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 Post subject: Golden Sro D13 || PVE || 28.04.2k17 || Play2win || JobBased
PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:17 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Joined: Apr 2017
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Location: Germany

About Golden sro.
Golden sro had 1 reborn before as all of it's previous servers had awesome gameplay and suitable community that it had +800 players as average amount of online players. we are going to open a real professional server to offer some great fun. A reborn of our server where you will be able to experience the real silkroad gameplay. A stable server with a mature community. A server where you will relax and have fun at your free time.

How does Golden look like
We see Golden as a stable server and well developed with best and old developers that were in sro development scene since 2011. also well optimized and designed gameplay. So if you really do looking for a good optimized, free lag, has zero bugs, trusted server,Job based gameplay, well designed and developed. so Golden is your best choice.

Our aim
We want a well administrated, designed and developed server that has zero bugs, free lag and job based server. also you will never see the sentence of "corruption" in our server =)

What kind of players do we prefer.
We want real silkroad players like who were playing in good times in silkroad since gameplay was massively impressive at old days of silkroad. also our aim is a completely Play2win, balanced and job based server as we mentioned before thar real silkroad players get impressed of that. also well experienced players will make community rise up. the more good moral community has the better server will be. also we don't like that our community will of idiocy and corruption and those people who need feedback 24h like free items or that kind of "10k pls" .. that is strictly prohibited

Our Team

[GM]0xCC [Developer,Administrator]
A well known developer that was in sro developent scene since 2011, also worked for many different projects "other mmo games" and knowing a decent amount of programming languages.

I've secretly worked for many projects in silkroad that my own team has the good money source and experience about how mmo games is really going.

[GM]Waxy [Developer assistant].
A secretly developer he developed many databases for his own work and was in sro development scene since 2012. he has a really good experience how it's going with databases, and general development and knowing a decent amount of programming languages.

[EM]0x2 , [EM]Aeon [Event makers, supporters]
Good experienced in silkroad and how events in sro are going as well,
aslo will be community supporters that will be fast responsive to any issue.

About Donation
As we mentioned before that we are willing to be a completely play2win server or you could say 95% :D how is that ??!.. simply donator = [non-donator] + 5% difference of premium stats and the fast way of gaining items in game.


Closed beta test.
This stage of testing usually comes right after all the problems discovered. So our servers secretly had 1 month of testing and fixing bugs, issues .small amount of chosen players has secretly applied for our Closed Beta testing, as we want players to “try out” their game and report any newly discovered bugs to us. There’s no way all of a game’s issues can be discovered in Alpha testing, as only a handful of people are trying out the game and looking for bugs. Closed beta on the other hand, is usually open to many more people. Sometimes hundreds sometimes thousands. Since this is a non-public beta test, most of the time characters created during closed beta will be wiped. Also all characters are deleted when closed beta testing ended.

Open beta test.
So as we mentioned before that after 1 month of mega tests, updates and discovering bugs and issues we are still on 95% of fixing a tiny amount of bugs that might be still not discovered so we are willing to expand our beta to another 1 week to give chance for new players

Reward : Starter pack --> instantly gives D12 moon +5 fb & 120 Lvl

Duration : our OBT has expanded for more 1 week or maybe more for discovering more bugs and just to be sure that server is completely has no errors.

PS : all of our OBT players accounts has suspended for 7 days to give chance to new players .. also we accepted donation from small amount of them like 5 ~ 7 players to help us to be ready for the final stage


[SIZE="5"]Website:[/SIZE] [url=""][/url]

[SIZE="5"]Download:[/SIZE] [url=""]click here to download[/url]

[COLOR="Red"]server status :
CBT ended.
Grand Opening 28/04/2017[/COLOR]


We are willing to add an optimized vote system that give chance to players to grow up in server and also to rise our server up beyond the other servers
so we have decided that reward of vote system will be 1 arena coin for each vote [Max: 3 or 4], [COLOR="red"]multiplying votes from other accounts that are voted on same ip may get ban[/COLOR]


Degree : 13rd
Cap : 130
Races: Chinese and Europe

Starter items.

Exp 150x
Party Exp 250x
Sp 150x
Alchemy 1x
Item Drop 20x
Trade 15x
Gold 35x

Rates For Beta Duration



Max plus +12 [SIZE="1"]w/o adv[/SIZE]
Adv elixirs enabled
Name change Available (after OBT)
Stat reset Available
Skill reset Available
HP/MP grain Disabled
CTF Enabled (after OBT)
Protection Hyperfilter


Silk per hour 7
Fortress War Jangan (rest are after OBT)
Fortress Time Every friday at 6.30PM (GMT +2)
Battle Arena Enabled
Capture the Flag Enabled
Auto Events Available
Fellow Pets Available
Fellow Pets Bug Fixed
Purification Pills Bug Fixed
Bot Allowed
Guild Limit 15
Union Limit 3
Union Chat Limit 32

Custom plus glows.



Silk Per hour.

We have decided to make it fair for non-donators so that all of they have to do is just to be active in server to gain 7 silk per hour and gain avatars and special items from npc


Guild start level.

All guilds will now start from level 5 after created, this is to help all guilds group up and use all guilds function faster.

Max stacks.

We increased the stacks for each item to save your inventory space. We know the strugle of having too many items and we do not want that.

- Max Stack [10000] for Legendary coin
- Max Stack [10000] for Assassin coin
- Max Stack [1000] for Vigor.
- Max Stack [1000] for Pills.
- Max Stack [1000] for Speed Scroll.

Coin System

We have decided to make our game completely play2win for our players that the main currency in our server is not by donation.. it's by gaining coin from mobs

Legendary Coin -- > That makes you buy D13 seal of moon from item shop for a decent amount of legendary coins & high amount of gold that drop from arabia mobs (check gallery)

Assassin Coin -- > That makes you buy some special stuffs like premium and devil s and some more good stuffs from npc and it drops from uniques such as Tiger girl, captin ivy, etc..


Job Token -- > Simply you can get job token by doing job activities and you can buy Magic pop card to be able to win premium items if you are lucky.

Arena coin.

We decided that arena coin can be gained from more than one method because it's the most important coin in sro.
From battle arena.
From capture the flag.
From job temple uniques.

Event coin -- > Soon after OBT

Item Drop Info.


Skills Modifications

We have noticed that Chinese race is a bit weak against europe race so we
have decided to increase the damage and deffence rate with decente amount

All of magical/physical has increased by 20% of it's original rate.
All of attack/parry rates has increased by 20% of it's original rate.
also new skills has added to force mastery.
and added a new magical nuke also has added to force mastery.
Pain buff has been added has added to all of mastery.

Server schedule.

We have a pretty entertaining schedule it will keep ruby fun for a long time. Our schedule is not random, we created it really carefully, we split activites in a way which makes every day fun for another reason.

Capture the flag will be daily every 2 hours.
Medusa spawns every 12 hours
Fortress is every friday at 6:30 PM GMT +2 and admission is on Thursday.

Arabian uniques
Soon with decent item drop in updates after OBT

Job Temple.

As we mentioned before that our game is job based so you can go and kill job temple uniques such as neith, isis, anupith (not sure about it's spelling :P) ..etc that all of them drop the most important coin "Arena Coin"

How to get SoX.

We wanted to make it playable and completely play2win for all of donators and non-donators that all of methods of gaining Seal of Moon and Seal of sun are available in game for both.

Seal of Nova : Check item drop gallery up.

Seal of Moon : By farming legendary coins that drop with moderate rates from arabia mobs that their locations are shown in item drop gallery above.

Seal of Sun: Just do job activites to get Job Token and farm also arena coins.


Job honor ranking.

As we mentioned before that our game is job based so we have decided to edit the boring honor ranking idea by making it by doing job activites such as doing trades for Traders, protecting trades for Hunters, stealing trades for Thieves.

Note : you have to register to job ranking first [MENTION=703717]storage[/MENTION] npc to be able to join the ranking, also you have to restart after doing the trade or the job activity.

Job System.

As we mentioned before that our game is job based and completely play2win so that jobbers will gain job tokens by doing their job activities such as doing trades for Traders, protecting trades for Hunters, stealing trades for Thieves.

Note : after doing the trade you have to restart to recieve the coins


Advanced Quests.

We have decided to make something different not to get players bored by just botting and so on, so we have made a new advanced questing system that all you have to do is to send a msg to our bot "System".. just tell him "/help" and follow instructions.

Magic pop = Pandora Box = Seal of sun

We have decided to get "Magic pop" back to the sro scene in our server and bring back it's fun that it depends on luck and only the lucky player may win premium items.. All you have to do is to go to Magic pop npc

Then you may play on premium items such as avatars, grab pets and Pandora box !


After wining Pandora box you might use it outside town, but be careful it might need you to form a strong party because it spawns strong elite mobs from level 121 to Level 130 that each round spawns a bunch of mobs that are from 5 to 6 elite mobs. just focus it might drop SEAL OF SUN!


Title name Change

We have noticed that players can't use and change among their given title names that once his title name get changed, he wouldn't use it again so with our system all of your title names will be stored and you can change between them just by typing "/help" to character name of"System" and follow the instructions.

Magic Box.

This is one of our premiumitems in our server that it gives you 3 quantities of magic pop card and 1 random of three special item, it might be
1. HP 4100 increment potion scorll
2. Berserk potion scroll
3. 100% Attack/Parry rate increment scroll


Auto notice for magic pop winner

We have decided to make it more exciting that character name of whoever wins a premium item from magic pop his name will be written in server as an auto notice


Auto Events. (available after OBT)

We have decided to set events to make it automatically run to help community to be active in game and to make it more fun for players and kill the boring stat in server so we have added specified amount of auto events such as :

Automatic Uniques Event.
Automatic Kill The GM Event.
Automatic Hide & Seek Event.
Automatic Lucky Party Number Event.
Automatic Last Man Standing Event.
Automatic Search & Destroy Event.
Automatic PvP Event with ranking.
Automatic Alchemy Event.
Automatic Lottery Event.

Top three jobbers. [In coming updates]

As we mentioned before that our game is job based so that most of three jobbers will be chosen from server and will be given specified title names
that may courage players to do job activities that trader will make trades, hunters will help traders in their trades and protect them and thieves absolutely will try to prevent both of them and steal their trades

Title names : (Not decided yet.)

Model switcher scroll. [In coming updates]

This scroll will be available after OBT. With this scroll you are able to switch your weapon and shield shapes of that the unique is holding in job temple.

Example : Neith is holding Egy B bow weapon so it may drop Egy B switch tool that changes from D13 shape to that Egy B bow.


Lottery scroll. [In coming updates]

With this scroll you will get a random reward of the following items: Avatar, globals, gold and silks. To use the scroll right click the scroll and teleport. Make sure you got space in inventory.

Sharing Events

not decided yet, stay tuned for more news

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 Post subject: Re: Golden Sro D13 || PVE || 21.04.2k17 || Play2win || JobBased
PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:11 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Joined: Apr 2017
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We are very sorry to inform you that the grand opening will be delayed to 28/04.
We are just making sure that every detail is ready for grand opening also we're adding more stuffs to improve our server. :)

 Post subject: Re: Golden Sro D13 || PVE || 21.04.2k17 || Play2win || JobBased
PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:54 am 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Joined: Apr 2017
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0xCC wrote:
We are very sorry to inform you that the grand opening will be delayed to 28/04.
We are just making sure that every detail is ready for grand opening also we're adding more stuffs to improve our server. :)

Is this still opening on 28 ?


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