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As you may know, is a rather large community forum. It consumes an impressive amount of bandwidth each month and requires a solid server powering its queries.

The dedicated server we are on, and the staff who manage it have done an excellent job at keeping this forum running smoothly with minimal downtime. It has also offers a great deal of security against malicious intentions and has protected us against countless attacks.

Donations made help pay for these server costs and maintenance.

Any donation amount is appreciated. Donations are made out of the kindness of your own heart. It will not grant you immunity to forum rules or being reprimanded for breaking them. It is not a share of ownership and will not be refunded.

It is only for the love of this community, and its continued existence.

-Ryoko and


Please include your username when making a donation. Those who donate $10 or more will be thanked with a special colored user name.

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