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 Post subject: [READ] Rules for Exposing Bots (revised 6/2/08)
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:05 am 
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Welcome to the SRF Army.

We here at SRF are sick and tired of seeing bots post in our midst, knowing that they haven't admitted to it and hence can't be banned. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. Know someone at SRF bots? Post your proof here. If the proof is good enough to convince a reasonable majority of the SRF staff, THAT USER WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY.

TO THE CLOSET BOTS: You do NOT have a home here! You do NOT have protection!! You will be flamed. You will be hunted. YOU WILL BE BANNED. Over and over if need be. We are taking a stand, and we stand united.

Rules for Exposing Bots:

  1. MUST be an active SRO account. There is now a moratorium of 90 days on all past evidence. If someone used to bot but quit the game, rerolled a legit account that they are currently playing and they are NOT playing the botted one, etc., they are no longer considered a threat to the integrity of the game and these forums and are granted a degree of leniency under those circumstances. CURRENT bot support by these users would still be subject to the appropriate penalties.

  2. Proof of botting MUST be submitted in the following accepted formats:
    • Screenshots of in-game chat with admission by the accused
    • Multiple screenshots of the accused being harrassed/purpled/non-responsive, wall-humping, etc.
    • CLEAR in-game video of the accused botting, using the same criteria as screenshots above
    • Links to admission by the accused on ONLY
    ALL proof is subject to verification, scrutiny, and acceptance by SRF staff. Admission on other forums is NOT admissible unless verified by SRF staff. Screenshots of admission on other forums are never admissible. Screenshots, chat logs, etc. of conversations with the individual on MSN, Xfire, etc. are also not admissible.

  3. Disputing accusations:If an individual wishes to dispute an accusation made by another member, staff, etc., they may do so. However, the burden of proof lies on the accused. It is up to them to furnish evidence in their defense which is at least as strong as, if not stronger than, that which caused them to be banned.
    Acceptable forms of proof:
    • At least one definitive reference on to the individual quitting, being hacked, rerolling a new character, etc.
    • In-game evidence of active, legitimate gameplay, subject to verification by SRF staff
    • Character witnesses to the individual's legitimacy may also be considered but are not considered to be proof by themselves
    Rules for disputing evidence:
    • You are responsible for what is done on your character. Evidence that it was not the SRF user but his/her friend, relative, significant other, etc. who botted the account will not be accepted under any circumstances.
    • SRF supports the reformation of former bots into legitimate players. As such, a former bot who has gone legit and has verifiable proof of this will have a degree of protection from accusations. Claims of legitimacy will be HEAVILY scrutinized by SRF staff, especially if relatively recent evidence of botting is also present. Any account which has at one time been botted is NOT subject to this provision, as the character itself is not legit regardless of the player's current actions.

If you follow these rules and your evidence is strong enough, the person you are reporting will be banned as soon as the staff reaches a conclusion. If your report is not acted upon and the bot is NOT banned, GET MORE PROOF! Try again. DON'T EVER GIVE UP. We will win this fight. If you think you have what it takes to be an SRF soldier, put this in your sig:

(And don't think that just because you have this in your sig you are safe. We will expose you, and you will be banned.)

Help us take SRF and SRO back from the botters. Servers like Venus are nearly bot-free because they have given legits something to be proud of. SRF holds to those ideals. Wear your legitimacy proudly, and wave your banner high.

Thx IceCrash for my awesome sig :)
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