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 Post subject: Evergreen Online l Adventures of Roc mountain l 1x exp l 2x
PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 5:08 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Adventures of Roc mountain

Official website:

Closed Beta:
[06/05/2017 6 PM GMT+1]

Release date:
[13/05/2017 6 PM GMT+1]


When the server was created, the first goal was to remind players what 2009 in Isro was like.
Waiting for the new skills, penon taxi all over Karakoram, Hotan full of players.
Of course, these feelings cannot be given back, because you have probably played on a lot of servers and the excitement for the listed things above is already gone.
We would still like to bring these memories back with this server. European characters aren't involved for a simple reason.
We don't want players to complain about the strenght of wizards, and other advantages of european characters. Also, the skills of chinese characters have been modified. Don't think too much, just some small things like Ghost Walk slides one after another and some force skills, besides those, the server is almost unedited.
Okay, the rates might scare you away. But don't judge so fast. The quests have been speeded up.
Also, every item will be cheap because rates are 1x. Remember the times when you were rich with 30m? Wasn't it wonderful?

Today's servers in our opinion are too fancy, everything is shiny, players get all the stuff in the beginning, or in 1 week. Then all this stuff gets boring in 1-2 months.
That is not what the old times looked like. Of course, this is a private server, but nobody is forced to join. Only players who played in that golden era and liked it.
Players who want to have fun fast, will never appreciate a long-term server like this.

How reliable is the server? We don't sell items, gold, anything. It would make no sense, because it would turn out sooner or later. Players would get to know that and the server can close. We want to make a server that has no GMs at all. Which means you won't see GM characters at all. We don't employ EMs, nobody gets the console. There is 1 admin and 1 supporter. No promoted friends of relatives of ours.

Your character is your property. Only the server is ours. If you register to the server, it will be your own virtual account. We don't have anything to do with it.
Don't take it literally, if you happen to scam, it doesn't mean we don't do anything.

Caution! Choose a password that you have never used on other private servers before.

Where do the donatinos go? We don't rob you. If you decide to donate, your donation will be spent on the server. Advertising, rent, other expenses.
You donate to have the server running. So you, your friends and other players can play.

99% account security! Just like other servers, like Isro, there might be cheaters. Don't be scared, if one succeeds. Just write us a letter and we will do everything to solve it. You can read more about the support below.

Cap | 90
Cap 90, Roc mountain, does it need any more explanation?
Skill cap | 90
90 skills to cap 90. Simple.
Exp rate / Party exp rate | 1x / 1.1x
Isro feeling, then isro rates, right?
Gold rate | 1x
Gold will be valuable. No billions, rather millions. Without goldbots.
Quest exp/sp/gold rate | 2x/4x/2
2 times more exp, sp and gold for quests. Okay, this one isn't 1x, but only because of you.
Job exp & gold rate | 1x
As mentioned above, no billions. Besides, there are modifications to job, too. Read below.
Race | China
Isro everything, but this rule has to be broken.

Alchemy rate | 1x
Nothing complicated, no high + on items that will scare new players away.
Magic pop | 1x
Magic pop has been optimized, too. You won't be able to get the 9D sun set from it. That would be p2p. 1-3D sos-som-sun, 4-8D sos only, 9D nothing.
Capture the flag | Yes
It cannot be missed nowadays. A lot of exp is hiding in those monsters. Where would a server like this be without them?
Fortress war | Hotan & Jangan
Every week, Sunday 5 or 6 PM, we haven't decided yet. There will probably be a vote about it.
Forgotten world | Togui & Flame
Forgotten world for 8 and 9 degree SUN weapons. Will be extra hard, don't worry, there will be no SUN weapons right away.
Free silk | Yes
You get 1 silk/1 hour, from level 60.
Stacks | Oldschool
We don't want you to make 0% stones. That would be very fast and the game loses the fun. That's why there will be no stone stacks. Furthermore, no stacks at all. Everything will be basic. Potion 50, etc.
Union & Guild limit | 3/50
We expect a lot of players on the server, so the guild limit is perfect on 50. Meanwhile it takes a lot of time to make a guild level 5 if it doesn't have many members. The union limit is 3, because accumulating too many guilds in a union isn't funny. 3 is perfectly enough.

Skill list | of cap 90
Title system | International
You can wear cool titles according to your nationality. You can also skip the zerk quests with them.
Delays | Player protection
Sweet event

Cute little Kangoroos have started appearing on the server.
They carry sweet and delicious chocolates with them.
Take it from them and deliver 10 to So-Ok.
She is famous for loving chocolate.
But take care! You can't just give it to her.
Your hands are dirty and that's not how you give gifts.
Buy a wrapper at Hotan grocery store. You need to have one for each 10 chocolates that you want to give So-Ok.
She will be so happy that your efforts won't be wasted, I guarantee you that.

What are you waiting for then? Catch those Kangoroos, So-Ok doesn't like to wait!

Like & Share event
Like and share this post to have a chance to win ... silk on the brand new server, Evergreen Online. The winner's name will be published 3 days after the grand opening.
#1 - 700 silk
#2 - 600 silk
#3 - 500 silk
#4 - 400 silk
#5 - 300 silk


The results will be published on 05.16 8PM GMT+1.
All you have to do is:
-Like this post
-Share this post
-Write a comment that you are DONE
Oldschool stuff | Pvp cap, Job suit, skill bar, alchemy window
Beginner's Assistant | Seal of Star, Exp helper
Other modifications | made to the server
Level 75 and 90 trade pets for gold. In this way, you won't have to purchase silk pets to trade.
Thief town scroll's cooldown has been optimalized.
Thief suits have 1 int and 1 str to incite thieves to choose this job.
Increased speed for NPC thieves. We want to incite traders to go with friends together or slow them down by forcing them to hunt the NPC thieves down. It has been too easy for them with those fast silk pets, not having to worry about NPC thieves,
not to talk about the player thieves. Start playing the game with all its elements, this speed run trade has nothing to do with Silkroad.
Unique rank. Kill a unique monster, our website automatically records it. You won't get anything for it, but it's good for competition.
The unique rank resets every week. The player with the most points gets 300 silk. Second player with most points 200, third 100.
Vigor grain % has been reduced from 25% to 15%. We are talking about a CH only server.
Ghost walk - Phantom and Shadow can now be used simoultaneously.
Union limit is 3.
Skill and Stat reset scrolls will be available on the website, under "My characters".
IP limit will be 2.
Resurrection skill has a cooldown of 1 minute.
Cure series skills, too. Debuff % has been optimalized.
As other servers, we also have rules. However, we expect our community to be grown-up, not to act childish and behave like adults. Do not whine over 'small' things. Life is never fair, nor will it ever be! If you have reports, submit them to us on facebook or in the game. Make sure to include screenshots so we can work better on each case.
IMPORTANT! If you once bought silk by donating, don't forget, that you agreed with the following rule. If you get caught with scamming or you don't feel like playing anymore or you don't like a new update for example, it doesn't authorize you to reverse the donation, because you had spent it already.
Account + Item Sharing & Trading | Allowed

Be very careful, never give your character first to anyone, but if you scam anyone with it, expect a big punishment.
Selling/Trading Items for $(etc.) | Allowed

You can do it, you can sell anything, BUT if you get scammed, we don't take responsibility for it, you will probably never see your items again (in case of paypal scam).
Job Cheating
Job Cheating | Forbidden

Job Cheating is also known as "Contribution Cheating" and is usually done by thieves. It also includes spawning a pet in town as thief as well as other exploits. Using these bugs/exploits might get you permanently banned.
Advertising other Servers | Forbidden | Permanent ban
Racism, religious insults | Not tolerated

We are not in the kindergarten, we won't block someone for insulting. Try to solve it without reporting each other.

The use of any kind of exploit to abuse the system will get you permanently banned.
Don't cry for events!

Nothing is more annoying than the idiots who is nothing else but "EVENT PLEZ GM" in global for hours. It is more powerfully annoying for the GMs. Why? Because events aren't part of the game envorinment. It's just some occasional candy from the staff to the players. If you want to play here because there will be event every hour, don't even think about joining! Crying people will get a DC if they are annoying most of the people or the GM.
Don't insult the staff!

We are people who do A F**K*NG LOT OF WORK to maintain the server and entertain you. Is this the honor that you wanna f**k our mothers or worse? Temporary ban will be provided, be cautious.
Exchange bug | Forbidden

You will be warned first by the admin, then blocked for 5, then 7 days every time you use it.
In case you get hacked/scammed.

It's not our responsibility to give you anything when you get scammed. We usually help you with in-game scams if we can. But we don't always record logs. If you report a scam days later, don't wonder if we can't help. Don't enter fake websites that say you can get sos and silk for free. Don't believe kids with fake characters who say they are a GM and ask for your account. How can you even be fooled by this? Don't give your ID and PW to anyone. We have at least 2 people every week that cry for their chars scammed by his friend. You can't force us to change the password on your char.
If you or your bot sells something to the NPC.

Adding anything in the game is against our policy. We won't be able to help with that. Sorry.
Trading in the game

If you want to trade something with someone in the game, make sure you always pick a reliable middleman. If the buyer/seller is lvl 1, be very suspicious. Always go to an open place where you can see the characters around, always pay attention who you give something to. There are lots of scams with fake name characters.
Fake name characters

There have always been kids who think it's easier to steal than work for something. They create characters named similar to your friend's characters. If he exchanges you from nowhere, don't accept it. Make sure it's your friend, sometimes small L and big i can't be noticed, that's why check his char look too. But you had better not trust anyone, not even your friend.
Stall "scam"
If you put something for a low price and someone else buys it, it's your fault, we can't force anyone to give it back. Be careful next time.
Write us only if you speak proper english, german, hungarian, french.
We offer support in these languages. If you don't speak any of them, don't even write us, because we don't have time to guess what you want. These letters won't be answered. The user will be blocked in case of spam. Normally you get an answer within 12 hours.
Goldbotting is forbidden.
Permanent ban
Contact us!
How can I contact you?
-Open our facebook page and write us a letter. Our supporter will answer in 12 hours. He will help you if he can. Don't be impatient, if he doesn't answer insantly. He is a human too. He has to rest, sleep, eat, drink, bathe, pee, clean up, cut wood, pluck eyebrows, and train his dragon.

 Post subject: Re: Evergreen Online l Adventures of Roc mountain l 1x exp l 2x
PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 8:52 am 
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Server actually seems pretty neat. Anyone tried it?

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 Post subject: Re: Evergreen Online l Adventures of Roc mountain l 1x exp l 2x
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 5:18 am 
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ltsune wrote:
Server actually seems pretty neat. Anyone tried it?

Well, me Vampore/Casque and Mycco are already playing it
Server is ok, but not that great as it has 99% of the players betting.
Still waiting for the 1x rates no-bot server with atleast 50-100 players online :(

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 Post subject: Re: Evergreen Online l Adventures of Roc mountain l 1x exp l 2x
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 6:26 pm 
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1x rates sucks and will never work



 Post subject: Re: Evergreen Online l Adventures of Roc mountain l 1x exp l 2x
PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:50 pm 
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1x rates on a private server would require a lot of trust and reputation on the server owners. I'm not putting hundreds of hours into a server that will probably close at some point without warning. Thats the problem for me and private servers like this. It sounds wonderful, I'd love to play my favorite cap which was 80 cap ch/eu. But it just can't happen without a reputable host who can prove their reliability and willingness to listen to community feedback without allowing bots to take over.


 Post subject: Re: Evergreen Online l Adventures of Roc mountain l 1x exp l 2x
PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:14 pm 
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Aristedis wrote:
1x rates on a private server would require a lot of trust and reputation on the server owners. I'm not putting hundreds of hours into a server that will probably close at some point without warning. Thats the problem for me and private servers like this. It sounds wonderful, I'd love to play my favorite cap which was 80 cap ch/eu. But it just can't happen without a reputable host who can prove their reliability and willingness to listen to community feedback without allowing bots to take over.

Yep, spending months grinding on server that can and more often then not will suddenly disappear.
Huge gamble, most people won't be willing to take it. I guess rates can't be too low, but too high arent all that great either.


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