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 Post subject: [LIST] Euro FAQ
PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:15 pm 
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After getting a little tired of reading new topic on old questions I decided to gather up Frequently Asked Euro Questions and put them in one topic. For some of the answers and questions I used my own interpretation, hopefully it will make it easier for some of you. If anyone sees any mistakes please post. Thanks!

Q. Will Chinese and Euro character be on the same server?
A. Yes, Euro characters and Chinese will exist on the same servers. The servers will just be upgraded.

Q. Are we getting the 90 cap?
A. Not in this upcoming patch.

Note - Remember the cap will remain at 80, this goes for both Euro and Chinese characters.

Q. With the Euro expansion, will we be getting a new SRO_Client?
A. Yes, it has been confirmed by Joymax (7/4/2007) that there will be a new client. It is now available in the Data Bank on

Q. When will Euro update come?
A. July 24, 2007.

Q. Will Chinese characters be able to cross onto the Europe area and how?
A. Yes, on the map the green arrows show caves that will cross from Taklamankan to the new European area and vise versa. The black circle is a town that you can teleport to and from Hotan.


Q. What level are the monsters in the European area?
A. Levels 1-40, if Europe characters wish to fight stronger monsters above level 40 they will have to go to Hotan and fight the normal 40+ monster that we already have.

Q.Why is it so much harder for a euro to kill a solo mob then a party mob?
cin wrote:
Its easy to kill a solo mob; most 1 or 2 hit em. you just get almost no xp from em.
and party mobs just walk around in euro together with the solo mobs lol
no such thing as party mobs spawning just when you are in a party


Q. Will we get all the updates mentioned on the site at the same time?
A. According to what Joymax is showing us we will get all those updates (Except for the Wings).

Q. Will European and Chinese character be able to be in the same guild?
A. Yes both Chinese and European character can be together in a guild.

Q. Can Chinese characters participate in European party systems?
A. Just like guilds, Europe and Chinese characters will be able to interact in the same party.

Q. So the new party system will be applied through the whole game, across races?
A. Yes.

Q. What does the highlighted green name represent in a party?
A. The highlighted person in green is the person you have selected, makes it easier to heal ppl. -Vandall

Q. I am a low level character and I have a hard time finding a calm (less crowded) place to grind, how will the Europe update impact me?
A. Europe will have it’s own low level area. In fact if you are a Chinese character you might actually see less people in your grind area the first few weeks of the Euro patch.

Q. Will I be able to equip a Golden Dragon Flag to my Euro character?
A. Yes, you should be able to. The flags have no race restrictions.

Q. Are we getting an Auction house?
A. No we are getting a stall network, which almost works like an auction house. When a person opens a stall they have the option of registering their stall in the stall network for the cost of 1% of the profit made in the stall. The stall network allows players who want to buy an item to look through the network and find the item they are looking for instead of going stall to stall. A character is still needed to keep a stall up.

Q. Will European and Chinese character be able to transfer gold between each other? Example if the characters are in game or on the same account
A. Yes.

Q. We are getting legend 1 and kSRO has legend 6 what do legend 2-5 have?
For the last time, the legends between KSRO and ISRO do not correspond with each other. How hard is it to understand.

That sums it up heh. iSRO legend 1 is the almost the equivalent of legend 1-5 in kSRO.

I tried to include people who answered question asked. I didn’t get everyone but these are some of the people who answered some questions or answered a pretty important question clearly.


If I missed something please post, I know I did. And if I made any errors correct me.[/i]

Crumpets wrote:
OMG I FOUND OUT SOMETHING I DIDN'T KNOW HERE TODAY FROM YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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