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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Thief guide [Twisted] (Lvl 20-30)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2006 11:06 am 
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So you have just hit level 20 and want a break from grinding? What ever job you choose, its risky at your level and you are very prone to being killed. I have recently hit level 30 and started to become self reliant when doing a job and I would like to share my tips I have picked up along the way. Most of my time was spend on thieving, so this will be a thief guide of cause!

A lot of the information inside is common sense to experienced thieves but new to lower levels (20-30), which this guide is intended for.

Successful Thieving From Level 20 to 30

Ok so before we can go out and thief we need some gear right? There are two main stores in town, which you will need to visit, Thief Town and the Stable. Lets start with Thief town, get your gold ready this could get pricey.

Thief Town Supplies

Bandit Den Return Scrolls: These act like regular return scrolls, once activated you will be transferred back to town (In this case, thief town) These scrolls differ from the regular return scrolls because they take around five whole minutes to complete, you can also move around freely once activated. It pays off to get a nice number of these before you leave.

Thief Suit: There are two types of thief suits, the black suit (10,000 gold) and the black devil suit (1,000,000 gold) they are no different apart from the price and the look (we’ll get into this later). After the last thanksgiving event the jewel boxes received sometimes rewarded the player with job suits, often black devil suits (I know I got three myself) after this there are so many economy has crumbled and you can pick one up for a lot less then 1kk quite easily. Its up to you which one you choose.

Stable Supplies

Transports: At your level there are two choices of transport for you, the horse and the camel, both have there own advantages and disadvantages. The horse on one hand has a faster moving speed than the camel but less hit points (hp) and less inventory space, the camel has much more hit points and inventory space but is a lot slower. Depending on your finances its best to choose both but buy more camel summon scrolls than horse scrolls. Example 6 horse, 10 camel. Be sure to get both!

Transport Health Pots: These are an absolute must, get as many as you can afford at the time of purchase and like the bandit return scroll never leave town without them! I prefer the XL pots but you can bring a mixture, what ever makes you happy!

Misc Supplies

Hunter Card: Hunter cards are not necessary but they do pay off when you need them, be sure to pick one up if you have some spare cash. (We’ll get more into this later)
Transport: If you have a low level grass walk or don’t even have it at all, a few transport summon scrolls will pay off if you spot a high level hunter before they see you.

Ok so you have all the necessary pieces of equipment? Now its time to have some fun. In your early levels of 20-30 you will more likely spend more on transport pots then what you make for your first 5 or so thief runs unless you strike lucky with a 4* on the ground

Time to Thief

Ok this is the hard part; there are many ways to thief during your lower levels depending on where you are grinding (main roads, near ferry ect.) let’s start with intentional thieving (leaving your grinding spot to look for traders) now I’m not going to give maps or give away my hiding spots, SRO is full of them and it wont take long to find your own and make your own technique. One of the most risky but the most rewarding places to wait is the ferries, I suggest the DW side due to it’s a little bit easier to escape with the loot, but then again its all up to you.
Unsuit! This will save you a lot of heartache when waiting for traders along the silkroad. There are two main reasons for this technique, which are quite obvious. One being in a very hot area you are prone to seeing a trade eventually and a lot quicker than any other spot, but its not all wins, you are even more likely to come across a hunter, commonly a higher level hunter which will not hesitate to kill you (they get a nice reward) or you may come across a higher level trader who wont risk loosing their load. Another reason for un-suiting at popular places such as the ferries is if you spot a similar leveled thief with loot then you can equip that nice hunter suit you bought back at down, stalk them to a secluded location then kill them and they’re load. Unsuit, re-log suit up as thief and collect the loot.
If you absolutely cant stand not wearing your new thief suit, which looks the shizz, then a good technique I have found is un-equipping your weapon and make sure you have no buffs on (passive skills) these are a dead giveaway of your level for higher leveled hunters or traders, At level 20-25 your best chances of survival is looking a higher level than what you are. Carrying a level 1 weapon can sometimes help (not always) or another low leveled weapon, a lot of hunters will not risk attacking you due to not knowing your level, having level 3 wind walk is a dead give away, this is another plus for un suiting while following a trade.
Talk to the hunters, Keeping your cool and having a good poker face in this situation is crucial, if a hunter comes along and your all suited ready to go, have a chat act as if you want them to attack you but don’t go overboard this can be just as deadly, you need to find a good medium. Running just makes it fun for them.
Ok so lets say you have found a trader, scan their armor and weapons, getting to know equipment levels is very helpful, don’t act suss they already think your trouble the moment you approached them don’t make it official, like the hunters have a little chat and wait for the thief spawn. If there are two npcs then its either a double spawn or it’s a two star the only way to confirm is to wait for another, thus wasting valuable time and risking loosing this loot to other thieves this is where you have three options, walk away, add them to a party and confirm they’re level and star number, or attack. Lets talk about the second one first.
Ok this is one of my favorite techniques if in not sure about a players level, I send them an invite to a party, I check they’re level and nicely ask for they’re trade star number, if they ask why say you want to level your hunter experience and are happy to do it for free, they buy this more than you think. Once you have confirmed it’s a 2*+ then continue.
Another option is to simply say something like ‘well have a nice day’ and go attack something near buy, let them slowly drift off into the distance this is where u find a nice spot off the road out of site and buff up. Make sure you buff before suit, the extra 30 seconds might save your life, once you are sure you are ready and have confirmed they’re level you might want to change your auto pots depending on what build you are and what your comfortable with its all up to you. Now its time to suit up, before you attack anything else summon your convoy animal, you should be able to judge which is best for the job depending on your surroundings and the player level, I don’t think we need to go into depth with this. The main reason is you get a 21 second delay before you are aloud to summon a convoy after being in combat, this 21 seconds could mean life or death so its better to be safe than sorry.
This part should be self explanatory, kill the trader, any hunters helping and the convoy, all of this will result in arrange points so you can wait for the npcs to kill the transport but its a lot more riskier, I prefer to get in and out as quick as possible but remember, once your arrange points hit 3,000 you become wanted and any hunter wearing a suit can see it, if you are killed you will have to pay a fine to the npc in town. Having Zerk helps a lot at this step

I got the loot but what now?

The instance you have picked up your loot activate your return scroll. It takes long enough without adding more time to the delay, depending on your surroundings and transport (horse or camel) you have two options, both resulting in you getting to a safe place as quickly as possible, If you are surrounded by earth ghosts then getting off your convoy and killing whatever poses a threat to you is the best way to go, if say you are surrounded by tigers than just board your transport and let it take all the hit points until you get to your safe hiding spot or you get a npc spawn.
If a high level hunter has spotted you or trader then you better hope u have a camel summoned and lot of health pots cause this might take a while. Either drop the loot and run or board your transport and tank/heal until they give up or you return to thief town it all depends on how much you are willing to pay for the pots used to keep this trade.
Ok you have made it to thief town, make your way towards the stolen goods dealer and sell your loot, terminate the transport, un-suit and return to town, using any teleporter or logging off then on will reset the job suit cool down period which lets you go out and do it all again!

This guide only took me an hour and its still a work in progress, if you think there is something that needs to be added or changed feel free to tell me and ill see what I can do.
Note: this is a guide for successful thieving for low levels. Low-level jobs are hard especially thieving and this is a simple guide to help.

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