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 Post subject: [GUIDE] Hunting Tiger Girl
PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 4:35 am 
Hi, I'm New Here

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I've already placed this on another forum but decided to place it here so i could get more feedback on my tutorial

Alright I'm going to attempt to write a tutorial on how to hunt Tiger Girl and what you should do and bring with you in order to hunt her. The reason i'm writing this is because i got my butt rapped by her like 5 minutes ago and I realize a lot of things that many people didn't say when hunting her. What people usually say on other forums are what she drops and how she looks like. I'm going to tell you specifically how it is like fighting her and what you can expect.

Ok a couple of things that you should before even attempting Tiger Girl...

1) Tiger Girl usually spawns inside the Bandit Stronghold in Jangan. I've timed her appearance from around 5-6 P.M EST and 9:30-10:45 P.M EST so its about every 4-5 hours when she spawns. I've heard people seeing her spawn outside the stronghold and other various places on Tiger Mountain. Supposely she has 12 random spawning points but your best bet is to stick within in the Stronghold. A good way you can time her spawn is to see when the other unique bosses appear. I'm 80% sure this is correct but the spawning of bosses is usually between 20-30 minutes of each other so use this to your advantage.

2) Tiger Girl is a lvl 20 unique boss riding on a giant white tiger and she's as powerful as a strong white tiger (about 4x or more the normal strength of a giant i think)

3) Tiger Girl has to ability to invoke a zombie status on your character meaning that if you try healing yourself with pots, the exact opposite will happen and you will be reducing health instead of gaining it with the pot.

4) Tiger Girl literally spawns 5-10 giant white/black/normal tigers about every 10-15 seconds. She then spawns about 10-20 white/black/normal tigers about every 10 seconds. This can get very hectic for you as these tigers spawn right around her in about a 5-6 meter radius so its very hard to target her with all of those tigers running around.

5) After Tiger Girl is killed, her tigers are still going to be running around so dont let your guard down

Alright now i'm going to talk about what requirements you should have before trying to fight Tiger Girl.

1) Your charcater should atleast be level 24 (I'll suggest level 30+ if you dont want to have a hard time). As long as white/black tigers dont more more then 1-2 damage to you then you alright. An ideal character built to fight Tiger Girl would be a Str build because they have very high defense and strong attacks, which is good because your going to have to endure like 50 tigers at once.

2) You should have atleast 3 friends or more who are at your level (assuming your levl 24) or higher to join you so you don't get targeted by all of her tigers. Usually there are going to be like 10-20 people (usually high level) who are usually camping inside the stronghold for Tiger Girl (if you don't have 3 friends your lvl or higher) so you could probably tag along with them and you should be alright.

3) Bring lots and lots of pots and abnormal cures because its going to be a long fight and you don't want to die and have your body being over runned by all of those tigers

4) You should have your character with beserk mode ready so you can hit Tiger Girl hard, strong, and fast before she starts spawning too many tigers.

Here are some strategies that can help when fighting Tiger Girl

1) As earlier told, you should have atleast 3 friends or more who can help you out and get your back for Tiger Girl. Before fighting her though, you should make a party with Exp Share so you can all have a fare share of the experience at her. Remeber, everyone is focusing on killing Tiger Girl, not her tigers, so Exp Distribution is kind of pointless.

2) You should have 1 or 2 guys stay on the background to resurrect/heal your friends so they can help back out again. You should have these guys behind a healing cirle if they aren't that strong.

3) Your party should also have about 2 archers and 3 spears/glavie/sword/blades in order to kill Tiger Girl efficiently. Archers should use the Autumn Wind skill because it allows them to hit Tiger Girl (with damage close to a anti-devil missle) while doing splash damage to the tigers around her so they can clear things up a bit. The other 3 hard hitting spears/sword/etc should stay in the front and hit Tiger Girl directly.

As for Tiger Girl's drops, I've heard various things from people such as her dropping SoS items, unrepairable items or elixirs. I've also heard that she drops nothing at all except money and some normal items. But her drops are free for anyone I think (because she a unique boss) so you better pick up fast

Hope this guide helped anyone at all in better understanding Tiger Girl :)

thanks goes to RaiKiRii and kurohagane for edits

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