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 Post subject: New Fellows System
PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:04 am 
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Ride into a battle and have a fighting partner at your side! The New Fellows have arrived!

What are Fellows?
Fellows are pets with special powers and abilities that surpass normal pets. With advanced training, fellows can be powerful companions that can assist Silkroad adventurers in grinding, travelling and even in combat.

How to get fellows?
Fellow can be acquired in 2 ways:
1. By using summon scrolls- Players can purchase Fellow summon scrolls available at the item mall.
2. By evolving growth pets- Existing growth pets can evolve via Stable NPC. To evolve the pet, player should have Potion of Evolution item.

Types of Fellows:
1. Aggressive Fellow- Fellow that specialize in attacking. HP of aggressive fellow is lower compared to other Fellows, but its attack power is higher.

Blood Armor Dino (Physical Type)

Rubino Phoenix (Magic Type)

2. Defensive Fellow- Fellow that protects its summoner. Attack power is lower but has higher HP than other fellows.

Ancient Tribal Bear (Physical Type)

Lava Roar Hound (Magic Type)

3. Buff Fellow-Fellow that enhances the summoner's abilities. Its power is average as compared to other fellows.

Half Moon Jaguar (Physical Type)

Yellow Sparkle Ostrich (Magic Type)

* Pets can be renamed using Naming scroll.
* Fellows can gain exp through hunting. They can level up and acquire skills. Fellows' skills are divided into three categories: unique, readied and item skills.
* Each fellow can possess skills according to their type. Fellows can also equip items.
* Player should manage satiety of fellows. If satiety of the fellow is 70% or higher, the Fellow is as powerful as a Fellow that is 10 levels higher in its normal state. When Satiety is 30% or lower, the Fellow is as powerful as a Fellow that is 10 levels lower in its normal state. When the Satiety reaches 0, no EXP is gained. Satiety can be recharged with Feed Sacks.
* During the evolution process, only the level of pet will be retained but the EXP will be reset.

For more detailed information about the Fellows System, including the skills of fellows, check the information on the following section: Game System>> Pet System>> Fellows.

Summon thy pets, let them grow into Fellows!



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