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 Post subject: Sigma-Sro|TaiwanFiles|FreeSilk|D11|NewJobSystem|CraftSys tem
PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:16 am 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Joined: Mar 2013
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Location: Egypt

Links for the server :-

Facebook page : -

Some information about sigma :

- Server based on Taiwan files with new job system + craft

- You will spawn level 110 & Unlimited Skill point & gold

- You will got 999999999 Silk for free !!! (Please read the details)

- Fortress war works jangan & hotan & bandit

- Stones in NPC and probability 100% succeed

- Pills bug fixed

- Balanced builds

- New global chat system

- New job system & craft & alchemy system

- Modified lucky %

- elixirs can drops from uniques or get it from arena event

- New avatars & pets & attack pets

- Consignment trade is works and enabled

- Socket stone system is works ! and can got from Arena Coins

Sigma sro pics to explain :

- New avatars & pets & attack pets

- New Global Chat System

- New Guild & Party System

- 2 Tabs to make it easy

- Craft System!

- NPC & ITEMS Preview!

- New Max Stack & Star Items

- Socket System works & enabled by (ArenaCoins)

How to get arena coins and what's u can buy from it ?

You can get arena coins by :-
1- doing job activtes or kill thief & hunters
2- by uniques drop
3- by arena event!

You can get from arena coins :-
1- Elixirs
2- Advanced elixirs
3- Socket Stones
4- Scrolls Attack & Defense
5- Etc ....

Job system explanation

You can get arena coins & Silk for free by killing hunter if you a theif or kill thief if u a hunter
You can get 1 ~ 3 arena per 5 kills (Protected from Cheating) [COLOR=darkred](Not working yet)

Also you can get arena coins from job temple and by killing EGYPT uniques inside the temple and kill the other job player ofc[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#ff0000][COLOR=red]How can you get Weapon grade "B"

- At this time there's no weapon grade B (AT BETA)
But after beta we will add it and u can buy it via arena coins !
and there's no any kind for selling weapons by donation NEVER !
to keep balance between donators and non donators

- Or you can get it from quest forgotten world !

About Silk and the donation

- Server is beta right now : So every player will got 99999999 Silk for free to test our server after ending beta there's no any char will be deleted only some silk items

- After beta you can get silk by donation or doing job activites or from being online!

- There's no any kind of items donation NEVER ! EVER !

If there any problem just contact us Thanks :)

- You can contact us via facebook page or in website Live Support (Doesn't works right now)

[COLOR=#ff0000]Links for the server :-

Facebook page : -



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