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 Post subject: Detailed Guide on Trading and Jobs Conflict System
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:43 pm 
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Greetings. This is Silkroad Online.

We have conducted an in-game consultation regarding Trading and Job Conflict. It seems like many of our players do not have much knowledge about the system. Thus, we have prepared a guide about job and trade conflict which our players can refer to in order to have a more enjoyable experience when engaging in the Job System.

Silkroad Online has two jobs: Hunter and Thief, and each job has its own strengths and attributes. Player can engage in various job activities such as trade activities and job conflict upon selection of a Job. You can have only one job for each account, and may choose to be either a Hunter or a Thief. In addition, you can produce items exclusively for a job by using product or rewards that can be acquired through various trade activities. These exclusive items, when worn with basic equipment (normal character equipment) render additional abilities.

◈ Job Level
Job level has the same leveling structure or concept with that of character leveling system. However, to raise the job level, player has to accumulate Job EXP. Job EXP can be obtained when you engage in trade activities or hunt monsters while wearing the job suit.
(When you go hunting after wearing a job outfit, you can acquire not only job EXP but also general or normal character EXP.)


- Promotion -
Promotion is carried out in a total of 4 stages, and special effects can be obtained for each stage.
Promotion can be attained through job NPCs. You can be promoted to the next stage if you reach the required Job level and provide a certain amount of Gold and Shining Stones.

If player does not apply for promotion, player will not level up even if he/she acquires Job EXP.


Shining Stone is included under the promotion conditions. If you combine the Blue Stone and Black Stone which you can receive as a reward in the job activities and trade through the production system, you can obtain 1 Shining Stone. In case of a Hunter, you can receive a Blue Stone as a reward, and if you are a Thief, you can receive a Black Stone as a reward.

◈ Job Activity
Job activity refers to various activities which can be carried out by players to raise the job level. It can be taken via Job NPC of each village; each activity may be classified into either a collection quest and/or delivery quest.

If collection quest is taken, player will be able to get trade quest item drops when hunting and killing monsters. Player should collect the required number of trade quest items and carry it using Job Activity Transportation. Upon completion of the required number of Trade quest items, player should bring the trade items and go back to Job NPC. Player will gain Job EXP after completing the Collection Quest.

Players may also engage in delivery quest. Delivery Quests require players to deliver a trade item from one town to another. Player will gain Job EXP after delivering the trade items.

When engaging in any job activity, player must summon a means of transportation using a job skill. To summon Job Activity transportation, you must activate Merchant’s Flute found in the Job Skill Window. To use/activate the other Job Skills, open the Skills Window and look for the ‘Job’ Tab.

Note that job skills can be used only when you are wearing a job outfit. The type of skills that can be learned varies per job level.


◈ Trade Activity

This is an activity for raising the job level. You can acquire a certain reward if you complete a given quest.
We have also provided ‘Safe Mode’ to allow users to avoid the high-handedness of high levels even in the trade activities, and if this mode is used, you are not attacked by a character with a level difference of more than 5 levels during a job activity.

To engage in trade activities, you must summon a means of transportation for trade among job skills, and a different means of transportation is summoned depending on the skill level.


Consignment Trading
This is an indirect trade entrusted to an NPC without getting directly involved in a trade. You invest in a specialty product and once a trade is successful, you acquire profit as much as you’ve invested.
All the specialty goods used in trade can be acquired in general and job conditions. In general conditions, it drops in a low percentage when hunting, and in job condition, if you seize the specialty product trade of an opposing Job, you can obtain a specialty product.


Target Trading
This refers to a direct trade in which you can engage in trade by directly carrying specialty goods. This is a direct trade where you can reap great profit if the trade is successful, but lose all the specialty goods if you fail.


You can carry out this trade from Job Level 1, and apply for target trading to a NPC located in each village.
The trade route is from the village where you applied for target trading to Hotan. If you are attacked and killed during a trade, all the specialty goods you were carrying are dropped.


Rewards are given according to the quantity of the trade item, and the details of the reward are like the following.
- Job EXP
- Ticket
- Stone of the relevant job (Blue Stone, Black Stone)

◈ Job Item

Job Item is a product acquired through job activities and trade. It can make job equipment, and can be worn with basic equipment.

Production of Item for Job
You can produce equipment for jobs or alchemy related item through items acquired through trade (Stones, Tickets). Among these, Shining Stone is essential. If 1 Blue Stone of a Hunter and 1 Black Stone of a Thief are combined, you can acquire 1 Shining Stone.
You can produce a job item using the Shining Stone made this way and the medium for each equipment slot.


Alchemy of Job Item
You can provide magic enhancements to a job item in the same way as the existing alchemy system. Alchemy items can be classified into 5 grades, and alchemy is possible between only the same grades.
If alchemy is successful, the magic option ability points of the Magic Runes will be applied.

Job-exclusive Items Reinforcement
Reinforcement means upgrading the power of a Job Item by one level, and items can be reinforced only through the Job-exclusive Reinforcement Runes. Reinforcement Runes are classified into 5 grades, and reinforcement is possible between only the same grades. Reinforcement can be successful or a failure depending on probability. If successful, an item is upgraded by level 1. If it fails, the Reinforcement Rune disappears and enhancement level drops by level 1. Reinforcement is also carried out in the same way as existing alchemy system.

We will be back with a guide on job conflicts in the next session.
We hope you can enjoy the trade activities by referring to this guide.

Thank you.



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