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 Post subject: Dymer 80cap/15x/Free Silk per Online Hour/new SoD/Top Jobber
PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:40 am 
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We are glad to annouce the final release of Dymer Online.

This is a new thread because much has changed since the old thread got closed down, so here I present you with some information about Dymer.

Server Rates:

Experience: 15x
Gold Drop: 1x
Trade Goods: 5x
Alchemy: 1x
Skill Points: 20x
SoX Drop: 0.5x
Items Drop: 35x

Vote for silk :

You Can Find it on the website. can get you 20 silk per day.

There is a starter package which includes:

-3 days Rabbit summon scroll
-100k sp
-500k Gold
-1day silver+gold ticket

Events that take place on the server:

-Standart Unique Events @ Dw South, with random Insane plvls that take place for 5 minutes, to boost up the low leveled players.
-Hide n Seek
-Hide n Destroy (Find the GM generated Unique on a certain area and kill him for a reward)
-Pvp Events (1v1~8v8 tournaments // Arena FFA's)
-Horse Races
-Kill the GM (Silverlight will host them at random times, giving the last blow will guarantee you 1000 silk and a pk removal)

News About Sod ( Seal of dymer ):

1-The Seal of Dymer system has been finished, implementing weapons with seal glow and SoM stats. This system is one of a kind, as this is first and hopefully the only on which you will be able to get high-end equipment based on Jobbing Contribution, Capture the Flag Tickets and Gold.

2-The weapons are buyable at the Hotan NPC: Dymer Coin Shop. The shop has 4 tabs: Weapon/Male/ Female/Accessory. The prices of the weapons are set on Coins, and they are purchasable on the website (silver/gold) and ingame (copper).

Ingame Dymer Coin Shop

Shop on the Website

The Seal of Dymer weapons' model has been changed too, as mentioned before. They now have a different appareance, but not-sealed weapons look the same as normal 8dg. They also have a new set of glows which differ from the one of normal weapons.

Here is a preview of the weapons:






The staff consists on the following people:

Server Admin:


Game Masters:


Pk2 Editor:

Extra Info :

Elixirs, pots, arrows, lucky powders, coins and stones are all stackable up to 1000. There are other items which have been increased it's stackable size due to the common use within the community.

Roc Area has been enabled, and monsters 80+ have been replaced with Niya Generals in order to give you a bigger map, and another trade route to the Wind Town.

The server itself has 1500 slots, and it's lag-free thanks to the 1000mbit/s connection that it includes. DDoS are mitigated by Hyperfilter thanks to a service that we are paying for in order to prevent attacks that damaged the playerbase not long ago.

This server has been 80cap since the very beginning, and it will remain 80cap to keep the old-school style well preserved.

The 60/100% Resurrection scrolls are disabled. to prevent thieves from getting up beside the trader.

No 8dg SoX drops, in order to prevent the SoX farming that is a common issue on any other private server. They are very rare at the moment due to the recent release of the system, but we encourage to all the players to become part of the community with this new system, as it's directly related to the player's ingame experience and jobbing knowledge.

Another addition is the Cerberus and Ivy spawns throughout Donwhang an Jangan. They will not be the only uniques implemented on the map, but we plan on giving them a new appeareance before releasing them.

There are also Titles which are grated to the Top Jobbers of the week:

(trader) : Dinasty Merchant
(Hunter): Grand Marshall
(Thief) : Bandit King
You can check on the top jobbers on the website's Stats page.

On the website you can find everything you need to play:
You can register on the following Site:
You can download the client from the following links (being updated):

About the Free Silk per Hour System

We just introduced a system on which you earn 1 silk per online hour. The silk reward can get up to 4 silk per hour after 3 months of being active. There will be one player who earns 5 silk per hour every day, randomly. With this we reward those who spend most of their time ingame, cases which are common already.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this, if you did, and welcome to our community if you decide to play on our server. Feel free to ask any questions and have a good day ^^.

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