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 Post subject: [GUIDE] General Pk2 guide [3]
PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:27 am 
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thanks to Pluss44 for writing this up in a pm to me, and credits to whoever he says in the following

Plus44 wrote:
This is a tutorial to help you get modifying client side graphics. So you can make 1st degree clothes appear as 9th degree.

First and foremost, I'd like to say thanks to Drew_Benton who helped me learn this, and to my friend fish8 for helping me test that it works.

The substitutions are selective and do not work with everything. Your best bet is replacing things from within the same folder.

Disclaimer: Hex editing could cause your client to crash, so always keep a backup of anything you edit.

Note: Always restore anything you edit to its original before an SRO update.

This is L16 bows appearing as 9th degree:

This is my L16 character pimped out with 9 degree garments and a 9th degree bow:

You will need:

1. ... /
2. ... actPk2.exe

Tiny background information
.PK2 files are archive and may be opened by an extractor like Clearscreen's tool.
The \res directory in the Data.pk2 archive contains models.
The \prim directory contains textures.

Weapon models are here: prim\mesh\item\china\weapon
Weapon textures are here: \prim\mtrl\item\china\weapon

Clothing models are here: prim\mesh\item\china\man_item (woman_item)
Clothing textures are here: \prim\mtrl\item\china\man_item (woman_item)

Media.pk2 contains references to the clothing and weapon models and textures and this is precisely what we have to edit

The first thing you will need to do is backup Media.pk2 in the Silkroad directory. Changes you make to this file are irreversible.

After you have noted the file names of the items you wish to modify, load up XVI32 and open Media.pk2.

Click on Search --> Replace:

Select the radio button "Text as string" and check the box that reads "as Unicode".

Key in the filename of the item you wish to replace in the first textfield and the filename of the replacement in the second textfield. Select the same options.

For example, to convert a 3rd Degree bow to a 9th Degree, do this:

Click "Replace All" and repeat for \item\china\weapon\bow_03.ddj.

This will replace all references to 3rd Degree bows with references to 9th Degrees.

After that, click File --> Save and you're done.

The format for clothing textures and models are where aa is the degree.

To replace 3rd Degree clothes with 9th Degree, type: \clothes_03 in the first textfield and \clothes_09 in the second.

Can I turn my weapon into an SoS/SoM/SoSUN?
- No you can't. SoS/SoM/SoSUN and any +3 +4 +5 are just shiny effects. If you have a 1st Deg SoS, you could turn it into a 9th Deg SoS as the effect is inherited.

Contributed by fish8:
- The pet/horse files are in the Data.pk2 /res/cos directory.
- You can turn grey wolves into white ones with the same technique
- Or even turn wolves into horses.
- Pre-Level40 wolves are suffixed with 01 and evolved wolves are 02.

To wet your appetite here's a 9th Degree SoM blade courtesy of fish8:

Cool substitutions that work

Contributed by Rhetoric:
first box = mob\taklamakan\edimmu.bsr
second box = mob\roc\tahomet_devil.bsr

Please note. editing PK2 files is dangerous, it can cause problems with your client, and possibly intervention by GM's

I, nor Pluss44, or anyone mentioned hereafter are responsible for the things you to do your client and/or account.

edit at your own risk, and please, don't be a dumbass, back the files up!

sticky please :3

<<banned from SRF for disrespect of the mod team and rules violations. -SG>>

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