exp bar resets at 00:00 Joymax time (GMT+9 or something)

Here, have this, Not much of an updated guide but it is the only one i found.

Mostly bots but you can find a few legit guilds if you look hard enough, but yeah don't expect to see many, there used to be a legit union on Thebes but most went in-active.

Also Gold bots= No
Player bots= a lot.

Gold bots now sell silk items at Hotan or something.

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