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 Post subject: I Tried My Best =/
PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:40 am 
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This should probably be in the exposed botters section but i couldn't stick it in there. this is primarily for the attention of Dutchy anyways. so yeh after hitting the whiskey and coca-cola sprinters pretty hard i got really annoyed of being absolutely useless to my guild and decided (badly) to try using a bot program. of course i was caught and banned ect. i just wanted to clear the air though. i'm not one of those people who thinks legits have no life. ive had too much fun in BGH for that. infact the respect and admiration i have for you guys is great. i just gave into temptation in the end. the long nights, the slow grind, the constant bitterness that people were higher lvl than me even tho i knew i had ground wayyyy more than them. it all became a bit much and i did an incredibly noobish thing Dx.

it was a massive c0ck up and i cant believe i betrayed the trust of my friends and fellow guildies. particularly duchy who gave me all the help i could ask of him. ill be lucky to find a set of people who are 10% of the fun that BGH was and im sorry for fvcking up. im gonna miss the great fun i had even just chatting to you guys in vent.

ironically, im not gonna bot again. i didn't actually enjoy it because there was no satisfaction in leveling up (did it just the once), no rush of glee when i heard that swooshing sound and carefully proceeded to assign stat points. i don't know how active i'm gonna be in the future though. SRO wont be the same without BGH. none of the other guilds would be nearly as fun and a game like this is only as fun as the company you play it in.

Once again Dutch thank you so much for all the support you gave me. i've deleted any sensitive information you may have trusted me with. that goes for the rest of BGH too. im just as disgusted with what i did as you guys are believe me =(. But ill always remember the fun times. Far and his Twinkies...Jazzi and his West Ham...kush coming on stoned outa his mind...lordrage comin back and of course the liberal piss taking i would give to dutchy with his clogs and over-compensating 2H.

Thanks again and good luck Guys! ill miss you's.

(BTW dutch. if you could link this to anyone in BGH who gives a shizzle i would appriciate it. cheers m'dears =P )

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