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 Post subject: Plenty of questions...skills/fellows/etc
PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:54 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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I'm currently playing a pure int s/s on SROR.
#1 Are the ice nukes worth adding? (the 300% damage ones)
#2 Should I lvl the Flame Wave - Arrow, Bomb, God series? or just concentrate on the 2 AoE versions? The damage multiplier seems really low on them (250%, 263%) compared to Hellfire (315%) and Disintegrate (330%).
#3 The calculators seem to list down both Mag % and Phy % on skills, how is that calculated?
#4 Is there an updated gap table up to lvl 100+? The ones I can find only goes up to lvl 70.

I used to play ISRO and really liked the additional dps given by wolves, so I bought a Blood Armor Dino on SROR, but I noticed that its def/mdef is pathetic. He dies so easily to AoE attacks (and other attacks in general), on top of the lack of power in general (pretty sure wolves at the same lvl did more damage/tanked better).
#5 Should I continue training the Dino Fellow? As in, does its survivability/damage improve drastically once I use the lvl 71+ equips for him?
#6 Is it any better if I switched to a buff fellow instead? In terms of dps.
#7 No pills?

I'm new to upgrading weapons and stuff with elixirs (I've always bought +5 non SoX), so in regards to the 1-8th degree incomplete elixirs on SROR:
#8 Is there a safe upgrade level for the SoX weapons? Like from +0-+3.

 Post subject: Re: Plenty of questions...skills/fellows/etc
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:43 am 
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I have a Dino --- and it keeps dying. I am trying to PLVL it to the level of my char, so that it can at least survive more. A Warrior can go grind to up to 5 levels higher, especially a warrior cleric, but the Dino.... it delevels because it easily dies.I went grinding at mobs two levels higher, and the dino which is 2 levels below, --- lost a lot of exp.

The Dino was supposedly designed as a good attack fellow, but it's attack damage is not at all that good to the point of being appreciated.

Plvling an attack fellow is kinda hard :-)

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