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 Post subject: GTA VI Announced!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2023 6:46 pm 
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After 10 years and like 3 console generations, the next installation of GTA has finally been announced :yay:
We're going back to Vice City!

The trailer is all about 'Florida Man', so it looks quite chaotic even by the usual GTA standards, to the point that it's almost a bit too much.
But it still does look fantastic imo. It's got that irreplicable Rockstar level of authenticity and detail and polish shining through every facet.

I've got some grumpy old man friends that are super weary of the game turning out too oriented around the GTA online components since GTA5 online was too successful for it's own good, but the more I look at the trailer, the more I am convinced there is nothing to fear.
It has every good thing you expect from Rockstar taken to the next level. Beautiful Graphics, large and varied worldmap, insane level of detail, (glimpses of) strong characters and writing.

I get more excited every time I watch the trailer again :dope:
That's a rare thing these days...

Now we just have to pray that PC won't have to wait another 2 years for the double dip release :cry:

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