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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Alchemy guide [AUST_ZoRrO] (tips)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:07 am 
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Safety Tips for Alchemy!

I decided to write a report in regards to alchemy, giving new users and old users some words of advice. This report or guide, is to help users undertake alchemy in a safe and enjoyable environment, whereby users meet their limits and understand their situations.

1.0 - What is alchemy?
1.1 - How do I open/use alchemy in game?
2.0 - Difference between the two types of alchemy methods.
3.0 - What items can undergo alchemy?
3.1 - Turning tablets into stones.
3.2 - What is Attribute Assimilation?
4.0 - What items do I need to start alchemy?
5.0 – What colours can I achieve?
6.0 – Risks involved.
7.0 – Your own limitations!

1.0 - What is alchemy?
Alchemy is a system whereby users can upgrade certain items, using other required equipment. In general, this process encourages your items to become more mature and therefore stronger in the long term.

1.1 - How do I open/use alchemy in game?
In game, press the "Y" button on keyboard (refer to image below)

1 - This box is where you place your item you wish to enhance.
2 - If you plan to break material or turn tablets into stones, you will use "Material Processing" tab (1st one)
3 - Enhancement Tab (2nd one) is used to upgrade your items (i.e. stones or elixirs).
4 - This section is where you would place your material to break down into elements or place elements to turn a tablet into a valid stone. If you were using the enhancement tab this section is were you would place your elixir and powder.
5 - This button is where you will finalise and perform your enhancement or processing procedures.

2.0 - Difference between the two types of alchemy methods.
There are two (2) types of alchemy methods, one is ELIXIR and the other is TABLET form. Elixirs are items which are found from monsters only. There are only four (4) types of elixirs, weapon, shield, protector and accessory. Each one can be sold for 20,000 gold at the NPC, however these are generally sold for a lot more in different servers.

Tablets can also be found from monsters, and each and every monster drops different tablets, no one monster drops one type of tablet. In other words, the tablets dropped are completely random, apart from the degree of the tablet. In other words, Nachal (Lv.68-69) will drop 8th degree tablets only, while Strong Earth Ghost (Lv.64-65) tends to drop 7th as well as 8th degree tablets, as it is located between the interchange of a person's level range. The type of tablets dropped includes;


Ruby - These tablets are coloured purple and change the inbuilt stats on your weapon or protector, for example physical attack, magical attack, attack rating, parry ratio and more.

Jade - These tablets are coloured green and rather than changing pre-existing figures on your weapon, they instead add extra stats on your item. For example, adding extra strength, intelligence, parry ratio, HP or MP and more. You can easily tell when jade is involved, by looking for the blue stats at the bottom of a weapon, protector or accessory.

3.0 - What items can undergo alchemy?
Only protector, shield, weapon and accessory items may undergo alchemy operation. All four (4) can obtain either jade or ruby stats.

3.1 - Turning tablets into stones.
Once you find a tablet you will notice that the first part will describe its value, or what it does overall. The second part is the material/elements required to actually change the tablet into a valid stone.

Think of a tablet as an empty box, we all know that empty boxes are useless unless filled. So therefore we fill this box (tablet) with elements which will make this box (tablet) useful to use (i.e. adding the final product to your equipment in the hope of gaining better stats on our weapon, protector, shield or accessories).

To perform the necessary upgrade, simply press "Y", select "Material Processing", place the tablet into the box number 1, then place the 4 element types in the box (the specific number of fire, water, earth and wind), once you have done that press fuse button.

--Creating a tablet into a stone is a 100% success rate.
---Adding a stone to your equipment can fail (lets just assume there is a 50% success rate, i.e. 1/2 chance of success).
----Attribute Assimilation varies from 5% to 35% (the percent added to a stone is completely random).

3.2 - What is assimilation?
When stones are created, they always contain a value at the bottom called "Attribute Assimilation". This value can range from between 5% to 35% (depending on how the stone was obtained). Stones will always gain this Attribute Assimilation percentage, however those which are lower in percent are far better than those with higher percent. Attribute Assimilation indicates that if the stone is successful there is an X% chance of it also changing another stat on that exact item.

For example, I am going to upgrade my garment legs, I want to add strength to them. I find a STR Stone which has a 30% Attribute Assimilation rate; I place that in the alchemy window... BANG! Success! I received +3 STR on my legs, however due the assimilation rate being 30% it also changed my parry from 40 to 25. An assimilation rate of 30% means that there is a 1 in 3 chance of the stone also changing another stat. Most people look at attribute assimilation as a bad concept, however many people each day also benefit from assimilation processes, whereby they have increased other stats as a bonus. The assimilation process is completely random, so it can choose any stat and decide whether to decrease or increase the value.

4.0 - What items do I need to start alchemy?
To begin an upgrade of a weapon, shield, protector or elixir (i.e. +1, +2, +3...) you will need the item itself as well as the corresponding elixir. For example, you wish to upgrade your sword from +1 to +2, that means your sword and a weapon elixir is the minimum equipment required.

It is highly recommended that you also use the extra slot on the alchemy system to place in "lucky powder" which can be purchased at the Grocery NPC Lady/Man in each town (i.e. the NPC which also sells PvP Capes). Please make sure you obtain the correct degree lucky powder and not one which is cheapest or higher degree.

In other words, if your sword is 4th degree, you MUST buy 4th degree lucky powder, or else it will not be added onto the alchemy screen. Although the higher the degree, the more expensive powder becomes. Obtaining +3 or higher, without the use of lucky powder is considered rare and almost impossible. In the long run it works out cheaper using lucky powder, rather than wasting a bunch of elixirs in the hope of achieving +3.

Gaining +1 with lucky powder is almost 95% success rate (in some cases, it can fail). Gaining +2 with lucky powder is almost 80% success rate (there is about a 1 in 5 chance of failing +2). Obtaining +3 using lucky powder is 70% success rates, with a 1 in 4 chance of failing. To gain +4 using lucky powder the success rate drops to about 60% almost half. Obtaining a +5 using lucky powder is about a 50% chance of success.

**Note: These figures have been generated from a rough testing phase conducted on Xian, on 3 different degree weapons with an excess of 100 weapon elixirs used on each weapon to come up with the basic statistics. Without the proper equipment and measures, there is no definite value of proving these percentages without the discrete knowledge of JoyMax Co. Ltd.

5.0 – What colours can I achieve?
Adding elixirs to either a weapon or shield involves a special bonus of gaining glowing colours on either item.
+1 / +2 – No glow colour.
+ 3 / +4 – White glow colour.
+5 / +6 – Purple glow colour.
+ 7 / +8 – Gold glow colour.
+9 / +10 – Blue glow colour.
+11 / + 12 – Green glow colour.
+13 / +14 – Red glow colour.

6.0 – Risks Involved.
Undertaking alchemy can be a risky business, infact alchemy is almost considered as gambling. Users must understand that alchemy can fail at times and when this occurs, it can have a dramatic impact on the items involved.

Players, who wish to surpass a +5 item, must understand that there are certain risks involved. After +5 an item can either break or lose durability. Immortal and steady are just two stats which can be added to any weapon, shield, protector or accessory. Immortal prevents a weapon from breaking if it fails an enhancement greater than five, and can be found on items from monsters (already added) or purchased from the item mall. Steady can also be found already added on items from monsters who by looking out for the Jade Steady tablets. These tablets prevent a weapon losing its durability if an enhancement had failed after +5.

Another stone used (item mall only) is astral, which prevents a weapon from decreasing to +0 after failing. Players must understand that if you fail an enhancement (using elixirs) you will lose the overall enhancement level. For example, if my garment legs are +4 and I plan to enhance to +5 and I fail, this means my garment legs have gone back to +0. Astral only works for items +4 or higher, which means if my legs had failed, instead of going back down to +0, it will ensure it stays at +4 allowing me to re-attempt my +5.

Take note that astral can only be added when at least one or more immortal is added onto the list. Once an alchemy attempt fails, you will lose your astral and possibly either or both immortal and steady – if you weapon was meant to break or lose its durability. If it was meant to break, then the immortal kicks in and stops the breaking, in turn losing its actual stat, same goes for steady.

7.0 – Your own limitations!
As mentioned above, alchemy is almost like gambling. It is important to know when to continue and when to stop and to establish your own personal goals or limitations.

Before you begin upgrading you need to ask yourself some of the following questions.
-What do I expect as my overall procedures?
-How much gold do I intend to spend?
-How come elixirs have I already stored in my inventory or storage? If so, at what stage should I begin to worry when they decrease?
-Have I included my necessary protection measures (i.e. steady, immortal and astral)?

A Most people do not set limitations and continue to spend millions of gold, hoping that no matter what they will obtain a +7 weapon. Stop right there! That’s not the case; people who are impatient and proceed without caution can fail with some heavy consequences. Not thinking about your next move, can easily mean the destruction of your weapon or the loss of your enhancement level.

From personal experience, I have failed +7 almost 5 or 6 times. Each time I used a lucky stone (which can be found from breaking down items (i.e. weapons)), astral and lucky powder. However, when I attempted my 7th try at +7 I failed and as a result I began to agitate and started to click “fuse” with anger and speed. Due to my lack of limitations and planning I lost my weapon’s enhancement to +0, simply by forgetting to add astral and instead placing a weapon elixir and clicking fuse (thinking it was the astral stone). Some of you are reading this thinking, wow bad luck or what a loser, but I am sure half of you would have had similar experiences in the past (maybe not alchemy related), where you had accidentally NPC’ed one of your items, or possibly dropping an item accidentally. All these mistakes occur simply due to lack of planning and limitations. If we had taken caution, we would have saved ourselves millions of gold.

It is important that we all set goals when we perform alchemy. Examples include,
“Well today I am going to +7 my glaive, but if I have to use more than 3 astrals today, I will stop and try again on Sunday and try my luck”.

“Ok I have 55 shield elixirs in my storage; I am not going to go any further once I get on my last 5 elixirs.”

“Ok I removed 15 million from my storage, this is my budget for this item – not a single bit more!”

“I will try +5 it today, if I fail ill try again next week and the week after”

These are just some common limitations which you can establish yourself. The instant you feel yourself wanting more or feeling frustrated you know that the alchemy system has taken advantage of you; as a result you will most likely fail and begin doing terrible things.

When ever you perform alchemy, always remember STOP.
S – Stop
T – Think
O – Observe
P – Perform

Created By: ZoRrO (Xian IGN: AUST_ZoRrO)
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[ Xian ]
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The Worlds Best Fire / STR / Glaive Guide (By: ZoRrO)

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