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 Post subject: Titanium Silkroad Online exp x100 Free silks New Skills
PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:07 pm 
Hi, I'm New Here
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Dear silkroadforums community,
We would like to present to you Titanium Silkroad private server!
We didn't made this server completely out of zero, but we combined a lot of sro servers in one (in which we have played ourselves)!
The server is stable 24/7-365.
There are active GM's who are only 2 at the moment, but we are trying to make events every day!

Play2Win or Pay2Win?
This is the question that each and every server jumps around. Most of the useful items in the item mall are available for Job Points & Arena Coins so it's kind of both as you can just keep playing and earn your items or just purchase silk & try to get what you want or need but silks can also be obtained through daily quests, not only by purchasing them.

So let's go about Titanium Silkroad Online

Home Page -
Registration Page -
Download Page -
Facebook -
Discord -

Server Rates
Category Information
Experience 100x
Party 120x
Drop 3x
Gold 3x
Sox 2x
Towns Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Constantinople, Alexandria
Alchemy iSRO Rates
Advanced Elixir A Enabled
Battle Arena Enabled
Capture The Flag Enabled
Devil/Angel Spirit A Grade Enabled
Academy Disbaled(honor bufs Job Based)
Damage Absorbtion Scrol Disabled
Damage Increase Scroll Disabled
Races CH/EU
Max Plus +12 without advanced elixir
Fortress Hotan only, Every Saturday 14:00 server time.

Every Day 20:00 GMT+2

Guild & Union Limit
Number of guild members in one guild 24 & guilds in one union 3.

Item stacks

- MP/HP pots [500]
- Vigors [1.000]
- Universal/Purfication Pills [1.000]
- Arrow [5.000]
- Speed Drugs [30]
- Elixirs [5.000]
- Attribute/Magic Stones [1.000]
- Jade/Ruby Tablets [3.000]
- Elements [5.000]
- Destroyer Rondos [5.000]
- Recovery Kits [650]
- Grass Of Life [50]
- Abnormal Stare Recovery Potions [50]

We have created a balance between EU / CH but it is quite a long time to write what has been done! We have somehow reduced and something increased. I will give you the opportunity to test on PVP.
We also made a lot changes in order to make guild & fortress wars tougher, more interesting & less buff reliable.
We have made a lot of changes in order to balance PVP action between CH & EU.

Works all the way to D10. We are also CONSIDERING adding normal D11 items to NPC.

Power & Fight weapons
Not much to explain, the good old iSRO way of earning them which is shipwreck -burning abyss collection for Power weapons & Fight weapons drop from Ghost Sereness with higher rates of-course.
Destruction & Immortality Sets
You get them by opening up treasure boxes which you can purchase either using job points or arena coins from Job NPC or BA/CTF Rewards.

Special Elixirs
Simply a special kind of elixirs that has a bit more chance of on successfully enhancing an equipment which can be dropped by monsters in temple of luck, treasure boxes in temple of luck & any kind of unique monsters.

You can buy them for Silks, Job Points or Arena Coins.
They can also drop from Job Temple Unique Monsters.
-Neith: Drops 3 Immortal stones.
-Selket: Drops 3 Immortals stones.
-Anubis: Drops 4 Immortals stones.
-Isis: Drops 4 Immortals stones.
-Haroeris: Drops 11 Immortals stones.
-Seth: Drops 27 Immortals stones.

Job Based Honor Buffs
We award them weekly to the top 10 jobbers of each job but not all of them get all the buffs so here's how it works.
-1st jobber of each job gets all the buffs.
-2nd & 3rd jobbers of each job get Gold, Silver & Bronze buffs.
-4th, 5th & 6th jobbers of each job get Silver & Bronze buffs.
-7th, 8th, 9th & 10th jobbers of each job get only the Bronze buff.

Vigor Grains
Decreased their healing value from 25% to 20%[

Therefore,Titanium has a lot of different kinds of scrolls which can be obtained with Silk, Arena Coins & Job Points and from some NPC.

Skill Point System
System allows you to exchange the amount of useless skill points you get after achieving level 110 with maxed out skills with Recycle Coins.
Recycle Coins are untradable.
Each 50k Skill Points can be exchanged for 5 Recycle Coins.

With Recycle Points you can buy the following.
-Globals (11 Units = 35 Coins)
-Reverse Scrolls (11 Units = 20 Coins)
-Nova +8 Weapon/Shield 41% stats REPAIR INVALID Durability 30 (100 Coins)
-Egy A +8 Weapon/Shield 41% stats REPAIR INVALID Durability 30 (300 Coins)
-Egy B +8 Weapon/Shield 41% stats REPAIR INVALID Durability 30 (750 Coins)
(it was on one server already.)

In Game Pictures
Coming Soon :)

I could already write long sentences, but then it wouldn't be a pleasure to play!
Come try and get a new experience!
Sincerely, Titanium Silkroad Online.

Haters Please don't leave a comment! This is my first Thread i ever made by my self - about server! :)

We Didn't put some kind of lucky buffs we just Nerfed skill tree!

Skill Balance
Vital Spot - Zero (Impotent): Reduced probability to 65%.
Godly Rebirth Art]: 60 seconds of cool-down time.
Force Cure - Overall: 20 seconds of cool-down time.
Cure Therapy - Clarity: 15 seconds of cool-down time.
Cure Therapy - Heaven: Reduced to 30%. All characters with STR 450 or more can add it without even skilling force so that Dual Weapon STR Builts can have a little bit of resistance. Any INT China can obtain a similar skill but only offers 25% of Resistance.

Protect: Disabled since it's only used to bug unique monsters nowadays.
Pain Quota: Reduced to 35%.
Physical Fence: Reduced to 35%.
Magical Fence: Reduced to 35%.
Sprint Assault: Reduced knockback & stun probabilities.
Sudden Twist: Reduced stun probability & increased bleed probability.
Shield Trash: Reduced knockback probability & increased dull probability.

Force Deity: Disabled.
Mental Deity: Disabled.
Rebirth Immolation: Disabled.
Holy Group Rebirth: Disabled.
Grand Reverse: 60 seconds of cool-down time.
Holy Spell: Resistance reduced to 30%.
Integrity: 25 seconds of cool-down time.
Innocent: 20 seconds of cool-down time.
Bless Spell: Split into 2 skills. One is for STR Clerics & the other is for INT Clerics.

Combat Raze: 5 seconds of cool-down time, Probability Reduced to 70% & MP consumption increased.
Courage Raze: 3 seconds of cool-down time & MP consumption increased.
Phyiscal Raze: 2 seconds of cool-down time & MP consumption increased.
Magical Raze: 2 seconds of cool-down time & MP consumption increased.
Daze: Reduced its probability to 70%.
Wrath Daze: Reduced its probability to 70%.

Some CH Skills and Buffs have been increased/decreased.
Some EU buffs don't stack!
And much more + new skills

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