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 Post subject: Focus sro | Cap 105 | CH | Long-term | Silks/H | Join Now !
PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2017 7:32 pm 
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Dear community, welcome to our new official thread.
Focus is a new private server of ancient silkroad where the real fun in 105 cap. We've decided to be here for long time only for you. We really need to build a huge community where everyone will help each others. We did our job well and did a great effort only for presenting you a very stable and awesome server. Just see the changes down below and we really hope to offer you an enjoyable server.

Official links and social medias:

Communication and reporting:
You will be able to get in touch with us through our social medias and there's will be the place where you can report the problems. Also, if you a guild master or party admin and your friends meet some problem and you need to report all of them, you have to list all of them in notepad and sending.

Support us by using our forum signature to get a chance to win 50 silk units.


Release date: [12.04.2014]
Before releasing our server for all, we've did a secret phase for testing our server well to avoid the problems/bugs.
  • Closed beta phase: [Testing phase]
    As we said before "this phase only for testing our server". After testing for weeks and making sure of that our server is working well without any problem/bug, we decided to open our server in April.

First 300 Players:
We have three types of special rewards for the first 300 player who reach level 105:
  1. The first 100 players who reach lv 105 will get 150 silks [83/100]
  2. The second 100 players who reach lv 105 will get 100 silks [0/100]
  3. The third 100 players who reach lv 105 will get 50 silks [0/100]


General information:
  • Cap: 105
  • Race: Chin only
  • Masteries: 315
  • Main town: Hotan
  • Fortress war: Hotan
  • Experience/Skill point rates: 25x
  • Items drop: 8x
  • Gold drop: 8x
  • ALCHEMY: 1x
  • Max plus: +13 w/o adv
  • Guild limit: 32
  • Union limit: 2
  • Guild/Union emblems: Working

Starter items:
  • Inventory|3 pages
  • MP X-Large|1000
  • HP X-Large|1000
  • Return Scrolls|20
  • Reverse Return Scrolls|5
  • Pet|White Wolf
  • Pick pet|Cat(28days)
  • Speed scrolls|10
  • Devil spirit 5%|7 days
  • Avatar|Tuxedo Dress
  • EXP scroll|1 Day EXP 100%
  • Skill Points|150,000
  • Gold|5,000,000

Max stacks:
  • Normal Pills [1000]
  • Purification Pills [250]
  • MP X-Large [1000]
  • HP X-Large [1000]
  • Arrows [10000]

The ways to get free silk:
It's a really play2win server because there's four ways to get free silk in our game and they are:
  1. Vote for silks [Account panel/Vote system]
  2. Silks for trade [Account panel/Get silks and trade points]
  3. Alchemy event
  4. Silk per hour

Filter restrictions:
  1. Exchange delay [20 sec]
  2. Stall delay [20 sec]
  3. Reverse Return Scrolls delay [20 sec]
  4. Global Chatting delay [40 sec]
  5. Captcha remove
  6. Disable trace while jobbing
  7. Disable reverse while jobbing
  8. Capture the flag HWID Limit [1]
  9. Fortress war HWID Limit [1]
  10. Job temple [Afk mechanic]

How to get last gear items?
  1. Seal of Star: [Degree 9]
    You can find Seal of Star items in Hotan and the max degree of those items is degree 9. After buying any of those items you have to teleport then repairing the item for 1 gold.
  2. Seal of Moon: [Degree 10]
    You can find Seal of Moon items in Samarkand town from mob 100~105 with a custom rate.
  3. Seal of Sun: [Degree 11]
    You can find Seal of Sun items in Desert Area and Arabia Tomb Uniques and you can teleport to them from Droa Dock and Sigia Dock then will teleport you to Mushroom Rock Area.
  4. Seal of Focus: [Degree 11] [Legend]
    You can find Seal of Sun [Legend] items in Hotan and to buy them, you need:
    1. Image[Red] Diamond: it can be obtained by killing Uniques at Secret (Labyrinth) or exchanged for Job points.

    2. Image[Blue] Diamond: it can be obtained by killing Uniques at Arabia Tomb, Job Temple.

New uniques with special drops:
  • Red diamonds
  • Immortal Stone Degree 10
  • Immortal Stone Degree 11
  • Reverse Return Scrolls
  • Holy Bible Elixirs
  • Global Chatting
The places of special uniques:

New ghost event:
In 35 locations throughout the available area in ​​the game, we will encounter unique creatures with the perfect masking ability.


The old school appearance:

Custom titles:

Skill modifications:

Legendary Garden:


Job temple:
We've moved the teleportation of the Job temple to our main city [Hotan] but it won't be in the safe zone, it will be outside the safe zone so you will have to struggle to reach it.


Job temple quests: [Repeatable]
We've disabled the bot [select] function on Job temple so when you will try to use [Afk mechanic] on bot, you will get instantly disconnect.

Job points:
The only way to get Job points is exchanging them for Trade points and Temple points:
  • Trade points:
    You can get them after reaching level 4 or level 7 of any job.
  • Temple points:
    You can get them from the quests at Job temple.

New job suits:

Upgrade job buff:

Job honor ranking:
  • King Honor Buff: Available for 5 Players
  • Gold Honor Buff: Available for 10 Players
  • Silver Honor Buff: Available for 15 Players
  • Bronze Honor Buff: Available for 20 Players
Note: You have to use our website system [Get silks/Trade points for jobbing] every received silks by doing reset on our website = value of activity points = value of earned silks.

Thief changelog:
Bandit Den Return Scroll removed from NPC's to avoid cheating.
Thief town teleportations:


© 2017 All rights are reserved to DJITeX Network and their respective owners.

 Post subject: Re: Focus sro | Cap 105 | CH | Long-term | Silks/H | Join Now !
PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2017 12:26 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Only <200 online ;(


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