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 Post subject: Silkroad Christmas Festivities
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:15 pm 
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Every day is a gift giving day in Silkroad Online!

Event 1: Santa Gm's Caravan


Bells and sleigh will break away.
Santa GMs are coming to make your day.
Naughty or nice we travel in disguise.
For rewards are fulfilling at the end of each trading!

[Event Period]
December 18, 2012~ January 15, 2013

[Event Procedure]
1. Santa GMs will randomly visit towns and will make in game announcements upon the start of the event.
2. Santa GMs will facilitate event registration in towns and will list down the lucky participants.
3. Santa Gms will party with the players and conduct target trading from Samarkand to Hotan.
4. GMs will give special rewards at the end of a successful target trading.
5. Gms will also note down the duration of the Target Trading. At the end of the week, the top 5 parties who will get the best time (shortest time to finish the target trade) will be given a special prize.

• Rewards
Santa GM’s will give 1 set of gifts to participants: Set of gifts may be either of the following:
10 Party Buff Scrolls, 10 Berserker Skin scrolls, 10 Berserker Scrolls, and 10 Skill Point Scrolls

At the end of each week, the Top 5 Winning parties per server will get 1 Santa hat + Extension gear

Winner Selection Period: Every Friday, top parties will be posted at GM Lounge

• Note
- Players may join once per event day. Players may participate multiple times during the whole event period.

Event 2: Exchange Items with Santa Blacksmith

Armaments and stones that can brake thy bones.
Shackle the fears that melt thy steel.
Reinforce to seven these weapons from heaven.
For lucky players, a Higher Degree item will be given.

[Event Period]
December 18, 2012~ January 15, 2013

[Event Procedure]
1. Participants must upgrade any kind of normal or sealed weapon during the event period.
2. Participants should reach the following requirements: Reinforcement must start from 0 and should reach + 7. Item should only be reinforced during the Event Period.
3. Participants should submit a screenshot of his weapon at Community Weekly Best Screenshot.
4. GMs will check the logs of the players. At the end of each week, 5 worthy players per server will receive a special Christmas present as Santa Blacksmith will personally give them their a higher degree + 5 weapon!

• Rewards
20 Winners will receive a higher degree weapon with +5 reinforcement.
Item type will be based on the character’s reinforced item.

• Notes
- Players may win only once during the whole event period.
- Player should start reinforcement from + 0 and should start reinforcing the item during the Event Period.

Event 3: 12 Gifts of Silkroad

On the first day of Christmas my Silkroad GM sent to me…
Lots of gifts and a Santa avatar for free!

[Event Period]
December 18, 2012~ January 15, 2013

[Event Procedure]
1. Throughout the event period, Community GM will post the required items on the FB page.
2. Players should hunt for the required item. After gathering the item, player should take a screenshot of
the item (should be in character’s inventory) and say “Merry Christmas Silkroad!”
3. Player should submit the link on the Silkroad FB Page 12 Gifts of Silkroad Event Section.
4. The first 12 players who will submit the correct items will be chosen and will be given a prize.
5. Item requirements will be posted at random times.

• Rewards
12 Winners per event day will receive Santa Hat and 3 pieces of GM Gift Box.
A total of 244 players can win in the event!

• Notes
- Players may win only once during the whole event period.
- 12 different items will be posted during 1st-2nd week of the event (December 18-31)
and another 12 required items will be posted on the 3rd-4th week of the Event (January 1-15).

Special Christmas Event: Santa GM’s Greetings

Sleigh Bells Ring, are you listening?
Compose your greetings and we’ll spread them!

[Event Period]
December 18, 2012~ January 1, 2013

[Event Procedure]
1. Santa GMs will randomly visit the servers. Santa GMs will make in-game announcement to herald the start of the event.
2. Players can compose Christmas greetings and New Year wishes for their friends/ guild/union and send it to the Santa GM via private message or in game mail.
3. Santa GM will select good greetings will deliver the message to the whole server!
4. Event will last for 1 hour per server.

Happy Holidays to all players of Silkroad Online!



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